A Summer Solstice Blessing & Offerings

Be More of You

For what it’s worth…

On this special day of sunshine and cheer

Allow the light to shine upon you.

All around you

And especially through you

Do what you love.

Only what you love to do today

Be who you want to be.

Don’t hold back.

This day only comes once a year…

It is here, in this moment right now…

Right here, right now

That the rest is born

Into the ecstasy of your ecstatic vision

A voice that wants to be heard

A voice of the divine within you

Speaking through your heart


It is calling you.

To be more of you

We need your brilliance.

We need you to shine.

And no one needs you more.

Than you

Give yourself to the desires of the heart.

Sing and let go.

Finally, set yourself free.  

From this day forward

Today and every moment to come.

Fill yourself only with what you love.

And from this moment on

One hundred-fold will be blessed upon you

This is the secret to all life.

To really live

To truly live

Connected and in unison with the heart.

For there is no greater gift or lesson to learn than the gift of the heart.   


Jennifer Lauren


June 212023
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