Living a life full of HEART FULL purpose…

Lately, I’ve been running through all the scenarios in my head of how I could have, would have, should have done things differently in the past. All the past experiences and decisions that I made that turned out the way they did and happened in the manner they happened.

Some were wonderful outcomes and aligned with my inner truth and some were decisions that I am not so proud about. It’s those decisions that never really turned out the way I had hoped that I live in regret. And I know that living in regret doesn’t really help us to move forward in a positive and uplifting manner. But I have to admit… like many of us… I’ve been doing this to myself again and again.

I approach these scenarios with my mind, and I tune into my heart that longed for a different outcome. I ask myself if there is anything I could have done differently, and I always see it as a, “Yes.” A resounding, “Yes.” Not the kind of ‘yes’ that wants to beat myself up with judgement but the kind of ‘yes’ that sees with new eyes now how there are so many roads to our destination before us that we get to pick and choose which journey we’d like to embark.

Do we want our road to be rocky, deserted, painful and full of regrets? Or do we want our road to be synchronized, effortless and free to fly and be me?

You see… I was thinking… pondering this idea and it occurred to me… every decision I ever made, every idea that ever came to me, and every detail of my life always came down to my internal questions from within…. The big one… the ultimate question that maybe we all struggle with from time to time…. What is my PURPOSE? Why am I here and what is my LIFE MISSION? Related all together… what is my Life Mission and how am I going to live my life through this life mission that I am realizing before me?

Every experience I have ever had, every failure, and every perceived success has come back to this internal question. Am I making decisions in line with my highest potential and highest purpose at the time that I make these decisions or am I experiencing a lower version of me that is covered in fear and doubt?

Well, once I broke that down and realized that… I began to understand… I mean truly understand why I do what I do and all the programs I have that really do work. It’s because, I just believe… I believe so much that anything is possible, and we have a beautiful world of all possibility that is reflected upon us based on our own beliefs and ideas about life that I only live what I completely believe in every moment, every hour, every day, and every year. Doing anything less just doesn’t work anymore. And deciding that I am leading my best life and helping anyone who wants to come along IS MY PURPOSE!

WOW…Does that feel good! The kind of good that we just want to SHOUT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOP OUT TO THE GRAND CANYONS OF THE WORLD!


This is what I want for you TOO!

I have one question I live with daily…. “In all that I AM… Am I living, breathing, and walking my life mission and am I in alignment with this?”

Most times now I can say yes…and when I can’t answer with a resounding ‘yes’ I now know how to shift myself into that alignment, effortlessly.

And I guess… I just want everyone else to know this and feel this and be this as well. I just want the empowerment flame to be passed along form one person to the next and for all, everyone to feel as though they can express themselves to their highest version out into a world that WANTS to receive the beauty of their uniqueness shine through! I believe in this world… I believe it exists. I believe everyone has their version according to where they are and what they came to experience. I believe in you.


Is to take you there…

So… If you are innately curious on how to live the highest and best version of yourself according to what you internally know to be true and you want that revealed to yourself on your terms and to be lead guided and directed by someone and a group of people that wants to support and encourage you on this path…then…

I invite you to jump in and join me for the SANDWICH CONNECTION… how to heart fully manifest your life.

Website link here

If you want more information… I am doing two more calls on Friday at lunch time and Saturday morning… her are the links…

Lunch Time Hello, April 21, 12-1:00pm, Sandwich Connection Heartful Manifestation Information Session

Good Morning Hello, April 22, 9-10:00am, Sandwich Connection Heartful Manifestation Information Session

Please join me and I’ll explain the entire program to the best of my ability… because there really is so much to it…



I hope you can make it…

Any questions?

Reach out…

And again, here are the event bright links… tell me you’ll come!

Lunch Time Hello, April 21, 12-1:00pm, Sandwich Connection Heartful Manifestation Information Session

Good Morning Hello, April 22, 9-10:00am, Sandwich Connection Heartful Manifestation Information Session

I cant wait to share with you why I believe so strongly in you and the community we are creating.

Just in case you already KNOW you want to join…here is the website sign up payment link

That’s all for now…

Eternally yours IntuitLove


PS… don’t forget to sign up for the lunch time meditations…even if you are not going to be a prat of the Sandwich Connection… this is still something you can join!

Here is the link…

Lunch Hour Weekly Meditation & Manifestation Group, Wednesday, April 26th 12-12:45pm

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