IntuitLove:  Live unconditionally, Love fully, Let go of it all

Within our hearts we experience a universal love vibration.  Here is where we open to feelings of the awareness of a consciousness which supersedes anything we may experience in our daily interactions.  There are no lower emotions attached to the heart coming from a dysfunctional solar plexus, low naval, or sacrum area.  We have balanced and engaged our lower three chakras in a way that brings complete understanding of who we are and what we are here to experience within our lives.  We love ourselves completely which allows us to love others just the same.  We place no expectations on others.  We do not react to the world around us.  Rather we respond in a loving manner comprehending the greater good in all situations.  Loving and being loved is a transcendental state of higher awareness opening us to the cosmic law of prosperity.  The more we give; the more we receive.  The more we love the divine within ourselves; the more we love the divine within others.  The more we are able to open to the divine of all.  The more the divine is able to show up in ways that seem miraculous to our every day existence.  This is the magic of light consciousness, of pure bliss, and oneness with your Creator. 

Our hearts, at the center of our chests, feel everything.  We are sensations.  When we tune into this love force, we can experience it all.  Low and high vibrations.  As we learn to discern and shed the lower emotions that tend to control and interpret life, we learn to open to the miraculous which has no defined existence and allows for the transcendence of everything in our lives.  We learn to love ourselves, opening to true love for all.  We can finally see, feel, and sense what it means to love truly.  This love is unattached to any person, place, or thing.  We share with no strings attached. We feel balanced, clear, and open to both giving and receiving. 

Within the lower chakras, if not resolved, is where life can feel messy, confusing, constricted, and unfair.  We tend to place blame on the outside world ignorant of the realization that these are reflections of what we must resolve within.  This does not mean we stay where we are and become the victim or martyr of the world around us.  Love brings us to a new state of awareness allowing us to speak with clarity, claim our power, and shift our lives into a new state of being fully aligned with our desires. 

We realize that this life is filled with the opportunities to experience higher awareness in every person, place or thing.  As we experience the higher vibrations of love consciousness, we draw more of these experiences to us and we begin to fill our lives with that which we desire and less of which we are willing to endure through obligations. 

The old ways of insecurity, distrust, scarcity, isolation, abandonment, rigidity, jealousy, resentment, frustration, and judgement slowly erupt until we just can’t take it anymore.  We find it unbearable to live this way and we finally allow ourselves to become more.  We shed the struggle of ourselves, our families, and our societies and we realize there is so much more to experience. 

Many of our societies are built around these lower dysfunctional emotions.  It is rampant.  It is engaged within almost every rule, every judgement, every societal decision based on the idea we must keep law and order otherwise we will have a very unsafe and chaotic world full of crime, disease, and scarcity. 

When we transcend the lower emotions within ourselves and teach others to do the same, we finally return to the heart.  We naturally inspire good, live fully, and unconditionally share with the world.  If everyone was able to forgive and release the lower emotions within themselves, they would begin to see a completely new world unfold before them. 

It only begins with one, and then as the second person joins them the miraculous journey of prosperity and bliss for the community unfolds before them. 

With an open heart, we can bring new meaning to our lives, live unconditionally, and love prosperously. 

Mastering the lower realms and understanding the ability to transcend it all can take lifetimes to accomplish.  Or it can miraculously happen today.  It’s all up to us to desire to believe there is another way and then to seek this new way.  We are in a constant state of awareness pressing forward to ascend it all.  Sometimes it may feel contracted and gray and other times the expansion cannot be contained.  It is a symbiotic process always unfolding before us.  It’s the great meaning of Creator… to create, to destroy, and to create again. 

Through acceptance, surrender, and the desire for more we begin to understand the importance of Be – ing, see – ing, and sense – ing.  We see through all the veils and the illusions within our own lives fall aways.  We embrace compassion, detachment, and the gift of our life path.

We come fully into Intuitive Love.

It is truly a state of surrender to a higher love with no containers or boundaries.  Even our imaginations cease to comprehend how vast and strong the ocean of awareness can be as we deeply unveil the endless vastness of an all providing universe of limitless prosperity and manifestations present everywhere. 

Then we know we have found our true calling; to live unconditionally, to love fully, and let go of it all. 

To Become IntuitLove.

If you are looking to experience more love and manifest a life of living through the heart, I encourage you to allow yourself to continue to learn and seek more.

Educate yourself and never stop learning. 

Here are some opportunities this week and weeks ahead that may unite this love affair within yourself…


Thursdays – Kundalini Yoga – tune in this week to the heart chakra… our all-knowing intuitive guidance system.  See links for location information.

Reiki I in February  – An ancient and effective eastern healing practice powerful enough to help heal practically any issue.  Take the time to learn in February.  Link here.


Sandwich Connection – Live your highest potential through your purposefully aligned joy and bliss.

Let go… and finally live through the heart.  Love solves everything unsolvable. Inquire with Jennifer today.

Becoming Intuitive – Engage in this online journey and learn to sense, feel, and know how to live intuitively.  How to transform your everyday life to intuitive living.  Inquire with Jennifer and contact her today. 

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