The Journey

The Journey… 

Our lives are a journey through all space and time.  Typically we have things to do, people to see, places to go, and lives to create.  We have a long ‘to do’ list that is primarily full of creation in our hands.  Many of us see our lives as opportunities to thrive and fill it with good things and fun evolutions on a dialy basis.  Many of us find our lives to be difficult and full of conflict or strain or ‘in between’ type events that make it difficult to keep on going in life in so many ways.  There may be times of anger, depression, heartache and sadness.  Or there may be financial and physical set backs with our health and well being or that of a loved one.  Whatever the journey we are on, and however it unfolds it is always truly about choices that we can make consciously and unconsiously in our lives and the path that we want to bring upon.  Is it filled with upset and defeat or is there always a silver lining around the corner?  Seeing the silver lining can sometimes become a chore.  It may be difficult to open ourselves to that possibility for many reasons.    

Maybe we have been through so much in our lives that seeing the gems in the pressures of our current reality is just too difficult of a task right now.  Opening ourselves to truth and insight is too overwhelming as we are facing the uncertainty that is before us.  This often requires such inner strength that it is as if we have spiritual arms that are trying to hold up the world and help us move foward in our lives when we have no idea which direction to turn or how to be on our way.   This is when insight and faith in the unknown path before us can bring us only what we need in the current moment and that is all we need to know for now in order to get us to the next stone on our path.  Sometimes, we can’t see the silver lining or don’t know which direction to turn because part of our path of evolution is to be so trusting in something bigger than ourselves that we have to give up everything to find ourselves again.  And, just maybe we need to do this because we never truly knew who we were in the first place.  

For me, having spritual strength in the times of my life that were the most tulmultuous were exactly what I needed to develop and grow.  Remaining exactly where I was, breathing into the moment, and letting go of everything my mind wanted to define about my current situation was exactly what I needed.  There was nothing I could figure out and all I could do was absolutely nothing; except breathe.  That is when my true spiritual nature emerged.  That is when everything fell into place.  That is when I had to trust completely.  That is when all I could do was to breathe.  Holding onto my perception of what I ‘thought’ was the right thing to do never helped.  Letting go and breathing into the moment was the only thing that did.  

For today, Things may be difficult, hard, daunting, cloudy or fearful.  Or, things may be elated, joyful, and fantastically amazing.  It is all connected and just two different perspectives.  These are all emotions, energy in motion, just perceived in different ways.  These are all emotions that we will all experience at different points in our lives.  It is all a part of our circle of life.   

Learning how to navigate these emotions and understanding that they are governed by the perceptions of our mind and the thoughts and beliefs that shape our lives is most of the struggle that we face when things feel heavy and constratined.  Learning that we have the power to let go by simply being in what is happening is also a powerful experience that can take time to master.  

No matter where you are on your journey and what may be happening in your life… learning how to have spritiual strength and empowering yourself with the creative forces of the universe can help to dramatically shift and remold your lives into greater and grander versions of yourself.  After all, that’s why they say it was never about the destination and always about the Journey along the way… 

Strengthen your Spirituality and Increase your Faith in JULY

Friday Evening July 23rd & Saturday July 31st – $20 (first come basis)
INTUTIVE READINGS AT CORNER HEALTH FOODS  – these are twenty minute healing sessions filled with intuitive guidance in the areas of physical, emotional, and mental issues.  Jennifer works with the guidance of her team of angels, guides and masters that will pass along the information needed in the areas of your life that are requesting guidance and direction.  More information here

June 29th & July 27th (last Saturday of the month) – 6:30-8:30pm $33 
ATTUNEMENT HEALING CIRCLES – these are extensive group healings, guided readings, and energy sessions filled with the information to help you move foward in your life on all levels of physical, emotianl, and mental needs.  Each person in the group will receive an energy ‘reading’ and guidance.  Jennifer brings in the guidance of the angels, masters and guides for the group.  All participants benefit from the group energy to heal and transform their current state.  Please email me to reserve your spot – 

July 6th & July 20th (Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:30pm) $33
HEALING WITH THE ARCHANGELS – We will work with the guidance of the healing angels to help lead, guide and direct our lives into grander and spiritually strong versions of ourselves that ordinarily would not be available to us without these awarenesses.  More information here… this will be a two part class… we will choose the angels we want to work with that evening.  Handouts available.

By Appointment – $80 per hour
SPIRITUAL HEALING JOURNEYS – Much of our illness in the world is derived from the disconnection that we feel between us and our Source or our Soul’s Purpose and our Spirit’s joy.  Taking a spiritual journey with Jennifer will reignite the fires that burn and reconnect us to our truth.  Many people receive direct guidance from source, miraculous healings of physical, emotional, and mental challenges, and learn effective techniques to continue to help themselves and permanently shift their lives.  These can be done as a group or individual and they are scheduled together.  Contact me personally to set up your Journey. 

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