The Power of Love

The Power of Love Celine Dione sings this so beautifully…

“We’re headed for something,
Somewhere I’ve never been.
Sometimes I am frightened,
But I am ready to learn,
Of the power of love…
The power of love…”
Love reaches us all at some point in our life.  In can come in packages great and small disguised as so many gifts and wearing so many different colors at the same time.  At the root of it all is the power of love.  How great do you want this power to be within you?  How incredible do you want the truth within you to shine.  How abundant do you want your life to become?  Get ready… because when we answer yes to all of these questions and when we honestly want it all, we are ready to learn.  The acceleration into the power of love will happen in incredible amounts of time space continuum blasting anything that is less than this out of its way and propelling you into the infamous creative process of love in ecstatic creation and the epitome of divinity. 

Love is truth.  It is the creative force within us that wants to bring us all together.  Holding us close… holding us tight to the eternal bosom of the mother breast and allowing each person to be nurtured and unfold into the aliveness that is waiting to burst out from within them. 

How can we love so many and be so strong within that love?  We can.  We can love so many at so many eclectically different levels.  It is the extension from our hearts that is the creation of who we are.  If we can become the divine love that resides in creator and allow that love to encompass our entire being than we can extend this love to every person place and thing that we encounter on all levels of creation.  You are creator and you create your existence.  If you come from a place of eternal and exuberant love for every living and nonliving thing and being than there can be nothing but satisfaction and all-encompassing compassionate love for all of creation.  The mother of divinity looks upon us with the eyes of wonder in who you are and marvels at your existence seeing the light in everyone she gazes upon.  I see that in you.  You are love in creation seeing and knowing yourself for the first time and every time every day.  In every moment there is a spark of creation wishing and desiring to become more of itself… love.  It can not be contained and all it does is wish to unfold into more of itself.  It wishes to become more of its glorious music that seeps into its bones and encompasses every inch of skin that lays upon your body.  Love is in every creation… it does not, not exist.  It is impossible to go without and it feeds the very essence of our soul. 

How open do you want to become?  What are you afraid of?  Are you thirsty to be quenched with the music of love and laughter that wants to feed you and lift you up to all eternity?  Then come to her.  Allow her to rearrange your life, lift your soul, and sweep you off your feet.  She wants to bring a heavenly guide into you that is leading you on the path that you can not see.  No one comes to tell you where you are going when you are in love.  It just is. Being in love is the very essence of each one of us.  We are love, we are in love, it is all around us.  It is as if the fish is seeking the water and fails to see that it is everywhere all around her until she one day pauses and senses deep within the sustenance that was always there seeping through her skin, her gills, deep with in her bones and propelling her forward swimming naturally all on her own. 

Once you realize the love that you are there is nothing that can’t happen, nothing can hold you back and all you are comes radiantly out and within you and elevates the world as you know it into a higher state of awareness that cannot be figured out.  It is miraculous truth unfolding innately on its own without the rhythm that you know and completely consumed by divine forces of music that know nothing else but to grow and blossom right where it is.  It is the eternal unfolding of the great mother love that is grasping your hand pulling you close to her body and consuming your every being until you finally realize that you are the sun and the moon and the oceans that you marvel so deeply at in awe. 

The power of love will lead you to a place that you have never been.  Allow yourself to be frightened and be ready to learn because your soul is finally escaping into an infinite reality that is beyond limitation and truly sensed with every part of your miraculous being.

Become the power of love, dear one and let it take you to unlimited divinity discovered within. 


Reality Radio interviewed me this past week on the Power of Love and what IntuitLove is all about!  Click here to access the video.  

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