Cycles Lead us to Truth

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Truth comes in all sizes.  It is something that just happens.  Spiraling, moving, seizing, nourishing, allowing, and bowing to all infinity.  Our truth comes in small and large packages.  Evolving, revolving, ascending, and transforming our thoughts into conscious awareness. It is the truth of who and what we are.  Pure awareness and pure love. 

Amazing love.

Amazing immaculate love.

It can be nothing but that.

Just as the tides come and go, the sun rises and sets, the moon cycles through fullness and emptiness, and the seasons transform the world around us. 

Ask yourself.  Who am I?  What is my truth?

Meditate on this.

Be this.

Allow this to unfold.

You will be surprised what comes.

I meditate every day. Several times a day. Why? To be the truth of who I am.  To be in my essence, on purpose, and so different than anything one will ever find out there. 

I am different. 

We are different on purpose.

Sometimes commitments to families, peoples, places, and things inspire us to be more of ourselves and sometimes they ask us to join their world and become a part of them.  Sometimes this is very helpful and sometimes it is not.  Sometimes it works and sometimes we lose ourselves into something bigger… and then we forget who we are. 

Some of us are designed to think different, be different, stretch different.  Its when we try to hold onto something that is not working that things seem like they are not work out so well anymore.

Everything changes and nothing stays the same.  That’s the beauty of cycles – that’ the beauty of truth.

Ask yourself, what is my truth? Sit with it.  Get to know it.  Love it and be it. 

Become it.

It wants you to know thyself.

If you are having trouble listening to your truth, try this meditation on for size and see how it helps…


Om Mani Padme Hum

Om– the purity of body, speech, and mind comes gradually as we allow ourselves to be transformed into light.

Mani – the jewel, the intention to become light is fulfilled – we become light

Padme – the lotus, the wisdom that comes from ascension through the mud and our realization we are all sentient beings

Hum – Purity, undisturbed unity with consciousness

The achievement of this mantra all comes from within. 

Much like the evolution of ourselves.  Once we are on the path, there is no getting off.  We can try, but we are always led back to our holiness.  In whatever tradition it may take form.  Or combination of traditions. It all sums up to the truth of who and what we are. 

Om Mani Padme Hum


Sit in easy pose, cross legged with an elongated spine.  Or any comfortable sit of your choice, ultimately with your spine elongated as if each vertebra is comfortably stacked on the next.

Allow your hands to rest comfortably in your lap. Or you may assume another mudra (hand position) of your choice.  Some options could be, Gyan mudra (the thumb and pointer fingers come together to form an ‘o’ shape and the other fingers remain elongated, arms are comfortable and extended with hands or wrists resting comfortably on the knees.  Or place right palm on the chest/heart center and left hand on the low navel. 

Breathe long and deep in through the nose and possibly out through the mouth.  Just be still. 

Listen to the music that is suggested or another version of your choice. 

Chant the mantra along with the music. 

*Om Mane Padme Hum by Deborah Van Dyke*

Repeat for any number of minutes to your liking.  Most practices suggest between 3 to 11 minutes.  I prefer to use a mala prayer necklace and chant 108 times daily. 

To end:  Inhale deeply, suspend the breath for 10-15 seconds and then exhale slowly and release yourself to the union of your truth. 

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Until then, I wish you peace, joy, and light this holiday season as you become more of your truth.

Sat Nam,



Please & Thank You

Please & Thank You

Please & Thank You


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