28 Days to Conscious Intuitive Living – Miraculous Living

Week 4 Day 7 – See everything as if it were the first time again.  Miraculous living.

As I write this last lesson, I see how I have also shifted equally because of the consciousness that went into every word that came forth these past 28 days.  It is a gift and a pleasure to be a part of this process.   All that we have practiced and all that we have become is a new way of living.  We are seeing everything in life for the very first time again.  Through completion of these 28 days, we have emerged into a high vibrational state that returns child-like trust and wonder.  Everything is new and we are seeing for the very first time.  We have returned home to our soul’s purpose and our spirit’s joy. 

There are 1000 ways to see a willow tree and every time we turn to look at one there is something new and alive in the perspective that is mirroring back at us.  We become a part of the mystery and the miraculous and we finally KNOW we are the mystery and miraculous. 

Every day activities have become a source of connection and meditation.  Wonders are present in all our experiences.  Simple miracles we may have overlooked before now supersede our sub-conscious and become prevalent experiences.  We are in awe with ourselves and the world.  The idea that we have 26 bones in the foot working cohesively together to twist and turn in a way that propels us forward becomes a living representation of the awe-inspiring possibilities of life.  We make connections and we learn to work cohesively with ourselves and collaboratively with each other no matter what our differences may bring.  We see the amazing tapestry that is being woven without controlling the way we think it should be.  Breathing is miraculous, relationships are miraculous, creating is miraculous.  Being ourselves is miraculous.  We find the sacred in every person, place, and thing.  Nothing is without the marvel of our soul’s purpose.  We are our spirit’s joy.  We have found the presents in the presence of life. 

Why is creativity and intuitive inspiration so important?  If it were not for Thomas Edison’s fascination with life, he would not have invented the light bulb.  If he were not consumed with the same intuitive consciousness that we speak about in these lessons we may be sitting in the dark longer than anticipated.  All that is required is one conscious being filled with an illuminated and intuitive spirit to shift the unconscious of the whole.  All it takes is complete marveling and embodied being in the moment to come up with miraculous solutions to troubled diseases and the most complex medical issues out there.  It only takes one intuitive spirit to inspire the lives of a generation to the idea of “When you know better, you do better.”  It only takes an awakening of one to help release and resolve for an entire lineage of ancestors that have been trying to do this for lifetimes and generations.  It all begins with you. 

These past 28 days you have consciously awoken to the sensations of your body, to the true beliefs of your soul, and embodied the sleeping 6th sense within each of us.  The same energy that made Albert Einstein an incredible inventor, scientist, and teacher is the same wonder that resides in us all.  We are not separate, and we all come from the same consciousness.  They were merely able to access more of this consciousness that is available to all.  It is through this awakening that we open to this realization and find opportunity beckoning around every corner. 

Today and every day going forward know that a new day has arrived.  You are completely unlike the day before.  You are never the same being and the world is changing every day in every moment.  This is the miracle.

See the world through the child’s eyes and express your wonder and amazement in every experience.  From the board meeting to the art easel; from rush hour traffic to the symphonic music of an orchestra; from learning the periodic table to eating an incredibly flavorful piece of chocolate cake; from marveling at a newborn baby to sleeping in your bed once more.  Every experience, every interaction, everything that you meet and have the opportunity to be near, be the consciousness that you have now embraced.  See the people, see the energy around them and within them and look into their eyes.  The soul resides in the eyes and it is where we are all connected.  Look into them and see your brothers and your sisters and feel the connection around all of you.  See the plants and the animals, feel them, and commune with the life giving and expansive energy available to all. 

See with your new eyes from this day forward and expand in every possible moment. Through your continued expansion you give others permission to expand themselves.  Through your light you allow others to shine theirs.  In this new state of expanded awareness, we commune and connect, and we realize the value of individuals obtaining the highest form of self is beneficial for all.  Our individuality defines our communal expression as an expression of the Source of Consciousness that we share.  We delight in our own expansion and that of another’s. Awakening is welcomed and we respect those who still enjoy the slumbering.  

When we have moments of regret or ‘not so fun feelings’ allow them to become the opportunities you have learned them to be.  See what is truly at the root of these experiences.  See what may be bubbling up and see if you can sense a way to commune with your past by being present in this new state of being.   Be in what is happening.  Be in what you are sensing.  You may be presently connecting to a past moment in time that may be filled with the theme, “If I had known better, I would have done better” and making peace for that moment by simply being aware in your new state of conscious awareness.  The past is instantaneously healed and reconciled when we are present to these truths.  When we merge with consciousness, we intuitively feel the past shifting and ourselves reintegrating with the parts of ourselves that were left behind.  This is where energy comes from. This is the reintegration we have been seeking into our present form in the moment that it is happening.  The understanding that we rise above situations like a resurrection means that we have taken everything that we have learned and fully embodied through understanding the power of conscious miraculous living.  The resurrection encompasses the wholeness that is the truth within us all. 

Through presence, the pieces to our puzzle fall into place.  Through the power of the conscious spoken word the miracles line up.  Sometimes it may seem like a struggle to find the correct puzzle piece.  It may take some time.  And when we stop and become the moment, we let go into the shift, where all is possible.  This allows us to enter expansion instead of contraction.  We open to powerful in-joy moments and no longer suffer.  We can be full of laughter, games, and childlike wonder even in a difficult situation. 

The Australian famous Sydney Opera House was created through mere opening into playfulness.  It was the shear act of peeling an orange and gazing at the pieces of orange rind laying on the table that the architect became inspired to create one of the most famous places on the planet.  The work needed to be done to bring this into physical form and the idea came from the formlessness thoughts that were inspired by the creative joy of an orange. 

This is how creation happens.  This is how intuition drops in.  It begins from the formless, asks a question, and the higher vibration of creativity brings in a thought form or vision of a possibility.  This possibility needs the mind to create the scientific means for constructing on a physical plane.  But the origination of form comes from thought, which begins with nothing, which is consciousness.  When we are open and in an intuitive state, we simply allow the inspiration for the ideas to come through and thus they seemingly drop in as inspiration (in-spirit-ation).  This happens as we learn to get out of the way and begin to play.  As we joyfully embody awareness, we become one.  The experience speaks for itself.  Once it happens, you know, and the expectation and anticipation of it happening more and more elevates.  It first begins with self-awareness and allowing time every day to get closer to this place of nothingness where anything is possible.  As we empty ourselves of concrete beliefs and ideas of the way things should be, we become something greater than anything we could dream up with our own minds.   We all began as formlessness that is where we shall return.   

For the next chapter of your life, use the techniques provided the last 28 days to keep you in the flow of creative, inspired, and intuitive living.  Reuse the lessons and listen to them as many times as needed.  Invite groups to explore these ideas and find ways to include people on your path.  Wherever two or more have gathered miracles happen.  Consciousness happens, we enliven, and we wake up to an unrestricted way of living. 

When something is weighing you down remember the techniques and pull them out… laugh, listen, feel, and sense with every cell in your being nature.  Be. 

Allow yourself to continue to expand the knowing that the monster under the bed after all these years was just a matrix of illusions trapping you in fear.  Allow yourself to sense and embody the stillness within you in every moment.  Allow yourself to intuit that you are always connected and that the formless is the beginning of creation. Allow yourself to notice when to shift gears in your life and trust your instinct.  Allow yourself to lead, guide and direct from that higher consciousness that is tuned in and tapped into the triad of knowing and being that comes from mind, body, and spirit consciousness.  Allow yourself the time to continue growing and expanding in all the many dozens of ways we listed out in all these lessons.  Allow yourself to just pick a random lesson and use it every day.  Allow yourself the comfort of knowing that we are not the victims of our past and the present moment is what connects us to all possibility.  Allow yourself to pass on your wisdom by simple connections and being present in every interaction and relationship.  How do we know we have mastered the Art of Conscious Intuitive Living?  When we are aware in every moment and lead our lives through this awareness ourselves.  Consciousness is happening and more and more beings are living up to their resourceful and soul purpose potential through the simpler acts of living and reconnecting to their authentic self.  Be your powerful self.

28 days of Conscious Intuitive Living is loaded with lessons and concepts that are geared towards one purpose…living a sacred life that is powerfully and authentically yours.  See life for the first time again.   See the miraculous happening all around and open to this new way of living that is meant to be yours always in all ways. 









Be the path. 

Today’s Mantra: 

I Am

I Am

I Am

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