You’ve Got This, Baby!

I say this with ultimate resolution within my heart.  You got this.  You’ve got this. You have this, baby!  Everything, and I mean everything comes to you.  The universe wants you to succeed.  It is crying out for you to notice and claim your master of creativity.  I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE.  It is.

What am I talking about?

I am talking of everything that happens in your life is happening because YOU brought it into your existence.  Into your field.


You mean I brought heart ache, misery, divorce, relationship issues, financial difficulties…and the list goes on and on and on.

Ummm…YES.  I’m sorry but the answer is yes my friend.

OUCH!  I can feel the lash back from all of you out there just wanting to argue with me on this one.  Let me explain… have you ever done the same thing over and over again expecting a different result until you one day realized you have to approach the problem differently in order to get a different result?  The situation could not be solved with the same mind that created it.  BUT…. and here is the larger BUT…if we are aware of what we may be doing in order to create a difficulty then why do we have such trouble changing how we see or solve the problem?  Because we have ancestors and lineages and lifetimes and patterns that we learned growing up that our ego mind DECIDES about every situation that may or may NOT be of our best interest.  AND so we keep playing the same records and drumming to the same beat of the drum over and over again in our unconscious resulting in the same frustrating outcomes over and over again.  Many of us go out of our way to blame it on everything outside of ourselves.  ‘He said this’ or ‘she did that’ and ‘if only things were different’ or ‘ if only things had gone a different way then my life would be better’.  Oh yes, these are the common things that we say and do.  Well…stop playing victim, own your story, figure out where it came from and resolve for the issues at bay and then let’s move on people!  Move up, move on, and raise your vibration so that you can oscillate at a new and higher level of existence that no longer includes the same old tune and you get to drum in a symphonic orchestra creating beautiful music every day of your life!

How do we do this?  I have many amazing teachers in my life and my two most amazing ones have mastered this in different ways.  One teaches about ‘every day is a new day’.  Literally, change your thinking and every day that you get up you are completely brand new and different from where you were the day before.  Every day you are healed, new, whole, amazing, and light filled.  You are.  My other master teacher teaches how to resolve for the brokenness of what you feel inside and how to make shifts that will seem miraculous every day and every moment of your life.  The key is to be in the ‘unknowing’ and in the stuff that doesn’t feel good.  Face it and dive in.  Because when you face all your fears you remember “How To Train Your Dragon” (wasn’t that a movie?) and then you live fully in your heart.  You learn about all the stories you made up about yourself that were not true and how all these people in your life have just been playing out and representing your beliefs.  Now, when you change your beliefs and shift your frequency the story changes, the players change and you now live on a completely different frequency giving off a completely different vibration that resonate ever so closer to your Spirit’s song.  You are a soul with amazing wisdom that has encompassed everything you need to know to this point right here and right now and when you tap in and listen to your soul and the wisdom that it has then you can shed your fears and live your SPIRIT!  Your spirit wants to love, be loved, and live in joy.

So, next time you come to a tornado in your life, don’t run and don’t hide….actually go for it… go run right towards it and if you want to know and experience how to be in the eye of the storm I encourage you to learn from me like I learned from my teachers and my soul… everything is possible…I MEAN EVERYTHING.  You’ve got this, BABY!


Wednesday, August 8th, 7-9pm  –  $30

This is the last one before things shift again for new beginnings.  Please come and join me in shifting to your highest vibration swiftly, easily, and effortlessly.

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