Just love & be… A Force of Good Challenge #1 Inspirational Rock Painting

I’m at home with my kids and can’t help but wonder how we can elevate and inspire on a daily basis…sooooo… I want to inspire and challenge you to be a FORCE of GOOD! I am challenging you and your family to do something creative every week… I want to see what you are doing out there. Let’s be a force of good! Here is my Force of Good Challenge Number 1 for today… Inspirational Rock Paining. Here’s the deal…

#1 Go find some rocks in your yard.

#2 Get out some old paint… I used a combo of acrylics and wall paint laying around my house.

#3 Write down a bunch of inspirational words on a piece of paper. See picture below for ideas.

#4 Paint your Rocks (base coat first) SEE VIDEO LINK!

#5 Go place them in places where people will intentionally find them OR send them to people as gifts!

#6 Tag this post either with #justlovebeintuit or link your pictures to Facebook or Instagram! This is a challenge for the week ending on April 12th!

#7 Be a Force of Good!

Would you prefer to donate an inspirational rock?

Jennifer will take care of sending the message for you. Any one word can be painted on a rock. Then she will wrap it up and send the rock on it's way! It's easy and simple. Just donate an amount below. Then send her an email at the link below with the words you would like on the rocks and we can discuss addresses!



Let’s paint the world in colorful light filled ways to inspire and elevate!!!!
How to make Inspirational Painted Rocks!

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