Thoughts to Things, Light to Gray, It Matters

Take 5 minutes & Ponder this…

Thoughts are things.  They have an energy.  A force upon them that can either be good for us or not so good for us.  Let’s just say there are many shades of gray but there is only light.  There are many forms of light consciousness and they all become one form… light.  There are many forms of gray consciousness and they all become more gray.  Imagine this… when you put light together as in layers upon itself… it becomes more light.  It just shines and yet it shines ever so brighter.  Brighter and brighter and brighter… It just keeps becoming more of itself.  In the process of becoming more light it allows light to penetrate through every obstacle and anything perceived less than itself.  It keeps becoming more… effortlessly moving into various places only penetrable by the light.  Only light can go where it has never been before.  It does not harm, and it does not force, it just is.  It doesn’t make anything turn into itself… it shines a light on the darkest of places so that everything can be seen.  It illuminates awareness and sight.  It shows us what was there all along.  That it has been there all along…just waiting to penetrate deeper and deeper.  Light transforms darkness, gives us the opportunity to see and be seen, and then it is our choice to become more light or not.  To be or not to be.  That is the question, is it not?  Once we see, once we awaken to higher and higher forms of light we can never return to what was once there.  The darkness forever goes and no matter how hard we try to make the light go away… it just grows. 

This is just as true for gray… gray matter collectively becomes more gray and then just becomes darkness.  It covers like a blanket of deep darkness as it slumbers us into a state of unconscious.  That’s ok.  We can accept this, because sometimes we need the darkness.  We need to rest, recover, and blend in.  To just be in a state of being with nothing to be, do, or know.  We accept this… and we continue.  We eventually remember, it’s only a blanket, temporarily covering our light. When we return to who we are, the blanket is removed. And when we know this we realize our world is full of these polarities. We can see the beauty in all of it, that’s when we truly awaken.  We see that there has always been something guiding us towards this balance.  This perfect dance that we do to truly encompass all that we are.  It’s only when we fear the darkness & fear the fear itself that we limit ourselves the experience of going through the darkness.  Within the dark there are lessons to learn, experiences to feel, and sensations to learn. And only through respect for the darkness can we return once again to more of what we would like to become. 

Many of us, most of us are some spectra of light.  There are times when it seems as though darkness has taken over forever, and this is just the illusion.  The illusion of polarity.  We seek to return to the balance and even pure light travels into dark places just as dark ones eventually seek to return to the light.  It’s all the same just polarity taking its course in many shades of gray.  Eventually becoming light. 

Quite honestly, I enjoy polarity.  I enjoy one spectrum versus the other and sometimes I need a little dark to understand who I truly am… pure light.  Eventually, this will no longer be so.  I will continue to walk the path of light and just continue to be more light without the dark.  Only with one purpose, to be the light for others to do the same and to see the consciousness within themselves that has always been there.  Just like Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz… the magic was always there, your ruby slippers were always the way home dear one, you just needed the journey to understand who you truly are; light. 

If you are looking for more… to be more, experience, more and to become more of that which you believe yourself to be I invite you to experience light in many forms… all spectrums of light… here are just a few ways… ongoing possibilities available to you and my honor to offer to you. 

With humbled blessings….

Sat Nam


Please & Thank you,



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