Go Outside of Outside the Box

It’s that time of year. The days are darker, and yet more light is coming in. Time seems shorter and yet more is accomplished in a quicker time frame. Life is moving rapidly forward and yet cultivating stillness is of precedence.

How can we balance these polarities and help ourselves become all that we are meant to achieve through our highest purpose and potential? 

First, we must be where we are.  Observation, as if we are anthropologists, helps us become more of what we are and brings in a sense of ‘knowing’ of where we are going even if we are unsure of where that could be. 

How do we observe?  We become still during momentum.  We breathe focus during chaos.  We elevate by going within and disperse the darkness all around us. 

We become light. 

Every week is a journey to the center of YOU! Now through the end of February each week we are going further and learning more about our unique energy through Kundalini Yoga.

How?  Use this time to cultivate awareness within.  Allow the internal turmoil to surface and then witness what is happening.  As an observer of yourself.  Step outside of you and see what is happening within you.  Just observe.  Just breathe.  Just become. 

Still further… how do we do this?

Breath.  The breath can be the kingdom to the heaven you are seeking.  And like every great story, there is a journey which we all must take over to the other side.  Truly, the excitement comes from the actual journey and not the destination. 

The curiosity, the excitement, the dance, and the wonder comes from going where you have never gone before to experience a greater version of you, none of which you have yet to experience. 

And, how do we do this consciously?

How do we do this without the anxiety, without the fear and without the trepidation.

We breathe into the moment.  This one and the next and the next and the next.  We keep breathing…slowly, consciously, and ever so effortlessly allowing the breath to take us there. 

Master the breath and you master life. 

Master the breath and you tune into something bigger than you, unexplainable in words and only felt within the heart.

This is where your connection is.  Into the unknown fears that we must go through and out the other side into breath and consciousness. 

See yourself as a beautiful template just waiting to be unveiled.  You  may not know how to connect the dots or even draw the picture.  But first we must have some kind of vision within us. 

What do we want to look like, be like, have, and how do we correspond with the world. 

In this vision, who are we and what are we doing, having, and being.

Sometimes, a simple book can help guide our way. Order today on Amazon and begin your journey.

Get into it.  Become it.  Most importantly love this version of you, no matter what the outside circumstances appear to be.  We must see ourselves as such and then the experiences will be drawn to us.  And to match ourselves with this new vision we must match our vibration to this experience.  Hence, here is where the real ‘work’ begins.

We get to become the path to our destination.  Remember, its not about the destination… its about the journey to become that which we seek. 

Always hold yourself to the what you are creating and become the work at the same time.  Every experience, every moment is the work.  Essentially, this is your life work. 

In French, travail means ‘to work’.  And here is the secret… the work comes from the travel… the space between the starting point and the destination is the ultimate experience. 

Seek to see outside the box… and go even further than this.  Meaning, when we travel on our journey and we ‘travail’ to become more of ourselves we are always infiltrated with new environments, new skies, new sunshine, new buildings, new trees, new vehicles, new people.  Begin to tune into your field of awareness, outside of the physical…. Within the auric field of awareness, we sense and feel what is happening.  Tune in.  

This is ‘outside of outside the box’.  We are an elaborate container that vibrates outside of us just as strongly within us.  These atoms and molecules that make up our physical are all around us… and all we need to do is see what is out there to shift what is in here.  Ironically, our field of awareness outside of this container is what is within us.  And we can influence what is all around us by tuning in from within and all around our vibratory containers. 

Tune into the layers outside of you that we can’t see.  Tune into the you within you that can see outside of you and then you will become everything you are seeking to create. 

If you seem to be dealing with anxiety… instead of being the anxiety… and claiming this as the reason why you can’t get to your destination… make it the reason why you learn to accelerate your healing and become the anxiety, fully.

If you can’t make it to your destination because of financial issues… make it the reason why you go through the financial problems on purpose and become the absence of money to the other side of prosperity.

If you can’t get to your destination because of fatigue and depression.  Make it your journey to go through the depression and fatigue to learn everything you can about this in order to move through it to your new place of residence. 

Maybe what your parents passed on to you… all the negativity, all the fears, all the depression seemingly outside of you were exactly what was needed to bring forth the iridescent beauty already existing all around you.  Maybe all the troubles, insecurities and fears that have filled this life are your greatest purpose.  Our strength and agility is cultivated as we elevate above the clouds beyond the seemingly limited physical realm and into the etheric world of magical healings and transformations.  

Maybe all the frailties and failures have happened on purpose.  Just maybe.  This is true.

And then do this…

Activate and enhance the meridians of the body and transform all lower vibrations into light energy. This Friday in Grayslake.

And when you face all you are with the intention of becoming more than you have ever been before… something magical happens.  When you go through the darkness, as we go through the seasons of our life, we find what we have always known… it was always there waiting for us to discover we were greater than we ever could conceive within our own minds.  We are that which we were always imagining ourselves to be and even greater than this.   When we know the light, we become the light, and the light can only become brighter.  It never goes out, is diffused, or burns down to nothing.  If you are the light, only light can you be.  This is truth. 

When we realize this, grace becomes us.  Gratitude unfolds and illumination just happens.  A reverent appreciation for all that is… for everything… even the illusory darkness effortlessly dispels all around us.  Repeatedly, this limitless energy becomes overflowing.  As you become over filled with incomprehensible joy it spills from you onto others and they can’t help but literally ‘lighten’ up as well.

Being ‘outside of even outside the box’ is how we become.  Always in all ways. 





& Sat Nam,

Jennifer Lauren

Joti Tajdeep Kaur

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