Returning to ourselves…

After being away from ‘home’ for 5 weeks and returning… what I have learned thus far…

There is something special about getting away from the usual for an extended time! Awareness comes alive when you leave your nest and dive into a new life, even if it temporary.

Usually, it takes about two weeks of being in a new place to begin to adjust to the vibration of that new place. At least that is what it is like for me.

Then when I do and I end up staying longer, like I did, I begin to join in with that new vibration. Overall, if you ever do something like what I am explaining, hopefully it is a higher vibration and you are elevating your life upwards! My experience was exactly this.

When we (my daughter and I) were in St. Augustine we adjusted to life by the sea. Clearing and cleansing our energy fields every day. Keeping us in alignment with our highest energetic vibration, connected to our Source, and open to receive our intuitive guidance throughout our days.

Several of the ways we were able to remain connected 24/7 revolved around self care tools. We followed the patterns of the full moon, always finding her and making sure we connected with her on a daily basis. Whether she was out at night or during the day, we found a way to connect with the masterful vibration of this feminine energy even if it was only for a simple 5 minute pleasurable gaze.

We rose before sunrise and actually used the hour before the sun peeked over the water to allow the vibratory creation of the infinite to sink deeply into our cells and help us imagine what we were going to create that day. Every day, most days it was just me (teenagers enjoy their sleep!), I sat for ‘Guidance’ (something Debra Poneman speaks beautifully about… her Yes to Success Program is #1 at promoting this) and allowed spirit to speak through me at the peak of the energy of the day. The hour BEFORE the sun rises is one of the most transformative and vibrationally high times of day.

We kept our energy fields cleansed and cleared daily. We took time out of our busy schedule to make sure we cleaned up and cleared our fields through various daily practices. Knowing where we begin and where our energy ends and what is ours versus someone or something else’s is very important when we are following our highest potential and purpose.

We took time to exercise, meditate, fill our bodies with high vibration foods, study and work hard, and play hard throughout the week. It was a balance of work, rest, study, releasing, and resolve to become our new selves. And we did it.

We ended our days in meditation always allowing for communion with Source consciousness, even if it was for 5-10 minutes.

Why do I share this? Because, it’s not that I changed anything about my normal practice. This is what I typically do anyway. It’s that the environment we were in completely helped us shift into an entirely new vibratory awareness that is way more elevated than where I was before. How do I know? Because I FELT the difference when I came back home.

I live in a lovely space. I love my home. And now that I have been away, I realized I was not only ready for a shift on one level but on ALL levels. Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and in all areas of my life; community, relationships, family, career, purpose, health, and more.

In order to continue this shift I had to not only adjust to coming back home but also to continue to bring in this high vibration from where I was to where I currently am. And it continues to work. High vibration awareness means we live in our joy. We bring in the infinite possibility to the finite existence. We become the miraculous life we are seeking right where we are. And that is what I realized out in St. Augustine.

I go wherever I am. Therefore, I must be the change that I seek out there and no one else can do this except me. So here I am, in deep realization and gratitude for all of this and here to help bring in awareness in practices that I hope I can extend to others.

So over the next several months…this will be my focus. Sharing with you what I did, and what I always do on a daily basis to help remain ‘high’ in life. High vibration ALWAYS draws unlimited prosperity, health, and joy to you. Always in all ways. Learning how to release and resolve and remain untethered to any controlled outcome is the key.

So this week, I would love to share with you something I do almost daily. Practice meditation, mantras, and vibratory awareness.

Our energy field extend to 9 feet around us. When we have space to extend our fields and practice clearing our fields every day it is unsurmountable what positive outcomes can happen on an elevated and enhanced energetic level.

We have an infinite number of chakras within and around the body as well as energetic layers extending out to the infinite. When we remain vibratory aligned in an elevated energetic state we not only effect the positive propelling us forward into our souls highest potential but all those around us as well. We first give ourselves permission to become more and then it naturally extends outwards. When we take care of ourselves this is what happens. They key is to know how to tune in to high vibration, to practice, and remain in ‘vacation’ mode. It can be done.

We all go on vacations and many of us go away to ‘get away’ from it all. I wonder, what are we trying to ‘get away’ from? Maybe, if we pay attention to our vibration and our spirit’s joy…maybe we become the vacation we are seeking. I believe so.

It may require work, and we may have to finally face what we have been avoiding… but it is worth diving in, especially with support.

That’s what we do, when we consciously practice from a point of conscious awareness through mantra and meditation. Daily, I need to return to me. And when, I don’t, I slip into something I’m not. This doesn’t serve anyone any good. We all have gifts, and when we use our gifts to our highest potential through awareness and consciousness in high vibrational states we become everything we were seeking out there. And then, we can do nothing but spread light. It’s so simple and yet so simply profound. And, darn it, that is exactly what most of us need.

Cleansing our energy fields through mantra and meditation is one of the ways to connect back to who you are. Not through anything else but sole purpose to become more of what you already are; gifted. When we find our gifts it is a profound experience.

Tuning in and clearing our energy field is a way to do this. For the next several weeks we will be doing this at BLACK CAT in Libertyville. Tune in and join me for Kundalini Yoga. This is a deeply spiritual practice full of simple movements, breath work, meditation and mantras meant to clear the field, realign the chakras of the body, and strengthen your connection with your spirit…the source of who you are.

Do you want to hear your own guidance? Are you seeking to know yourself more? Do you want to open to your intuition? It’s all available through this practice.

Kundalini Yoga at Black Cat in Libertyville this week we are focusing on the Ten bodies of Prosperity…. clearing the ten light bodies and opening to prosperity. We have an energy field, and when it is highly attuned to our highest potential and purpose we become the vehicle for infinite creation through finite existence. This practice will be geared to help create this possibility. Join me

Join me on Instagram and IntuitLove Facebook and YouTube where I will be sending out weekly tips and announcements of continued opportunities to expand your awareness and realign yourself to your highest potential. Whether its through a practice of mine or someone else I will be sharing insights and connections to help you become more of you!

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Lastly, just connect. Connect with each other. Connect with your family, friends, and people that mean something in your life. We are all here to make a difference. Thank you for making a difference in my life. Every single person I ever get to spend time with is that difference and every single person creates miracles for each other. Thank you for being my miracle.

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