5 weeks as full time students, and a life time of memories…

For the past 5 weeks I have been a student of Kripalu yoga with my daughter.  Here is what I learned…

The last 5 weeks have brought me experiences of joy and wonder.  I have learned to be guided by spirit like never before, to stop worrying about the future and to spend the rest of my life in the present. 

It sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?  I finally realized nothing really matters except for the experiences of life itself.  Nothing really matters except for what you would like to experience in each moment of life. 

Really…if we are tuned in and turned onto spirit and living the truth of who we are then what is happening out there in the world may not seem like such a monstrous thing we must overcome.  We are reflections of what we believe ourselves to be.   In this world, we can see every facet of the diamond and look through every lens that is possible through each other.  We can see the good in almost everything.  It’s up to us to decide how we’d like to view every situation.  I can decide in a moment what any experience means to me, and I can decide to live any way I desire.  I can be full of prosperity and the riches of knowledge, and I can be limitless in all my experiences. No matter what. 

Easy to say and sometimes difficult to do.  We can become filled with so much doubt that we can limit ourselves with the belief that we can’t do something even before we try.  This happens on so many levels.  All I can say, is that in the past 5 weeks I have had the experience of a lifetime. 

Maybe it was because I was simply ready to receive and allow spirit to work through me on all levels. Maybe it was because I was ready to make my own decisions in life about what really mattered to me.  Maybe I have finally realized that we all have this choice, and we never need to live by anyone else’s standards. Maybe I have finally accepted the truth of who I am. 

That’s a beautiful thing.   

In acceptance of the self is freedom. 

There is no malice or perceived judgement behind it.  It’s merely a simple knowing that you are perfect exactly as you are and there is nothing else to understand except the perfection that is already within you. 

We can spend a lifetime searching for answers.  Our world points us ‘to the answer’ everywhere we turn.   Eat this, take that, do this, become that, and you will finally be ‘ok’.  That’s what they tell us on a conscious and subconscious level.  And maybe, we just need to pause to see what was already there.  Maybe, we never needed to do anything, be anything, or have anything.  Maybe we just needed to become the love that was always waiting for us to see, feel, and know… already within our own hearts.  Maybe… just maybe this is it.   

The past 5 weeks I have spent an enormous amount of time with a new tribe of Kripalu yoga healers… here is what I learned from each of them… by them simply being who they are to me… a facet of my diamond.

I learned the power of determination and how to move confusing and clouded energy into channeled focused energy by watching others move into their own self-mastery.

I learned of the strength and wisdom that comes from someone being a balanced being of masculine and feminine energy able to move through any societal expectations and transform themselves into a healthier version of who they truly are.

I learned of the unbounding integrity and safety that can come from someone who feels free to share their love and joy for life by simply being themselves and wanting others to feel the love and joy that is already within them. 

I learned of the joy that can be spread amongst people by simply laughing and allowing themselves to sing and fill their lives with amusement.

I learned of how strong so many people are on so many different levels and how through support and belief in others we can rise above our own thought filled limitations ourselves.

I learned of the wisdom and magic that can come from someone so young and so profoundly full of knowledge that is lightyears ahead of us all. 

I learned the importance of language and attention to detail and how still, the only thing that matters is the heart connection from another individual by simply being themselves. 

I learned of the flow and creativity that can be inspired by one person to inspire a whole group to be in the flow and creativity of life by simply being who they are. 

I learned so much more… and overall… I learned to just be me.  To be graceful and messy all at once and to allow this to happen.  To process what is within me without having to figure it out.  To allow the mess and the wonder to just happen all on my own. To just enjoy life by being in-joy.

Ultimately, I learned to lay my final sword down… the sword of self-judgment… the most deadly sword of all. 

And if I did nothing else in this life… I would finally know… I am ok… just the way I am. 

Thank you, God.

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