“Thank You, God!”

Recently… I have done a lot of forgiveness… offering up… forgoing… what this means for me is that I have had A LOT of scenarios happening in my life lately that have placed me in a position of just ultimate gratitude for what is already present in my life.

Repeatedly, I have been shown how abundant our universe is and when we become aware of the amazing surplus we already have, even more comes along.  Really… it does. 

My family and lineage lived in lack and fear for a very long time.  There was a lot of fighting, working hard, and insecurity about how we were going to survive growing up.  It was not a good environment.  Needless to say, I unconsciously took this in as a child and ended up portraying this vibration in my day to day relationships.  I had no idea how much of my life was based on lack until I began to pay attention to the dialogue that would often run rampant in my head. 

I never really believed I was enough.  Always striving to do more, be more, have more, and try to prove to myself I was enough.  There were so many reasons why… too many to list.  When I decided to really look at what I kept saying to myself that just seemed so negative inside I began to realize that I just needed to once and for all, put an end to the internal mayhem happening within me and just enjoy the ride.  Once I released the internal upset I was causing within myself on a daily basis and just lay everything to rest… I instead, brought in a new phrase with every perceiving difficult task that happened.  I adopted the new phrase… “Thank you, God!”  Yep… anything that happened that was frustrating or just made me feel like things were not working out… AGAIN became followed up with a “Thank you, God!” 

  • The refrigerator stopped working, “Thank you, God!” then the mechanic would show up that day.
  • My dog was having severe skin allergies… “Thank you, God!” and suddenly, the answer to the allergy dilemma appeared. 
  • I had to be in two places at once and had no idea how to solve the issue… “Thank you, God!”  and one of the appointments would get cancelled on their own. 
  • I had a lack of funds to pay for a recent credit card bill, “Thank you, God” and a check appeared in the mail. 

The list goes on…

What I’m trying to say… we need to begin to turn our thoughts around to anticipate everything that happens in our life as a blessing…


Gas prices are up to $5.15 a gallon…. “Thank you, God!”  someone offers a carpool.

Food doubles in price… “Thank you, God!”  Food gift certificates are delivered to our door. A friend buys me dinner, someone invites me over for lunch, and the local market is having a sale on plants to grow your own food. 

There are ALWAYS answers to a perceived problem… we just must be in anticipation of the amazing outcome that is coming…. No matter what!  Thank you, GOD!  For always bringing the answers… because I know you have everything I need and everything I want already taken care of even if I don’t know it yet…

Reiki has been a gift for me in this manner…

I have been doing Reiki for over 20 years… it teaches…

“Just for today, do not anger, do not worry, and be filled with gratitude.  Devote yourself to your work and be kind to everyone and everything.” 

So with that… Reiki is another way to live life from a place of eternal knowing that all is taken care of… “Thank you, God!” 

I think back on how it has changed my life over the years…. I mean because my son was born with a disability, I was put on a quest to learn every healing modality out there to help him and now I help others!  “THANK YOU, GOD!”

There is so much to be thankful for and so many reasons why…. When we turn it around… everything around… we can have an amazing life right where we are… “Thank you God for everything!”  Life is amazing… no matter what. 

Thank yourself for beginning to bring your awareness to how we tend to focus on what we don’t have as a society… then bring your awareness to how you can do it differently… add in a “Thank you, God” and watch how everything shifts…. “Thank you, God!” becomes a magical mystery of all allowing the anticipated answers to every perceived problem to flow to you… & yes it does flow. 

My mom died when I was 16…. “Thank you, God,” I was able to become psychic because of it! 

My Dad was an alcoholic growing up… “Thank you, God” I realized how addictions can rob people’s lives and it brought compassion in. 

My brother had schizophrenia and was threatening my life, “Thank you, God!” it taught me boundaries… even with family… some of the hardest things for people to understand. 

My son was born with a disability, “Thank you, God!”  I realized I was a lightworker. 

Another son had medical issues… “Thank you, God!” I realized how much our environmental exposures have an effect on our body and how to transform these through diet, herbs, vitamins, clean water, and stones, minerals, etc.… “Thank you, God!”

My husband had a medical issue…oh the number of lessons from this was amazingly transformative for us as a couple… “Thank you, God!” 

A house fire… so much to learn… left us with no home… “Thank you, God!” our home was beautifully rebuilt into an oasis of love.   

Our dog died…. “Thank you, God” … opened me up to love even more.

Oh, so much…. With each loss, disappointment, and shift it has made me shift my perception even quicker and more profoundly than ever before.  “Thank you, God!”

No attachments… just to be in the moment and devote my life to my work…

Thank you God for bringing me Reiki…. So I can pass along these amazing teachings….

Thank you, God, for bringing me Kundalini Yoga so I could feel and be the transformation I have wanted to bring more into my life and help others…

With that… Thank you God for allowing me to share and allowing me to pass along what is meaningful and transformative to me… Thank you, God for you! 

Here are some new offerings coming up just around the corner!!!

New Dates added for Reiki 1!!!

Kundalini YOGA!!!!

Come join me… on line and in person…as I venture out to teaching!  Yeay!  I love Kundalini… and the amount of energy and transformation that happens is a definite “THANK YOU GOD!” in these classes!!!

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