The Powerless Grip of Judgement

One of the greatest reasons we are held back from creating the life of our dreams or rising above limitation and feeling connected… or soaring through our heart’s love for freedom and elation is the deep-seated root causes of judgement.  Our world is so deeply embedded in judgment after judgement that this is the very thing that keeps us doing the same things where we are repeatedly.  We see feel and know only our thoughts of the mind that are limited by what we reference in the outside world, our school’s knowledge, and the inner world of the heart that is suffocating under judgment after judgement keeping us suppressed where we are.  We have no room for expansion because our thoughts beliefs and ideas about life are all based on judgements and then bring us right back to all our self-pronounced limitations. 

Even knowledge from this book is a form of judgement.  Knowledge in the math and sciences are all formed in judgement.  They are ideas and discoveries that someone wrote down, taught them, and inferred what they mean.  All passed down in judgements made up about who and what they are, how they came about, and the impact they made on our world.  The classrooms fill our heads with judgments of right and wrong of up and down, dark and light, left and right.  There is nothing that we do in our schools and life in general to speak of, or teach of, or feel of, within the confounds of neutrality.  Children are taught to judge right versus wrong in math, science, history, language, and composition.  Even in relationships.  Teaching them the right way to speak to someone, address someone, be with someone, and especially if they want to do well in school and the world that they must presume themselves a certain way.  All based on a judgement that if we don’t do something a particular way, if we don’t keep ourselves safe or learning in the right way that society tells us to be that on every level we will have subconsciously failed at life.  We must think a certain way, we must learn a certain way, we must go through the steps in life in this way not that way…all to protect our children from doing the wrong thing so that they don’t do anything outside of the normal.  What is normal?  What is this thing that we call normal and why do we invest so much time and energy in being normal, fitting in, afraid and fearful that if we don’t, we will somehow in some way not be ok?  As if we will fall on our backs and never be able to get up again because we just do not understand, and we must be saved.  What is that and why is that present in our lives? 

It is so present everywhere.  All the reasons and passions and evolutions and transcendence that needs to happen is happening.  Otherwise, you would not be reading this book.  We need heart-full leaders.  People composed in imagination and discovery and invested in evolving and shifting this world into higher forms of consciousness that sees everything from above at a hawk’s eye view, is not afraid to soar, and sees so keenly what is truly unfolding and intuitively flies and flows knowing that every person place and thing has a higher purpose. We are all learning to become our true selves at any age. 

Think of the child that falls not once, twice, or three times as they are learning to walk.  They fall over and over again.  They cry repeatedly.  It is in their allowance and intuitive knowing that they sense and feel an urge to crawl, to walk, to move, to run.  Even the child that seems to have some type of disability that prevents them from learning these stages has the urge to evolve, transform, and become their own version of a uniquely creative and connected being ready to elevate this world.  Why is it easy to accept that a normal child with normal circumstances will go through the stages to walking & running but it is so difficult to imagine the same for a child with a disability that ‘prevents’ them from walking?  Or even a child who is in horrible environmental surroundings?  Why is it that we presume we know and understand what will happen next for them before they are even given the chance?  Why is it we believe so much in the probable and we leave out the possible? 

Because we have been taught this way.

Because fear in all stages of our life has showed us this.  Because we have learned from our knowledge, schools, our parents, our society and our religions of what not to do and we have placed our entire soul into this realm of existence that has brought our Earth to ultimate limitation.  Yes.  We did this.  We contributed to where we are right now.  Each one of us that has buried our noses in fear and refused to look about into the world than anything more than limitation.  We did this.  Once we admit our own individual falls, we can sooner accept that this is not a judgement but an acceptance and a surrender to the intuitive knowing within our hearts that there is another way, because there is.  The only way we can rise above what is happening is through going within, questioning everything arising within ourselves and then practicing over and over again the art of going neutral.  Neutrality is not letting go and laying down to do nothing.  We must be in neutrality to know our heart centered self.  This requires silence.  Silence of the mind that loves judgement and opening of the heart that is all accepting of ourselves first and then our worlds.  Silence knows that this is the only place that we can recreate our lives from within.  It is the only place that can discern for ourselves that our individual interactions can be much more powerful than anything that has ever been done before that is based in force or revolutions.  Silence is the ‘golden ticket’, that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Surprise, that comes from an honest heartfelt connection that desires goodness for all.  It knows and it discerns the heart filled path that ‘getting there’ happens only by ‘being where you are’ and this only happens when we merge with ourselves, transcend all of our own perceived limitations, and elevate through to the oneness of ourselves.  If each individual, if each child, if each being, was to see how their individual purpose and strength coming from the heart was unique for individual after individual then they would finally be able to trust in their own self-discovery.  If they were allowed to discover this on their own through countless ways of our own self-acceptance, we would all collectively shift the world.  It is only through our own transformations at an individual level that we can fall and fall again within ourselves.  It is here where we are safe to feel our own internal pains and sufferings so that we can elevate our lives.  In so doing, we rise out of all judgements we have ever been taught or soaked up like an unconscious sponge and then squeeze these out in discernment of what we want to fill our world.  It is through the silencing of the negative mind, the negative thoughts, and the limited ideas that we can truly sense and know the fluttering and desires of our spirit that are naturally filled with inspiration to thrive and collectively embrace our world.  As a child intuitively desires to walk, a bird intuitively desires to fly, and a caterpillar intuitively becomes a butterfly, each one of us already intuitively knows how to live through the heart. 

Lesson – The Powerless Grip of Judgement

Release the judgement in your own individual world and we collectively raise the heart filled consciousness of the entire world.  We are the heart of consciousness intuitively knowing how to transcend and transform. 

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