The Truth

An enormous amount of light resides within us and all around us greater and grander than anything we have ever seen with our eyes.  This light is not seen or touched and is felt deep within the seeds of all creation within our heart.  It is the womb of all creation.  This is our mother purpose. 

It is our purpose for life and living.  It is our purpose for soulful self-enhancing and the life-giving prophecies of eternal self-love.  It is our mission to be our truth on all levels of existence, on all levels of prosperity consciousness, and on all levels of oneness from within.  You are amazing and all will come to you with this one knowing from within.  You, who will shift this world.  You will shift your world.  You must be the you that you have been waiting for… on all levels.  You must merge with your truth.  Be the enlightened one and know that all is good.  All is good…there are no sides…there is no agenda…there is nothing standing in your way…step forward my dear…spread your wings and fly. 

It is here…just waiting for you to step out into the darkness and allow consciousness to seep through your bones, rise up into your hips, merge with the eternal mother and become your true self.  She is there, put her on, and become her.  You are consciousness in living form.  This is knowing from within.  Become the Goddess, become the God, become. 

She is here…now.
Breathe into her. 
Explore her.
Create her.
Be her.

The great “I am” resides within you.  If you only realized how amazing you are, there would be no duality.  The illusion is the duality, there are no sides.  There is nothing to do or become.  In this moment of space time continuum this is you, you have arrived…be here…now.  Call upon the sisters of light and merge together now.  This will come, it is inevitable.  Become and be. 

Let it be so.

Sip from the golden chalice and allow it to merge with your body.  You are the chalice.  It is you breathing into the eternal cup of life that is the great mystery of all.  It is the cosmos, the wonder, the stars, the planets, the nature realm, the oceans, the humans, the oneness.  Be one with it all.  It is you.  It can be no other way.  This is your truth.  This is what you came to be and learn.  You are the emerging spirit of God consciousness you have been waiting for.  There is no other way to go home except through the process of the great understanding of the God consciousness within you.  Merge with her.  It is here.  Be.  That is all.  There is no holding onto.  Because in the moment you reach to grasp, it leaves you.  Merge and emerge into your being of self unlike anything that has ever existed. 

All of you knows this.  Every cell of your body is this.  And in every cell of you is the all-knowing, all being, all consciousness of all that is.  Being less than this is the illusion.  This is the ‘I am’, the eternal oneness residing in the everything and the nothing.  It is inexpressible.  It is presence.  It is you.  It is truth. 

Here are 4 ways to become connected…

Join us for the 6-week transformative work of heartful manifestation through the evolution of the divine self. 

1.  This is the Sandwich Connection. 

·          Learn how to build your life in a way that brings in ritual and transformative heartful living centered on your Soul’s Purpose and Sprit’s Joy. 

·          Learn how to walk through the maze of perceived problems and transform your life into a peaceful labyrinth. 

This is manifestation work through the god self.  The heart of consciousness is working through you.  We connect with this fully and embrace our truth again.

Start date is week of June 9th.  Ending July 14th.  2 hour afternoon classes beginning at 11:00am-1:00pm. 

These classes are available over zoom and in person. 

2. Reiki 1 is happening at Corner Health Foods… Two,  2.5 hour classes on June 16th and 18th.  These classes will be very small and capacity is limited to just a few people for very personal attention. Please contact me today.

3.  Continued Mini-reading/healing sessions. Every Saturday 11:11am to 2:22pm  More here…

4.  As always, Personal full, 1:1 sessions designed to transform physical, mental, and emotional issues are available over zoom and in person. We have been going on a healing journey that will rejuvinate and transform your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Contact me with questions.

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