Axiatonal Alignment Activation Class

Axiatonal Alignment Activation Class
Receive the Axiatonal Activation & Share with Others
What are the Axiatonal Lines?

  • Open ended lines of energy extending past our body connecting us more fully to the energies of the universe.
  • Connects us between our own selves and the axiatonal grids of space, time, dimension.
  • Offers a connection into healing on all levels of mind, body, and spirit.  This can be referred to as Medical Astronomy.
  • This is a higher dimensional system combining colors, sound, and light information.

Renews every function of our body through every level of the cells, DNA, mental, emotional, & physical bodies and on all levels. We are not limited by this third dimension.  We have a nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, and meridian system as well as the multiple functions of the body.   The Axiatonal Lines elevate and enhance our ability to heal in all these areas through universal light and sound access.  

Many are ready to receive access to this realm of consciousness because many are waking up to the New Earth that is based on connection and collaboration.  Many are being called to this work of high vibrational light and sound healing.   We are unlimited and the Axiatonal Lines help us realize this.  

3 Hour Class… receive 3 Activations as we learn about these lines and how to use them in our individual practices. 

Instruction Manual and Certificate on Course Completion, 

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