Meridians, Movement, & Mantras Master Series

The Power to Heal & Transform Your Body

You have healing light within and around your body. 

Tuning into and tapping into your bodies innate ability to heal and become light filled is part of the process of letting go and letting your God self, back into your body, your internal wisdom, your knowing. 

This is you.  You are soul, you are purpose, you are spirit, you are joy. 

Be the you that you are meant to become.  Learn your innate power to heal and transform yourself by tuning into movement and your intuition at the same time. 

Movement brings out energy transformation.  It is a vessel for shifting and shaping life to its highest ideals and intentions.  Use it as a prayer for life and peace for all eternity. 

In this class we will explore the meridians of the body. 

We will know their meaning as mental, physical, and emotional light language with the ability to heal.

We will learn how to transform these meridian lines into vehicles of light language able to transcend all humanly limitation and heal ourselves. 

It is rather simple and simply profound. 

You have the power you only need to be shown the way. 

Meridians CoveredInformation for each Meridian
The Lungs & Large IntestinesThe Body’s Amazing Physical structure and Function  
The Stomach & Spleen    The Power of Light Language to accelerate healing
The Heart & Small Intestines    The Power of the Mental Body to accelerate healing 
The Bladder & Kidneys    The Power of the Physical Body to accelerate healing
The Pericardium & The Triple Warmer    The Power of the Emotional Body to accelerate healing
The Gall Bladder & Liver    Using the Power of Words to Heal

Three weeks of classes,

4 Meridians covered in each class.  You will expand your consciousness and empower your life and the lives of others.
3 Weeks, 2 hour commitment each week. 

Jennifer is an Occupational Therapist who specializes in combining the Eastern and Western Philosophies in her practice.  One of her specialties is connecting thoughts, words, and physical practice together in an easily understandable form that is applicable to many healing modalities.  You can find more about her at her website…

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