How Can I Heal Myself?

Sometimes people look at me with dazzled eyes and perplexingly inquire, “How can I heal myself?”  I always answer back, “How can we not heal ourselves?” We heal all parts of ourselves with the same assumption we have when we acquire a cut or a bruise.  The same healing power that miraculously heals our skin also heals every facet of our lives.  We only need to have the same complete faith with a knowing that is beyond any current understanding that it will happen.  And it does. 

Anything is possible… all we must do is be open to the awareness that it is and then consistently go for it!  We are NEVER denied anything… especially our own healing.  We are the Ocean, not only a cup from the ocean, but the Ocean itself.  So why do we continue to assume that some areas of our lives can be healed and transformed, and others cannot?  It’s simple…conditioning.  We have been conditioned to believe that miracles are irregular events for the chosen few.  We are also conditioned to believe that we must go to someone or something for healing to occur.  We have been conditioned to believe that our health and wellness  is dependent on an outside force and that this force is made up of highly educated professionals that know a lot more about our own bodies, minds and spirits than we do.  They have trained endless years to be at the top of this system and have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the system so therefore we, as consumers who just do not ‘know’ because we are ‘not’ educated, need to pay high prices to pay for someone to advise us on how to be healthy.  We are embedded in a society that is completely dependent on assuming the answers must come from outside of ourselves.  It is a codependent relationship.  We must seek outside of ourselves for answers, we must rely on something outside of ourselves to tell us who we are and what we are capable of, and those who we seek (the highly trained professionals) depend on us to seek them out in order to continue to live a certain lifestyle and feel as though their long years of becoming a professional has paid off. 

What would happen if we changed all of this?  What if the seekers sought out people that could teach them how to heal themselves so that everyone could continue to evolve and transform our world into higher and higher states of awareness by purely seeing from within?  I wonder what would happen.  We may become more advanced and be further along as a society than ever before.  The students would eventually become teachers and the teachers would realize they are always students learning from each other at the same time.  What would we do then? 

Quite possibly, rather than be invested in self-serving ourselves we would be invested in becoming our own self empowered beings so that we could extend this to helping our world.  We would not have a co-dependent society based in sickness, but a collaborative society based on high vibrational states of being.  Wellness would become the new normal and we would globally transcend our current state of negativity.  And then what would we do? We would have a lot more time and money to be helping each other and our world become the body of light it is meant to become.  We would spend less and less time in frustration, anger, rage, and defeat.  And we would have continued compassion for all beings.  Miracles would become the new normal. 

So how do we open to this possibility?  We learn how to do this for ourselves right now.  We seek to realize this, and we seek to learn so that we can become empowered to return this back to our environments individually and collectively. 

So, when someone perplexingly asks me, “how do I heal myself”, I always begin with an example to reflect that possibility.   Here is just one of many…

A few mornings ago, I went for a long walk.  Recently, I decided that it is time for me to conquer the cold.  Just in time because on this particular morning it was 28 degrees.  COLD FOR ME! It was very dark outside at 5:00 am.  I could clearly see the enormously bright stars in the sky as well as the ‘smoke’ of my breath in front of me as I exhaled.  I decided to wear a lighter jacket, in anticipation of my success, and assumed I would heat up rapidly as I furiously pumped my arms and pressed myself to walk faster.  I craved internal warmth with the movement and the healing of my aversion to the cold.  But… as time went on, I felt the chill of the 28 degree weather begin to peek under my gloves and impeded on my thumbs and first fingers.  I felt the familiar numbness I have grown accustomed to over the years creep in and the hints of pain that usually follow.  I have delt with all types of issues when it has come to my hands and feet over the years.  To the point that my fingers turn white and the circulation just stops.  This is referred to as Raynaud’s syndrome.  It is a self-defeating diagnosis that has no answers for its cause.  Which is why it is appropriately named a syndrome.  And the perfect ‘healing’ for me to tackle on this particular morning.  Over the years, it has become so difficult for me to deal with that I often lose my breath, become dizzy, and faint.  Creating anxiety and further bouts of feelings of failure.  But, since I am continually learning how to ‘heal’ myself… I decided that this would be the perfect issue on my list to ‘figure out’.   Over the years I would adapt my environment by retreating to the indoors often feeling defeated with a longing to be in the outdoors but never being able to overcome this syndrome.  For some reason, I felt it was time for me to ‘just do it’ and see what this was truly about.   

So, I decided to just go with the flow and begin a conversation with myself as the symptoms began to intensify on my cold walk.   Tapping into our inner selves and finding the long-lost pieces of ourselves left in the past helps our bodies self-heal.  I felt compelled and courageous enough to tackle my own issue.  I have helped my body heal from breast lumps, deep skin puncture wounds, depression, anxiety, eye-sight loss, thyroid disorder, and hormone imbalances.  It was time for me to take care of this one.  The fingers that initially began to go numb as I walked were growing more painful.  This was a deep cue for doing the work.  I am very aware that our lung and large intestines meridians in eastern philosophy encompass this area and I was actually walking in the time frame of these same two meridians.  Eastern philosophy engages a mind, body spirit connection to self-healing often integrating environmental elements and times of day that parts of our bodies are most active.

As the numbness and pain grew, I used my breath and movement as instruments to tune into what I was feeling and sensing in these areas.  The lungs and large intestines have significant emotional components, so I decided to ask myself what this was about.  Suddenly, the pain increased and there was throbbing at the tips of my fingers.  I knew I was on to something and now I was excited to be entering into an increase of ‘sensation’ which would lead to a resolution.  Unfortunately, in our western mindset we are taught to avoid pain or sensation and we push the golden knowledge that wants to come up and show us the answers away before we can realize our own innate ability to heal.  I have trained to do the opposite and knew this was my moment to move into an empowered state and reintegrate myself.  So, I pressed further with the discernment that I was gaining long lost wisdom as the throbbing intensified.

The lungs have to do with beginnings and endings, balancing the pressure of life, and cycles of life.  The large intestines have to do with sensitivities to our environments and our ability to excrete or ‘let go’ of what is no longer useful for us so we can move forward in our lives.  Then as I thought about these, I thought of everything that was currently happening in my life and the issues I was facing with all the changes, so fast!  Then I went back to my mom and my dad and how crazy of a life they had that taught me how to be fearful in times of change and new adjustments that come our way. Everything was a crisis for them, so I felt like changes…positive or negative were always a crisis for me.  I have been doing a lot of manifesting lately, so these buttons were definitely feeling pushed. 

I saw pictures and memories of experiences in my life where these same ideas and concepts had played repeatedly with the same thoughts and beliefs about myself and the world. It was as though I was watching the same re-run TV show that I was finally tired of seeing.  I was being shown throughout my life how I have been afraid of fast changes and that safe, slow, and steady was my pattern.  I was consistently fearful; that something bad would happen and forever avoiding the unknown!  The insights continued… I was seeing a line drawn from my parents to me and to every experience in my life.  This line was further extended to my children and the issues that they face today.  OH MY GOODNESS!  There was an amazing correlation between all of us.  The fears of my family that still remained were being repeated in my relationship with my children.  I was seeing this on another level and completely thankful for all the information.  I knew that this was powerful insight that would help me to permanently resolve and release my fears of control and the illusions that were keeping me in the cycle of pain.   So, I used my techniques, breathed deeply into all the throbbing, coldness, and fear over and over again.  I used my words to ask for help and to create a new state of being within my body that would resolve and release these ideas from long ago and permanently reset my system.  I internally watched with my mind’s eye as the energy began to spiral and move out of my body…the acupressure points began to release and the Ki (energy) in my body just lit up like the stars in the night sky.  My lung and large intestine meridians were moving freely with light.  It was as if a rush of energy just poured through my head and arms at the same time!  I asked over and over again to be resolved and released from this and my entire lineage and ancestors and all my family and children.  I asked to have all this cleaned up and transformed and for the fires of my life to burn bright and my triple heater to balance and help these sensations as well.  And…. You guessed it… the energy kept moving… my fingers warmed, and my meridians activated even more, and the possibility of fainting and severely numb hands just vanished.  Just like that!  It was a swoosh of energy rush that carried it all away!  In that same moment, I saw my mom thanking me and my dad understanding how we are truly all connected even after we cross over.  How the healing continues to happen.  Our ancestors, for most of us, were not aware of our power to self-heal.   The healing continues, even when they pass on. 

This was just the beginning.  As I physically healed my meridians, and my sensations returned the feelings of elated gratitude that rushed in with my own healing were then passed along to my entire family throughout the days ahead.  The current issues that we were all facing with going forward in our lives were now resolved as well.  I could see these perceived issues on another level where they no longer remained, and the answers just appeared to help us all.   Life opened up to a completely new level and the energy that had been contained in the past, clogging up my Ki, was now free to help me perceive life at a higher level on all levels within myself, my family, and our life together.

Overall, what we are learning now at a faster rate than ever before is that healing is a multidimensional way of being.  We are not limited to healing only on a physical level and healing happens in every facet of our life.  As we heal from an injury we open to new states of awareness in our families, relationships, careers, purpose, abundance, and spirits as well.  And thus, this would be the same as we were working on another facet of our lives.  Health is a state of being where we are coming from the center in all areas of our life and this is what we are teaching as students and teachers and masters of our own lives.  This is how healing happens on all levels and this is what we are meant to become.  This is how I know we can ‘heal’ ourselves.  And with that, I can now walk in the cold with gratitude and peace for the internal knowing that continue to surface and rise up to bring in higher and higher levels of awareness for anything that happens in our lives.  This is being the Ocean.  This is how we can heal ourselves. 

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