A Prayer for Disconnect & Abandonment

A prayer for Disconnect and Abandonment

Note*** In the following prayer, one can substitute the word “God” for anything of their version of what they believe such as “all that is”, “source”, “great one”, etc. Or even just leaving this out and having the heart filled intention behind the words creates the space for health and wellness.

Dear Source of All that Is,

Thank you God…thank you for helping me in all space time dimension.  Thank you for all of this all the information and experiences that has led me to this point in my life.  For all of this which is everything right here and right now in this moment…Thank you. 

God, I love you, thank you for loving me.  God, please help me forgive and release for all the times I became disconnected between my head and heart.  For all the times I thunk too much about what to do next and didn’t allow myself to just follow the joyful guidance of my true higher and highest spirit.  For all that I made this mean in thought, word, and deed.  For all regrets surrounding this and everything I made up around this that kept me where I am.  Please release this all God.  Please forgive and release myself and forgive and release all of us that have ever experienced this in our entire family and lineage.  For all of, our ancestors and everything that they did that surrounded this and made us feel like we could never win.  For all the experiences of the children that soaked this up when they were little and then unconsciously took this on through out their lives.  For the parents that did this and regret living this way unconsciously.  Please help them all.  Please help them all forgive and release each other forgive and release themselves as they forgive and release us all. 

Thank you.  Please and thank you. 

God, for all the times we felt attacked, blamed, judged, and misunderstood from you, our family, and our lineages.  For the lack of support, we felt surrounding this issue and similar issues to this.  For any time we made things mean something they really weren’t and then we sabotaged our lives in response to these issues we created.  For all judgments surrounding and anything related to this…please help us all.  For all mental illness, mental judgments, and mental instability around life, the lives of our families, and the lives of everyone surrounding us.  Please help us all and release us all.  Thank you. 

For all the times we felt abandoned and abandoned ourselves in order to sacrifice ourselves for the greater good and then we felt misunderstood, judged and abandoned in return.  Especially from our parents, authority figures, leaders, and those in power positions.  For all of this.  Please help us all.  Please forgive and release us all as we forgive and release each other.  Make peace for us all as we make peace for each other.  Thank you.

For all the times we tuned out, closed our ears, and stopped listening to ourselves, family members, and our Source out of survival and protection of ourselves.  For all the times we feared what would happen if we didn’t, didn’t listen, or did receive guidance and regretted not following this guidance all the same.  For all the times we were told or told others “I told you so.”  Especially the children who soaked this up.  For all of this and more and all that we made this mean.  Please help us all. 

God, thank you God, for lifting all of this out of us.  For forgiving us all and helping us to forgive ourselves.  For releasing us all and helping us to release ourselves.  Thank you.  And in all space time dimension we thank you for including us all and anything that hasn’t been mentioned but needs to go now. 

Please and thank you.

Please and thank you.

Please and thank you.


*thank you to Health Beyond Belief for the inspiration

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