Products for Enhanced Living

Everything that is taught by Just Love Be Intuit has products that are either developed or in the development phase to help supplement and practice this way of living. They are available for purchase or to inspire you to make your own!

Illuminating Eye Pillows

Illuminating Eye Pillows are made with flax, rice, and lavender. Specifically designed for inner focus and visioning during meditations and manifestation. The dimensions are specific to be placed over the bridge of the nose and forehead and weighed appropriately to induce the relaxation response. As an Occupational Therapist that uses brain body integration techniques I have developed these specifics in each eye pillow to help bridge the deep relaxation needed in the brain stem and enhance visioning coming from the frontal lobe of the brain.

Illuminating Eye Pillow

For relaxation and meditation purposes.


‘You Rock!’ Inspirational Messages

Do you want to send someone an inspirational message ‘just because’? Why not! This is a fin way to send someone a message that you are thinking of them. Birthdays or special occasions such as teacher’s day, boss’s day, or mother’s day! We will customize the note to say it is from you or you can remain anonymous. Just let us know. We are happy to send to an address for you.

You Rock!

Description: "You Rock! Yes, it’s true… Someone thinks YOU ROCK too! Just wanted you to know, Don’t give up and never let go! We hope you are inspired… Join the ‘Force for Good Challenge’ Post a picture and tag #justlovebeintuit Donate a rock at Keep this going! Just Love, Be a “Force for Good”


Purposeful Scents

The scents of peppermint and lemon wake up the brain and bring a sense of focus to the brain. Frankincense has always been a helpful healing agent for overall well being. Palo Santo and others help the dreamer who wishes to remember their dreams at night or to be more vivid with their connections. There are so many connections we can make with simply adding the right ingredients together in a purposeful scent made with the easiest of intentions.

For now choose between:

Crystal Clear Focus

An enlightened scent combining lemon, peppermint, & frankincense. Made to increase concentration and focus during relaxed or heightened states of awareness from studying to meditation to athletic events.


Lucid Dream

Surrender to your slumber & dream vividly with this combination of palo santo, ylang ylang, & sugandhi root. JLBintuit recommends spritzing your bed and pillows before retiring for enhanced sleep/dream cycles & upon wakening to clean & clear energetic debris. Sleep will never be the same.


Let’s build something together.

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