“Don’t get me flowers for Mother’s Day…or I will be pissed.”

“Do me a favor…Don’t get me flowers under any circumstances or I will be pissed.”

I sent this text to my husband the other day.  I was referring to Mother’s Day.  The holiday that creeps around every year like the rest of them, you know…Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s day, etc.  This day has always been a sense of soreness for me.  Until I decided to stop hiding my feelings about what this day truly means, at least for me.  I have hid my feelings for a rather long time.  I mean, how could I not when we live in a society where we are taught to contain, hold back, shushed, and looked at as ‘bad’ if we are too loud, exuberant or colorful to say the least.  I have a neighbor, who’s son went to school dressed in the most amazing and beautiful colored costumes on all the fun holidays.  He was eccentric and encouraged to be so by his parents.  They wanted him to express himself and be free to be himself.  It was deemed as ‘cute’ when he was younger in elementary school.  But then when he moved onto middle school he began to be categorized and slandered for his harmless expression of himself.  It made me sick to think that as children bullied him for being himself the faculty supported this notion by telling the mom one day, “Well, if he is going to be ‘that way’ he as to be able to take the comments that other’s say to him.  I mean, he is different, and if he wants to be different, he must be able to ‘take’ the comments of other children.”  This was an administration member of the local middle school explaining this to the mom of the boy who had gone to school wildly dressed that day in celebration of yet another holiday and received slandering comments from the children.  The mom found out about this, and like many mothers, called the school to inform them of what had happened. 

Humph.  I think to myself.  “If he wants to be different, he must be able to ‘take’ the comments of other children.”  We actually believe this stuff!?  We actually still believe in our 2020 society that if we want to be different we have to be able to secretly ‘take’ the rolling eyes, the whispers of slander, and the note passing that goes on day to day in our schools today.  Bullying is no longer out right hitting and destroying your personal items.  No, it has become a secret society that hides out of their own fears and desperations and jealousies of wanting to be different but never being able to take the plunge out of fear of being caught or unaccepted by the rest of society.  We have accepted this as the new normal.  It’s heart breaking.  Some of you may shake your heads in denial that this is not what is still going on today.  But I encourage you to talk to your kids.  I mean, really talk to your kids. Spend time with them asking them deep questions.  Not the surface kinds that ask… “How was school today” when they walk in the door which offers virtually nothing but a ‘fine’ before they scatter off to their rooms.  No, find the time on a walk, while they sit on the couch, or that off beat time that isn’t plannable.  I encourage you to take the moments that present themselves to you in any varying ways and dig deep with questions such as, “Tell me about what it’s like to be at school during the day.”  “Tell me how it is when you want to talk to a friend or join in on a conversation, but it may feel awkward or uninviting.”  “What does it feel like to have to raise your hand in class or to be called on by the teacher unexpectedly.”  “Has that ever happened to you?  Has this happened to anyone else?  What was it like?” 

I encourage you to ask deep questions that encourage conversation about things that they know are happening but don’t know how to tell anyone.  Because I promise you that one of these questions will open the door to a knowing within them that wants to be expressed but they don’t know how to do that because most of us truly just don’t want to know anyway.  When we find out… I promise you will be surprised at what really goes on, still. 

So, I sent this text to my husband because I really did NOT want anything for Mother’s Day.  Not because I was boycotting the day all together but because I had, had enough of the celebratory ‘feel’ of a day that means nothing to me.  Now, I am sharing my perspective.  I am not trying to change the world here.  What I am doing is sharing what is true for me… 

I never understood Mother’s Day.  I never understood this whole idea of celebrating something that clearly many of us just don’t know how to do anyway.  When I became a mother, it was like a raw slap in the face where the burn and red-handed mark lasted for days, months, and years.  It was as if someone painted this glorious picture of what motherhood should be like…it was a glorious land that when you arrived you would never turn away from it again.  You would want to stay here forever amongst that lush green landscape, carnival colored flowers just bursting everywhere you looked, birds flying, and rainbow covered sky.  It was anticipated as the best event of your life besides for marriage.  We had parties and showers to celebrate the incoming child that was going to light up our life.  We received gift after gift into this new magical land that would help us manage our new bundle of joy as we learned and carefully took on our new responsibilities of bathing, feeding and loving this incredible gift from God.  Oh, what we do to paint a Never Never Land that we will never want to return from. 

Me, I wanted to return.  When I got to Never Land… I wanted to march right out of there and run the other way.  No!  This is not what I paid for….I want my ticket back!  It wasn’t because I didn’t love my child….I did…I actually never felt a love for someone like I felt when my children were born.  It was that no one told me the real hard true facts of motherhood.  No one sat me down and told me that it was going to be one of the hardest things you will ever do and there is no way to do it right.  If someone said,

“Jennifer I have a ticket to another land that is more beautiful and amazing than any place you have ever been before.  You will go there and discover parts of yourself that you never knew existed.  Parts of yourself that will bring you joy and elation and parts of you that will bring desperation and depression.  If someone had told me it’s a transformative land and one that you will never return from the same again.  This is a land where the journey never ends and will never take you to a perceived destination.  You will constantly be learning, constantly growing, and it will feel awful, most of the time because you will never think that you are doing it right. The journey will go on forever in this new land and the lessons will be hard mostly because growing requires a lot of energy.  The truest most wonderful thing about this land is that you will never be the same and you will always be expected to do things that are outside your comfort zone.  You will have to be something that you are not ready to become.” 

 I would ask them, “Why would I pay for that?” and walk away. 

Yep, that was me at the time I had kids.  I had no clue what motherhood really was.  Nothing out there showed me that.  I had a mom that bucked out and died of cancer when I was 16.  Not because she was a victim of a disease but because life was just too hard.  This mom thing was a false idea that had been planted into her at an early age as well.  She embarked on the same journey and failed miserably.  Because she did not have the skills to rise above all the complications in her life.   

And then I had a representation in society that painted a picture of motherhood that seemed like the destination that I wanted to have.  You know, the “Leave it to Beaver” mom with the perfectly curled short hair, white shiny pearls around her neck, the freshly pressed dress that was starch white, and pointed heeled shoes she wore all day long! Ouch! She made being a mom look so wonderful!  Always cheerful, always knowing, always monotone with worldly advice for her young ones.  She was taken care of by her husband who would go to work everyday and provide a stable environment of trust and acceptance for the entire family.  I actually thought that that was FAMILY!  That I wanted that!  I wanted to fit into a mold that was what society painted it be… a fantastical fantasy life that was so far from what is true and reverent to life that we have felt like that we can never be or live up to this standard because this standard is impossible!

Sadly, I had no idea.  No idea.  I grew up in a dauntingly chaotic household where the police coming to my house once a week to break up a raging fight by my mother and father and brother made just way too much noise for the neighbors.  Thankfully, their calls, and my dad being taken away by the police actually gave us peace week in and week out.  I remember trying to get our dog, Corky, to go out and distract them because I wanted them desperately to stop fighting.  I tried myself, but I was relentlessly pushed away and sent to my room with a single handed push like I was a pebble shot away by an index finger across the room while they continued their brawl. 

But, I wanted this… a normal family.  I had no idea what normal was. 

Fast forward many years later… I have three kids and an amazing husband who loves me.  Loves me so much that I can say to him… “Don’t get me flowers or I’ll be pissed.”  Why would I say such a thing?  Because I am tired of falling into the Mother’s Day trap.  Where kids and husbands feel pressured to do something nice for their mothers without for a second asking themselves why do they actually do this?  I’ll never forget my husband coming to me year after year telling me, “Mother’s Day is this weekend and if you are going to the store can you pick up some cards for my mom?”  Amazing that he would think of this on Wednesday and then we would have to Fed Ex Mother’s Day cards to his mom to get there by Saturday. Again. Year after year. Why?  Because if his mom did not receive something that showed that her boy cared she would be forever hurt and just hurt enough that his dad would call to tell him so.  Oh, the pressure.

The pressure to do something just because it was expected.  This to me just does not make any sense.  I loved the little hand made gifts that my children used to give me when they were in elementary school and the teacher would spend the time to help each child create something for mother’s day and the child would run home eager to just give mom their gift without the understanding they have to wait until Sunday.  I loved that!  No pressure and no expectation…they just wanted to celebrate mom no matter what day it was.  I did this too. 

As they got older, the pressure to perform remained the same but the intensity just unconsciously elevated itself because now they were expected to come up with something on their own.  Even if someone went our and hand picked a card for them so that they would have to write a note to mom or grandma without understanding why they were being forced to do this in the first place. 

I can imagine what may be going on in my kids minds today if they were to actually write what they really are thinking, “Thanks mom for birthing me.  Although you didn’t have to do it, you did it anyway.  Thanks for everything you do for me even though I can’t recall what that was… oh yay, driving me to practice and such.  Oh, and have a good day.”

 They’d ask themselves afterward… “Did I do that right?  Do I pass the test? Gosh, I hope what I wrote is ok.”

Yep…that’s it… they really don’t get it… and either do I. 

So I put a stop to it…for me anyway.  I have officially boycotted Mother’s Day.  Not because I am angry…ok well, maybe I am mildly annoyed with the whole thing. 

Like, the holiday was invented in the later 1850’s not because someone decided to invent a day to celebrate Mothers, not as a day to celebrate one’s own mother, but as days of service to help out other mothers who were less fortunate band together to help teach them hygiene practices to take care for their children and keep them from getting sick.  This was a ‘work day of days’ for mothers to help other mothers. A Mother’s Day Work Club, none the less. (TIME Mag. The Surprising Sad Origins of Mother’s Day, https://time.com/4771354/mothers-day-history-origins/ )

Or that the Mother’s Day theme of staying home with your children was really emphasized as a last stitched effort to push back on the 20th century Women’s movement that wanted to get out into the world to work and make a living. 

So, for me, Mother’s Day is a choice.  Do I really want to celebrate Mother’s Day?  No.  Because we already are who we are either by conscious or unconscious choices that we have made in our life.  Mother’s Day has become the largest grossing holiday next to Christmas.  Why?  An effort to sensationalize something that just isn’t true.  We are not meant to be the version of ourselves that is painted in all those commercials.  I won’t even get into the religious version of mother hood.  That just opens a whole other can of worms that can’t even be discussed in this short essay. (Oh! And I can hear the back lash now!)

I will say this… I do celebrate mothers who realize they have become the most truest and most deepest part of themselves not because of anything that they have seen or heard on tv, Instagram, or Facebook, BUT in spite of it.  

So on mother’s day…I have decided instead to remind my kids of this… to courageously be the most truest and deepest part of themselves as much as possible… and then maybe I will have consciously come upon the true meaning of being a mother. For Mother’s Day I instead wrote them this…

Dear Ethan, Aiden, and Nora,

You have heard me say that I don’t want cards, flowers, or gifts for Mother’s Day.  Actually, you heard me tell dad that I would be pissed if you or anyone else did this for me today.  You may be wondering, Why?  Well…I thought about it and decided I wanted you to know this…Mother’s Day is a celebration of women coming together to celebrate the enormous process of raising children.  Yes you.  I would never trade this choice in for anything else…although as you know I sure do act like I don’t want to be a mother at times.  I don’t want you to learn through an expectation that sets you up for buying me something or making me something on a day that we are supposed to celebrate just because everyone else is doing it.  You know our family is not typical which is what we need to celebrate and what we need to learn to do more of as much as possible.  I don’t ever want anything from the three of you.  Not because I am a martyr or a victim.  No.  Because I want you to know the truest part of being a mother.  It is not the gifts or the cards or the flowers.  It was a choice that I made a long time ago to be and do something that has brought me to a life with you today.  TOGETHER we have created something beautiful.  I did not do this alone. WE have created a family that I never had.  WE have created a place in my heart that grows enormously with each passing year and all the wins and losses that come out of it as WE work together to make something of this world that can be anything that WE want it to be. 

Which brings me to my next point…. I don’t want you to buy me or make anything for me because I already know that you appreciate me.  I know this because you get upset when I don’t do the normal things, like wake you up in the morning when I get too busy.  When I don’t have time to make dinner, you miss it.  When I don’t have time to do the laundry, you wonder where are my clean clothes?  You miss the normalcy that you were used to.  I see that.  I see how you value and appreciate through the losses you endure as we all shift and grow and create new states of normal within our family.  I will always be your mother but I never want you to ever think that you should be like me.  Not for a minute.  I want you to be anything but me.  In fact, I want to encourage you to do nothing like I did and marry no one like me if you even choose to get married.  I want you to do so many things in your life that if you take your whole life figuring our what you want to do when you grow up that I will know that I did my job to the truest that I could have ever done.  I want you to be thinking so outside the normal that you look at others and wonder why they do things the same way that they do all the time.  I want you to wonder about everything.  And above all else… be yourself.  I want you to be so outside of yourself that through you being the version of you that is so insanely different from me that you inspire me to be more of myself.  I want you to not follow the same path as everyone else… I want you to bulldoze your own path.  That takes effort, responsibility, and a desire to create an abnormal life.  I want you to know I love abnormal and god knows you know that I love it when we ask, “Why the Fuck do we always do this, this way?” and then we don’t.  Because we have figured out that its not the path we want to take.  I want you to never be like me or anyone else.  I want you to turn away form the normal that you see on Facebook, Instagram, snap chat and certainly at school.  And I want you to buck the norm.  I want you to investigate, inquire, retreat, and come out always pushing the normal box over.  I want you to be everything like you.  And then I want you to teach me to be more of myself by you doing what abnormal does.  Nothing like anyone else. 

I know this may seem puzzling right now.  And this may not make sense… but do me one favor… on mother’s day… lets make this a day that we begin to celebrate what it means to be so sure of yourself that you don’t need anyone to give you anything and you don’t need someone to do something nice for you that is expected.  Let this be a reminder that you are to do three things in life…

  1. Question everything
  2. Feel everything
  3. Follow nothing

*Question why you are doing what you are doing in every moment.  Always know what is true and right for you. 

*Feel what is happening in every moment.  Always know what is true and what is right for you.

*Resolve to follow nothing because you are always being what is true and right for you. 

If you can follow these three things for the rest of your life, then I know that as a mom I have received all that I have ever wanted.  Three seeds that I helped plant in this world to grow into the versions of themselves that touches the truest and brightest and deepest versions of themselves and this planet. 

Lastly, embody your own knowing that nothing out there can ever fill you in here.  (Your heart) Especially not me.  Learn to fill yourself up in here so that you can spill out into the world out there in a way that is completely who you already are…you. 

Then I will know that I succeeded at doing my job that this world says that Mother’s do on Mother’s Day…Nothing…Because you realized you are already everything and needed nothing from me to get there.

And you know what… I really don’t want flowers because then that would be taking form the greatest mother of us all, Earth.  And she really needs them right now, more than me.  Maybe that is what they meant by mothers helping mothers on Mother’s Work Day.   

Love you more and less motherly every day,



I was just 17…

I was just 17.

I went for a walk this morning with my dog Larkin like I always do, at least 3-4 times a day now, since we have been confined to our homes for over a month. I was feeling very lethargic and like I just did not want to be outside, but I went anyway.  

I had been wondering for several weeks now how can I help in a situation like this? This was on my mind on this morning. I continued, walking down the street checking out all the cracks in the sidewalk like I usually do. I saw the curvature on the one block that I have seen probably 100 times by now from the tree that was dug out a while ago never to return. I saw the same muddy spots, buildings on the side, and rocks in the road. I tend to look down a lot because of Larkin. I am usually talking to her or trying to steer her in the most opportune places for her to go in case she decides to relieve herself. So, I tend to notice the cracks in the sidewalk alot. As I was crossing the street feeling my malaise coursing through my body and noticing how foggy it was outside which only added to my discontent, I came upon a spillage of shiny pennies laying in the middle of the street. I was in awe of the number of pennies and quickly became excited to say the least. Wow, I thought to myself, this must be a gift because all of a sudden, I started to feel a little bit better gazing upon the shiny pennies in the street. You know I felt like it was a sign.  Like it was my ancestors talking to me.  I felt as though my mom was right there.   She has been gone for 30 years now and I feel like it was just yesterday that she left.  Now since we are all in this quarantine period, I have no distractions, I have nothing to take my attention from a deep darkness that still resides within me.  I am no longer attached to anyone or anything that will distract me from the current moment. Meaning, I have no phone calls or text messages coming from my kids or clients, I have no appointments to get to, I have no requirements or requests for errands to run, and I have nothing pressing that needs to get done which would distract me from what’s truly going on within me.

So, there I was, walking Larkin, stopped in the middle of a street and lingering above the shiny copper pennies that laid in the road feeling this subtle excitement like a piece of me was waking up as I came upon my new treasure.  I cannot explain it, but I had the urge to bend down in the middle of the busy road with Larkin attached to me and reach for all the pennies and scoop them up one by one.  So, with each of my 3 fingers on my right hand I picked up each individual penny and placed them in my left hand while carefully making sure I held on to Larkin’s leash. Of course, I was worried that somebody would make a turn on to the street and not see me crouched down or Larkin because of the dense fog, so I did this as quickly as I could in order to make sure we frankly didn’t get hit by a car. As I pick them up, I thought to myself, I wonder how many pennies are in my hand and as I counted them, I notice there were 17.  17 pennies in my hand.  What is this message? I began to think, wondering if there could be a connection. I crossed the road and continued to walk on with 17 pennies in my left-hand and Larkin in my right. I thought, I wonder what does 17 mean to me? I also wondered what am I going to do with 17 shiny copper pennies? Clearly there was no need for me to keep 17 pennies so as I contemplated what the number meant and continued to walk on, I decided that I would scatter these pennies with kindness on my usual route.  As I walked on, I began noticing many things within myself.  I felt unsettled, angry, fearful and tired. Even though these 17 pennies made me feel a little bit better I still felt all of this within my body. It was showing up as sensations of just general tiredness. An unexplained desire to just go back to bed. But I kept on, I kept walking, I kept walking Larkin, and I decided to drop every one of my pennies along my route dispersing them in different areas hoping that the next people that would come along would find joy in finding their new lucky penny.

I began to imagine the little kid on the sidewalk picking up a shiny piece of luck, pressing it in his pocket, and putting a smile on his face. I saw the woman walking along just like me and finding a penny and she too would know it carried a reminder for her to remember.   

Then I remembered what was happening when I was 17. I had just finished my junior year of high school my mom had just died from cancer, my brother had entered a mental institution for a schizophrenic break that he had while attending Ivy League, and my Dad had avoided all contact with me due to his own struggles with alcohol.  I was living with a family who loved me dearly but felt very uneasy and displaced. I was around people but felt all alone. I was a teenager without the skills or the understanding that what I was going through was valid and completely justified. It was an exceedingly difficult time for me. I had a place to live but felt homeless. I had people who loved me but felt abandoned. I had people that encouraged me to go on but felt very discouraged. All the feelings of insecurity, remorse abandonment, unworthiness, and depression came rushing back during this one walk that I had been on by now over 100 times. Right then and right there I was 17 again feeling and sensing the tightness in my throat, the leakage in my eyes, and the stuffiness within my nose. As I kept walking, I kept releasing. I was releasing years of anger and anguish and self-doubt and unworthiness and sadness over a time in my life when the world felt like a very unsafe place to be. I didn’t care if people saw the tears in my eyes or witnessed a passing woman’s anguish in the city streets.  I finally felt justified and the pennies helped.  With each penny that I dropped, I had positive feelings of new life, new sensations, and new smiles and laughter. It was as if I was releasing sadness that had still remained with an understanding resolve for the positive vibes that eventually return with every penny that I dropped. With every tear that I shed it felt difficult and good at the same time.

I share this with you just to share a piece of me and my history.  I share the possibility that maybe there is a piece of all of us that is going through all of this a little differently because we all have different backgrounds, different histories, different perspectives ourselves.  WE never know what filters may be on our lens of reality maybe making our true vision a little harder to truly see with the eyes that we originally had before all of this took place.  I share the possibility that this time that we are all going through together is more than just a time to carry on and get through until things get back to normal. To me, in my perspective, it feels like a time when everything is permanently changing. Normal will not be the same.   It never is when you go through something like this and especially when we collectively go through something like this. It changes us in a way that cannot be explained with words but can only be sensed within our bodies, our hearts. I know that with every unresolved memory that comes up for me during this time I learn to resolve and release them because I have done this all many times before. I’ve lived through a lot of crisis more than I can put in words in this essay. What I do want to offer is encouragement, understanding, peace, love, compassion and kindness for everyone going through hardship for everyone missing out on something for everyone having a tough time.  I get it.  I may not fully understand what you’re going through, I never will.   I do understand that this can be a particularly hard time for many in so many different ways I just want you to know I hear you I understand and I’m here for you with what I can offer… a friendship, a possible understanding, and the possibility that maybe I can help. So here’s what I’d like to offer…

I would like to offer a donation based Intuitive Clearing Session to anyone who would like to energetically work on any issue having to do with emotional pain, sadness, stress, anxiety, fear or trauma.  I have training ranging from reiki mastership to craniosacral therapy to ancestral clearing with John Newton to zen shiatsu.   I am an Occupational Therapist who has worked through much of my own trauma in many life experiences and with my own lineage and family.  I have numerous years of experience.  I enjoy working from teens to adults.  Just respond to this email and we can schedule our session.  All sessions are done over the phone or through a web format most comfortable for you. 

I would also like to offer the 28 Days of Conscious Intuitive Living again. I will be beginning this on Monday May 4th.  This is a 4-week program of intensive healing work that delivers audio recordings and email writeups to your inbox every morning.  This is a huge undertaking for me and one I am willing to share. I will be redoing this once again.  In order to honor those that have been a part of this program in the past the price will remain the same but two things will differ:

-1- If you choose to be a part of the program you receive an opportunity to be a part of it as many times as you like for the same amount. Also, if you have done this program before you are free to begin again for no charge.

-2- If it is too much to pay the full amount, contact me.  We will work out a way for you to get on the program that is good and right for your resources at this time.   

Lastly, I would like to offer a new class for everyone to be a part of… Meridians, Movement, Breath, and Forgiveness This will be an on-line class…with the interest I will offer classes to help release and resolve ancestor and lineage long held beliefs within the body in order to help with your own healing for today.  This will be donation based. 

I need to hear from you and your interest in any of the above.  I can only go on with any of these programs if the people come. 

My heart wants as many people as possible to receive. I honestly believe that everyone has their gifts their abilities in their own way to help our current situation. I would like to be a part of helping.   

Please contact me if you have any interest at all.  Let us connect… even if it is to chat. Thanks for listening thanks for actually reading this entire passage. It means a lot to me. 

Who knows, maybe you are feeling ‘17’ too. 



Imagine & Create

Imagination is the only knowledge you will ever need.  It is so profoundly capable of anything that everything around you is of your creation.  Once you see your life as your creation you will begin to live through the knowing that wherever two people have gathered miracles may come.  We are able to create whatever we want in our lives consciously and unconsciously.   We can create scenarios of life giving and miraculous opportunities and we can create scenarios of doom and desperation.  It is simply up to us to tune into our own beliefs and ideas and decide to transcend them all given our circumstances.  We can often see this when two people are presented with the same situation the outcomes that result from that situation will be completely different due to the perceived beliefs and ideas of the person.  Why is it that some people can rise above the ashes around them, and others become them? Every facet of what I teach in my sessions, workshops, and classes answers these questions. My work is dedicated to helping others become their soul’s purpose and spirit’s joy. 

We have imaginations more creative and wilder than anything we have currently encountered.   When we become aware of the unceasing ability of our imagination, we become the desires we have always wanted to create.   Ultimately, we become the honorable, humble, love fulfilled, and powerful people we have always wanted. When beings go through hardships and pain it is not in the suffering that they rise above.  It is their ability to ascend the conditions by perceiving them as opportunities for growth and expansion that helps them overcome.  So, why does one person prosper and rise above while the other remains defeated? Because some of us use our innately intuitive imaginations to go beyond the limitations.  Each of us has an internal knowing, sensations, and world of unlimited creation within us that must, has to, and can do nothing else but see life differently than anything we have been taught before. We are this way because we are unlimited souls only limited by our mind’s perceptions.  We are here to create change in this world that is beyond the beliefs of our minds.

How do we do this? By doing, being, becoming everything unlimited. Our imaginations are our hearts desires. This is our true power. We have a purpose and the purpose seeps through our amazing sensations, feelings, and knowing’s of our hearts that have a desire for something even greater than what we currently see. We must allow these sensations to take flight.  When we follow and allow our heartfelt knowing to flourish, live, sprout and grow; when we allow them to speak and expand and blossom to limitless heights beyond our minds, we see that anything truly is possible.  This is creation. This is what the Universe and God has been trying to show us all along. Our expansion is limitless, our profound ability to help others through the heart is limitless. Abundance is everywhere in every way on all levels of the realities.  As we choose to create through our own thoughts and beliefs, we practice becoming more and more unlimited. We are only limited by our own thinking which thinks it must think in a certain way. We can create anything, and the universe will respond in accordance with our vibration.

The universe will either match us up with that which we want to create, or we must become the level of vibration of that which we seek for it to show up.  Lastly, if this still does not happen then we must open to our truest heart’s desires through our soul’s purpose and our spirit’s joy.  Life will show us the journey to get exactly what it is that we want by helping to unfold what our hearts truly long for along the way. We are never being denied anything other than ourselves denying our own hearts.  Illusions and fears were taught to us and we unconsciously soaked up beliefs and ideas that no longer resonate with our hearts. These are the things we are to resolve and release to rise above our mind’s thinking.  

Every prosperous idea that comes to us, we know for it to come to fruition we only need to create all the feelings in the heart that in every moment along our journey is the opportunity to open up and transform.  High vibration momentum will propel us forward to higher and higher states of awareness bringing the synchronistic scenarios to propel us to our destination along the way.  We must simply allow ourselves to keep climbing higher and higher to new levels of awareness.  This is how miracles manifest.  A mirrored unfolding of a limitless reality created by the heart’s desire for joy.

If we can imagine our individual worlds becoming brighter and brighter every day, we will be lead guided and directed to make the changes for this to happen. The hardest part for many of us is learning to surrender and let go of that which we are holding onto so tight to receive our goodness.  Learning to live life through our unlimited abilities is our life work.  It is how we transcend all limitation.  It is our purpose.
Imagine your life as nothing else but miraculous and the life of your dreams will finally show up.  Imagine and create. 

Please join us for the following in the coming weeks…
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  • In person or On Zoom – By Suggested Donation – Come and experience how to bring in what it is your heart desires and clear that which is no longer necessary on your journey.  (April 13th and 20th)

TUESDAYS Full 50 minute Reiki/Energy Recharging Sessions – $80
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20 Minute Readings and Energy Clearings – 

We have a very special day planned for this Saturday, April 17th! Healer and Reiki Master Jennifer Lauren will be here from 11:11 a.m. until 2:22 p.m. For $20, you will receive a 20 minute individualized session. Jennifer will offer guidance, clarity, healing energy, and support for your specific needs. No appointment necessary. To learn more about this amazing lady, please visit her website: intuitlove.com. See you Saturday!!


Start Where You Are

Reiki Classes Coming soon – Reiki III and more.  

Always know I have the continual Angel Attunement and Master Classes – let me know your interest.  
The Sandwich Connection and 28 Days of Conscious Intuitive Living are excellent ways to jump start your life and receive 1:1 assistance from me and group work from the Master Class of People that meet monthly.  Message me for more information.  

How to Transcend this time…

Living in the in-between… Transcending this time…

Currently, we are living in the in-between.  What we currently are seeing happening out there we need to actively go within, transcend and live beyond into what we want to create.  If we want to make lasting changes in our world that are heart centered we must see beyond.  We must hold vision into the future of what we want to create, see beyond our limiting minds, and distractions and move into all that is.  We must feel the uncomfortable, ask what it is that we want to create from this and move from there.  We must sense what is not working and extend into the infinite that is able to provide every miraculous possibility with heart full exploration.  It all begins with the individual. 

We all have thoughts and ideas about life… things we would like to create from our dreams.  This is possible.  This will happen.  Those seeds were not put there to be dormant, they were put there to sprout and grow.  Imagine for a moment, the part of you that lives within your dreams.  The part of you that has unlimited possibility desiring to create fully from the heart.  Then imagine all of this fully falling together as if an orchestra is creating beautiful heart filled music which fills your senses with wonder and joy.  Just imagine.  Breathe into the moments of ecstasy and bliss and also the moments that feel strangely separate, detached, and doubting.  These will come up for you.  It’s all part of the process.  A seed that is sprouting has to work and move the ground above it in order to make it’s way to the light.  Even then it must grow only in a way that is innately it’s own.  There is no perfect way to do this.  And it does not stop to doubt itself and stay hiding from the journey of growth.  It does not use mental reasoning to think of all the ways it can’t do something.  It knows nothing else but to go forward and do what it is supposed to do; grow, become, and share it’s beautiful unique gifts.  It knows no other way to do this than to be.  It just is. 

I encourage you, in times of growth and separation that seem to be in the in-between, to embrace these moments that feel separate and insecure and to address them one to one.  Don’t push them aside or tell them to go away.  Embrace their gifts, because as every seed knows, the darkness has it’s gifts.  For without it, there would be no light.  Embrace these gifts of darkness, these times of transition, for what they are… opportunity to grow, expand, renew, and become your true self.  This is what we were always meant to do and become. 

We are in a time of dramatic change which is to be embraced by each person out there as a way to grow and reach for the light of consciousness that is encouraging all of us to be one with our heart-felt desires.  We are the Ocean no just a cup from the Ocean.  Dip into that and become one with the unlimited that exists within you.  Darkness is not to be avoided, but embraced for the teachings that it provides.  Plants can not survive and grow strong without the elements of nature imposing on its growth only to help it thrive.  It needs all grades of wind, rain, cold, heat, and light to help it become it’s purpose.  We can learn a lot from a plant, a flower, a tree, and a forest.  There is an instinct of perfect harmony that happens and nature never ceases to exist.  It continues to grow and become.  It just is. 

As we go through this time of transformation, we may feel like we are in a cocoon.  This may be what we need for now.  Eventually, we will have that desire, the impulse to begin to emerge and break free.  Even then we will have to sit and let our wings dry for awhile.  Being curious about what we are to become.  This is the process my friend.  This is exactly where you are supposed to be.  It is here that I encourage you to continue to open your hearts and become.  Become more of the you that you were always meant to be.  The part of you that desires goodness and grace in every moment of your life and the lives around you.  Take this time to sense it, feel it, become it.  You are a being of light and your essence is this.  It can be nothing else.  Of course, there are many different types of butterflies just as if there are many different plants, flowers, and trees.  Some are stronger than others, some seemingly more vibrant, and some with curiously dark behaviors.  The only way to thrive in our existence is by knowing thy true self first.  Knowing your purpose, knowing you are one.  How does this happen?  By being exactly where you are and beginning from within.  Then you will see the journey was always supposed to be this way because it was always asking you to become more of you. 

You see, I can not be more of me unless you are more of you.  We need each other.  We need each other to thrive and become, to expand and unite.  We need to support each other through the darker times holding vision for each other of the light that is just ahead.  The mysteries of the forests are here to show us this.  Allow this time to be your transformation and eventually you will emerge into all that you were ever meant to become.  We don’t really know how one particular seed will germinate until it just decides to go forth and be.  Become you… We are here to connect and extend ourselves to the limitless possibilities that we all have.  We can learn, we can recreate, and we can become anything and everything all at the same time. 

This is our truth…become.

People are Innately Good

It’s just about March.  This time last year we entered a new phase of iconic development within our lives.  Most of the world went into a ‘lockdown’ and a collaborative effort to bring people to a severe halt that would last longer than anyone had comprehended.  This shut down that has been met with mixed conflict and tumultuous behaviors in our society all over the United States has left most people feeling like we are living in the in between.  Many people have been suffering, jobs taken away, and severe losses of all kinds.  The amount of forced oppressive conditioning has been debilitating to so many people in countless ways.  There is healing that needs to be done and truth that will continue to be revealed to help our communities come to a higher way of living.  The unraveling of the old ways are necessary for the new age coming on the horizon.  This does not mean we need to go through anxiety, depression, or fear-based thinking to get to where we are going.  Rather, accepting where we are and truly walking into a new understanding of what is happening is necessary to rise above the perceived dogma.  The pain that is happening is not to be overlooked but embraced as finally needing to be looked at and reveal the truth of our current situation as well as how this unraveling is necessary for where we are going.  

In addition, a different perception is needed at this time.  We have come to the forefront of change.  Change is the only constant we have.  It is a necessary process of transformation that will not allow out-dated belief systems to continue.  There is an abundance out there waiting for all of us as we wake up to what is truly going on.  It is going to take some time and it will remain hidden for a while until the masses wake up.  Until they want to truly see and seek the truth.  In the meantime, if you are reading this it is because you are being called to rise to a resilient way of being and thinking that is not new it only has been pushed aside for too long.  It is time. 

There must come a time for each of us for a new forefront of opportunity to occur.  We must see with fresh eyes how we can take current issues that are happening and shift ourselves into opportunistic thinking that will shift our world into higher states of living.  Where there is change, there is opportunity for elevated transformation to occur.  I truly believe this.  I am not overlooking the pain or suffering, and in actuality I am agreeing that sometimes the pain and suffering is necessary in order to know how to transcend all the darkness.  Humans are more resilient and amazing than we could have ever perceived.  It’s only through our accepted faults that we can forgive and rise above to begin anew. 

Over the years, quietly, I have lived this transformation.  It was dark and lonely for a very long time.  It was extremely difficult to understand how we could get to this point and how could we all be thinking and being in such an oppressed world.  After all, I always thought we lived in the land of the free.  And yet, so many things never made sense to me.  For example, how could we be told that nothing is impossible when I felt as though so many barriers were put in my way and my children’s way that came up against the freedom of expression and elevated thinking that we were taught to believe.  As I opened the doors to a different reality that was happening all around us, I came to understand that we were being fed a fantasy land filled with empty promises that you were allowed to believe just as long as you remained in control by a limited few.  As I discovered more and more about the reality and the gravity of what was happening, I pressed on harder and deeper to see where the rabbit hole would end. With each new and elevated discovery made I was met with resistance from those who wished to remain in power.  And every time I showed them there was another way, I was pushed back with a ‘pat on the back’ and a smile saying ‘that’s nice’ showing me the door.  To them my discoveries were just my own, an anomaly, so to speak and nothing more.  There was no scientific proof of my findings, only a miracle mindset that was not good enough for the masses.  It was as if the healing miraculous discoveries I was making of enlightened ways of being on this path of “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE” were purposefully dismissed.  Professionals and authority figures in all corners were simply content with the way things were and the money they gained in return for their ‘normal’ that had been created on a society that was living amongst a false system.  A foundation built on a belief system that kept us where we are, had no desire to see there was another way.  People were being kept where they were, relentlessly on a hamster wheel of life, and unwilling to question how ‘wrong’ we may have gotten this all in the first place.  And, throughout the years I have come to understand that only a few will see at first and the rest will come when they are fed up with their current reality and ready to move on.

For that, I was pushed in the direction of alternative means because it was the only way I could follow my dreams.  I embraced the deep-rooted beliefs in the power of the human spirit to become and rise above everything as sincere truth.  This was not just found in movie scripts, plays, or fantasy stories.  It was what I was living on all levels of my existence.  I just had no idea how much effort and time it would take to come to the point where I could share this with the world.  So, I learned and created and consistently pressed on.  Quietly, I sought out the answers, I dispelled belief and myth after myth and came to know the truth of this amazing world we live in.  Now, it is time to share. 

There is an age of enlightenment on the horizon.  We are getting there.  It will take some time.  Remember, we need to wake up to the truth of who we are to come to the knowing of what we can do.  Some of us are… and you can tell who they are… they are the one’s who walk through life with compassion, understanding, and a strong insatiable wonderful knowing of what life has to offer.  They understand that through the fires there is phoenix rising from the ashes.  They have beauty within and around them, there is a sparkle in their eyes and a demeanor of peaceful leadership.  Many of these people have been through their own fires in life and understand what we are all going through right now.  They are the Wayshowers, that hold the truth, they have strength and the confidence in an elevated way of being.  They possess a ‘knowing’ beyond reason that something amazing and elevated is coming from all the turmoil and chaos that is unfolding everywhere we turn.  They know that there is a secret and steady light that is infiltrating the country and the world.  This light will bring purpose and love to every human being that decides that there is indeed another way.  They see beyond the veils and the illusions that are pervasively persevering and they continue to press on dismantling the darkness knowing there is another way. 

What do we need to learn from all of this?  A lot.  People are innately good.  They are.  As a population we need to see the good in others.  We need to see their faults, the injustices, and failures as a cry out for healing and no matter how much corruption they created we are to help them anyway.  Despite the rhetoric, the lies and deception, we need to see there is goodness in there… they are merely reflecting a mirror of healing needing to happen for us all.  We have a lot of work to do… and the work need not be difficult, lonely, or hard.  We merely need to reach out, find each other and lend a hand.  We need each other, we need to hold our hands together, to lift each other up, and truly embrace each other physically and metaphorically.  We must be in charge of our bodies and minds and we must allow our spirit’s to do our soul’s work.  We have much work to do… and as always… I always say this… “We must start from where we are.” 

If we innately know our own goodness and how incredible we are from within we can take the gifts that we have been given to spread amongst the world and use them in an elevated way to plant seeds of change and grow love.  We cannot do this in untilled and weed filled soil.  We must dig deep and learn to become ourselves…we must become new again.  What was done before… doesn’t work anymore so we must be honest with ourselves and see what really is going on. 

We need each other, we need to know ourselves, we need to truly know where we are.  We need the real us to emerge.  I can’t be more of me without you being more of you.  I can’t spread light unless I can feel sense and know the light that is already shining within me.  I can’t plant seeds of goodness unless I believe that the goodness will come.  I can’t do any of this unless I first seek knowledge from within. I need to know who I am.

Many of us don’t even know what that is.  It has been covered up pushed down and hidden from us for a very long time.  But I promise you that it is buried in there for a reason.  Because the earth has a way of transforming a stone with enough pressure to a diamond that has always been waiting to emerge and be discovered for the first time again. 

That is how I see you now.  That’s how I see what is truly going on.  I see people, in all forms as amazing, and doing the best that they can.  I was scared before.  Because I had been mocked, told I was wrong and scrutinized for thinking differently.  And after awhile, after the pain wore off, it just doesn’t work anymore.  It was a pile of lies and dirt that covered my true light.  And now I know…. Those piles of dirt were just waiting for me to go in there and see what was burning true all this time… a golden stone emerging.  I now know…people are good…no matter what. We are doing and being good in the world.  I believe in you and I believe in humanity…. Let’s keep discovering our true self.  Let’s start where we are. 

All my love,


Jennifer lives in the USA and loves to blog about transformation and self healing.  She offers transformational healing classes in many energy areas all year long.  She is an ordained minister, occupational therapist, reiki master, and teacher of energetic therapies.  She runs, weight lifts, gardens, reads, cooks, bakes, plays, learns, teaches, and enjoys life.  Life is always about ‘starting where we are’.

MARCH CLASSES (click the links to learn more)

We ARE Super Beings!

We ARE Super Beings!!!
Super Beings are people who live a human life and know they are in this world and not of this world.  They are super extraordinary.  I know several of these people.  They have unique qualities that are insurmountably amazing.  They have awakened to the gnostic knowing that they are one with Super Consciousness.  They have learned many life lessons and tapped into the hidden mysteries of life and the unseen world that is within our reach.  They have made a list of what they want to see happen in their life and have figured a way to obtain that list through amazing super strategies and lessons along the path of their hidden mystery school that they have created within themselves.  They have mastered Successful Living and brought in the extraordinary superpowers encompassing health, abundance, prosperity, soul alignment, spirit joy, connection, awareness, compassion, and love.  They have become One. 

This is the ultimate way. 

We can all become this ultimate Super Being.  They have shown us the way.  We can do anything.  This is real.  They are real and they have shown us how to do this.  We have the map.  All we must do is follow their direction.  Live it and Be it.

Throughout history this has been achieved repeatedly.  There are several facets to a Super Life. 

  1. We need to know what we want. 
  2. We need to be aware of where we are. 
  3. We need to be honest with what we are up to. 

It seems simple enough.  And yet, typical humans, can make this so complicated.  We tend to be convinced that our way is the only way to get from point A to point B and then we believe that what everyone says ‘out there’… all the professionals and experts, have the keys to get us there.  We become disappointed when what they say we need, does not line up with what we actually want.  And I wonder, do we know what we want?  Do we really “gnow”?  As a “gnostic knowing”?  Hmmm…I wonder? Or maybe we have grown accustomed to settling and we become indifferent and passive in our ways.  It is easy to accept that ‘it can’t get any better than this.’  Or can it?  Surrendering doesn’t mean that we have to settle… no way… and it means that there is another way… this or something better! Let us go there!  Together!

I believe there is another way.  A more fantastical way! A SUPER BEING WAY!

Super Beings believe that anything is possible.  However we need to get from point A to point B will show up.  We may only need to take a different form of transportation than we ever thought possible.  I mean, think about it… we walk, run, drive, take a plane, or train.  Or we might have to walk a bit, run a bit, drive a portion, fly a portion, use a wheelchair, skateboard, use secret passageways, or dig our way there.   It’s just that as human beings we have forgotten our connection to the One and how many possibilities there are to get to our destination.  We THINK that the pothole is keeping us from going forward.  We THINK that we missed the plane and can’t get there.  We THINK that our car broke down and it is keeping us where we are.  We THINK that our bike is broken and now we are stuck.  AND that is NOT how it works. 

These are the signs that are trying to point us to a NEW way of PERCEIVING what is happening that will open us up to that what we want or something EVEN BETTER!!!!   We only need to tune into and tap into the “gnostic knowing” of what is actually happening and why the perceived ‘road blocks’ or ‘unravelings’ are happening.  We shift our perception from a limited mindset to an Access Consciousness Heart Set that knows that I Am on my way.  I Am one with the One so it must be so.  There is nothing that can not be achieved.  There is no one that is denied.  There is only reunification with our true self which is the ALL that IS.  I know.  I’ve done the hard way for a long time.  It’s time to let go and become the ONE. 

These are gnostic knowings that have been around for thousands of years that will become the new normal that we are heading towards through this planetary evolution that is happening.  We merely need to keep asking and lining up with what they are showing us to do next.  If you want help with your path… it can be done.  Whichever direction you desire to go; whatever you decide to master; it will be done.  Thy will be done.   
So let’s dive in together. 

The SANDWICH CONNECTION is going to be starting soon.  If you have an interest, please let me know.  Our group is growing, and we have now become a MATERMIND GROUP meeting every month in addition to the program to support you and continue to help you elevate higher and higher and meet your goals.  This is all included in the initial program.  Because we keep becoming better and better with our techniques and our group, the program becomes better and better and so once you are a part of the group you have access forever.  It’s that simple…why not?… everything should be that simple. 

AND this weekend…lets dive into some of my favorite helpers… the Angels… I don’t go into specifics on the angels in all the other classes I teach because it requires a certain heart set to open and receive from them and understand that they are here to help you on your amazing journey.  The first time I ever worked with them consciously was 20 years ago when my first son was born.  It was then that I began working with Archangel Ariel and Michael and Raphael and our lives have been better for it.  This weekend we will be merge with 3 other Archangels… Celestina, Faith, and Cassiel.  More information is below on the details. 

In full love and full mastery… lets do this together and heighten the world we live in so that we can all feel worthy of living heaven on EARTH!

I love you,  

All my love,
Jennifer Burkhart

ATTUNING WITH THE ANGELS – The Healing Angels of Our Beautiful Energy Field!  Saturday, February 27th 12:30-2:30 $36


Living in Light without Fear

This past Thursday I drove from Chicago to South Carolina.  I ventured with my daughter who plays for an upper level hockey team.  It was about an 11 hour drive.  We took our time and stopped at many rest stops and gas stations along the way.  We travel often and we enjoy getting away to other places to experience life.  Travel tends to feed the soul and help renew our spirits.  We began traveling with my oldest son who competes across the world in para athletic sports.  Much of that has been put on hold these days because of the current ideas about a ‘virus’ living in our world.  I will not refer to this as anything but a possible virus, ever.  I have my reasons.  This is not what this story is about. 

I do miss traveling and feeling the freedom of going across the country learning of all the amazing places there are to experience.  We have such a marvelous world.  This past long weekend’s adventure was a bit complex.  We had to deal with wearing things on our face.  I won’t speak about what those things are called either because to me that gives them power.  What I will tell you is that I completely decided to stop wearing one, for other reasons.  What I did do… is I decided to live again. 

I put away all the fears, accessed my ‘light force’, and began living life without anything on my face.  I believe, and my training believes…I am an ordained minister… that the light of consciousness shines within each individual to see fully who they are.  Something on the face, keeps us from seeing the person and hides them from the true self.  I could not contribute to hiding or fear anymore.  So, I simply stopped.  And what I realized… that every time I went somewhere, whether it was a grocery store, convenience store, gas station, restaurant, hotel, retail stores, is that everyone wants to be seen too.  I could smile at them, and they could see me.  I could peacefully talk with them and they could hear me.  I could laugh with them and they could laugh too.  By the end of the trip, through me not wearing anything on my face, more and more people began taking their things off too.  It was surprisingly delightful and such a nice way to breathe with people together.  It was pleasant and effortless. 

No one asked me to put something on my face.  Believe me, if they did, I was prepared.  Even the stores and athletic facilities with large signs stating that something on the face is mandatory.  They didn’t ask.  Many people looked at me, probably wondering, and I just carried on and smiled back at them and said hello.  It was very nice.  No one backed away from me, and no one asked me to stay away from them.  Mid way through the weekend, my daughter joined me and began to bring back her own internal awareness and confidence too.  I am glad she did. 

I did do something that has led me to the connection of why I am sharing this with you.  I am not here to demand or shake things up.  I am here to live from a centered place of wisdom and truth, in my heart.  One of the ways I do this, is connecting with my ‘light force’ and learning about how I can take care of my own energy and potentially heal my body.  I always ask my ‘light force’ to join me and to help me through everything that I come across.  Maybe that is why I can quietly drive across several states and patron many establishments without being persecuted for not following a rule.  Maybe this is why I am able to get so many things accomplished with my children and family that seem miraculous in nature.  I am not normal on purpose.  My family is not normal.  We my ‘look’ normal and we are not.  I have kids who meditate, ask for their light forces to help them, and believe in everything is possible and work for it.  I am proud.  I would like to teach you how we do it. 

I have a master teacher who taught me 20 years ago.  She spent the time with me and mentored me.  They just handed me ‘the light’.  I am forever grateful.  Now it is time for me to do the same for others.  Which is why I am bringing these two amazing classes to the forefront.  It’s important for others to know how miracles are everyday occurrences and how we can make this our life. 

Currently, I have more miracles happening than ever before.  I have more fear that is releasing from me than ever before and I have more heart openings that are happening for me than ever before.  It’s time for me to share the miraculous light force we all have and how we can heal.  Please join me. 

All my love,
PS… all classes can be accessed on zoom… if that is how you choose. 

The Healing Angels of our Beautiful Energy Field
Why don’t we reach out and ask for more help?
They are a part of our power and they are here to help us, and they want to bring you closer to knowing who they are and what possibilities they have in your life to create miracles.

Miracles are incredibly common. 
Miracles happen in every moment of our lives. 
Miracles are normal.
We need to shift our consciousness to this KNOWING. 
Miracles are Knowing and Knowing is Gnostic and Gnostic is Personal Power.
You are Miraculous.
Your awareness is Gnostic.
You are incredibly Powerful.

Who are the Healing Energies of the Energy Field?
How do they work with us? &
What is their purpose?
How can we integrate them into our daily practice, our healing practice, and our ability to elevate and shift the unconscious which shifts the world… we explore and answer all of these questions…

3 weeks – 9 Angels        9am-11:30ish (may run closer to noon)   
Feb 20, 27, & March 6th                      Saturdays

Their Healing Gifts & The Physical, Mental, & Emotional Areas they help us with.
How to invite Angels to help, how to connect, and how to ask. 
Experiencing an Angelic Presence.
Empowering yourself through Discernment.
All participants receive handouts on the angels.


28 Days of Becoming Conscious & Intuitive Beings – Began and Continuing through the month

The Out of Body Chakras & Auric Layers – Thursday Evenings February 11, 18, & 25th (see below)

The Healing Angels of our Energy Field -Feb. 20, 27. & March 6   
(See above)

Meridians – The Power to Transform Your Body -Feb 19, 26 & March 5 (see below)

Axiatonal Alignment Activation Class -Feb. 21st   (see below)


28 Days to Conscious Intuitive Living – Miraculous Living

Week 4 Day 7 – See everything as if it were the first time again.  Miraculous living.

As I write this last lesson, I see how I have also shifted equally because of the consciousness that went into every word that came forth these past 28 days.  It is a gift and a pleasure to be a part of this process.   All that we have practiced and all that we have become is a new way of living.  We are seeing everything in life for the very first time again.  Through completion of these 28 days, we have emerged into a high vibrational state that returns child-like trust and wonder.  Everything is new and we are seeing for the very first time.  We have returned home to our soul’s purpose and our spirit’s joy. 

There are 1000 ways to see a willow tree and every time we turn to look at one there is something new and alive in the perspective that is mirroring back at us.  We become a part of the mystery and the miraculous and we finally KNOW we are the mystery and miraculous. 

Every day activities have become a source of connection and meditation.  Wonders are present in all our experiences.  Simple miracles we may have overlooked before now supersede our sub-conscious and become prevalent experiences.  We are in awe with ourselves and the world.  The idea that we have 26 bones in the foot working cohesively together to twist and turn in a way that propels us forward becomes a living representation of the awe-inspiring possibilities of life.  We make connections and we learn to work cohesively with ourselves and collaboratively with each other no matter what our differences may bring.  We see the amazing tapestry that is being woven without controlling the way we think it should be.  Breathing is miraculous, relationships are miraculous, creating is miraculous.  Being ourselves is miraculous.  We find the sacred in every person, place, and thing.  Nothing is without the marvel of our soul’s purpose.  We are our spirit’s joy.  We have found the presents in the presence of life. 

Why is creativity and intuitive inspiration so important?  If it were not for Thomas Edison’s fascination with life, he would not have invented the light bulb.  If he were not consumed with the same intuitive consciousness that we speak about in these lessons we may be sitting in the dark longer than anticipated.  All that is required is one conscious being filled with an illuminated and intuitive spirit to shift the unconscious of the whole.  All it takes is complete marveling and embodied being in the moment to come up with miraculous solutions to troubled diseases and the most complex medical issues out there.  It only takes one intuitive spirit to inspire the lives of a generation to the idea of “When you know better, you do better.”  It only takes an awakening of one to help release and resolve for an entire lineage of ancestors that have been trying to do this for lifetimes and generations.  It all begins with you. 

These past 28 days you have consciously awoken to the sensations of your body, to the true beliefs of your soul, and embodied the sleeping 6th sense within each of us.  The same energy that made Albert Einstein an incredible inventor, scientist, and teacher is the same wonder that resides in us all.  We are not separate, and we all come from the same consciousness.  They were merely able to access more of this consciousness that is available to all.  It is through this awakening that we open to this realization and find opportunity beckoning around every corner. 

Today and every day going forward know that a new day has arrived.  You are completely unlike the day before.  You are never the same being and the world is changing every day in every moment.  This is the miracle.

See the world through the child’s eyes and express your wonder and amazement in every experience.  From the board meeting to the art easel; from rush hour traffic to the symphonic music of an orchestra; from learning the periodic table to eating an incredibly flavorful piece of chocolate cake; from marveling at a newborn baby to sleeping in your bed once more.  Every experience, every interaction, everything that you meet and have the opportunity to be near, be the consciousness that you have now embraced.  See the people, see the energy around them and within them and look into their eyes.  The soul resides in the eyes and it is where we are all connected.  Look into them and see your brothers and your sisters and feel the connection around all of you.  See the plants and the animals, feel them, and commune with the life giving and expansive energy available to all. 

See with your new eyes from this day forward and expand in every possible moment. Through your continued expansion you give others permission to expand themselves.  Through your light you allow others to shine theirs.  In this new state of expanded awareness, we commune and connect, and we realize the value of individuals obtaining the highest form of self is beneficial for all.  Our individuality defines our communal expression as an expression of the Source of Consciousness that we share.  We delight in our own expansion and that of another’s. Awakening is welcomed and we respect those who still enjoy the slumbering.  

When we have moments of regret or ‘not so fun feelings’ allow them to become the opportunities you have learned them to be.  See what is truly at the root of these experiences.  See what may be bubbling up and see if you can sense a way to commune with your past by being present in this new state of being.   Be in what is happening.  Be in what you are sensing.  You may be presently connecting to a past moment in time that may be filled with the theme, “If I had known better, I would have done better” and making peace for that moment by simply being aware in your new state of conscious awareness.  The past is instantaneously healed and reconciled when we are present to these truths.  When we merge with consciousness, we intuitively feel the past shifting and ourselves reintegrating with the parts of ourselves that were left behind.  This is where energy comes from. This is the reintegration we have been seeking into our present form in the moment that it is happening.  The understanding that we rise above situations like a resurrection means that we have taken everything that we have learned and fully embodied through understanding the power of conscious miraculous living.  The resurrection encompasses the wholeness that is the truth within us all. 

Through presence, the pieces to our puzzle fall into place.  Through the power of the conscious spoken word the miracles line up.  Sometimes it may seem like a struggle to find the correct puzzle piece.  It may take some time.  And when we stop and become the moment, we let go into the shift, where all is possible.  This allows us to enter expansion instead of contraction.  We open to powerful in-joy moments and no longer suffer.  We can be full of laughter, games, and childlike wonder even in a difficult situation. 

The Australian famous Sydney Opera House was created through mere opening into playfulness.  It was the shear act of peeling an orange and gazing at the pieces of orange rind laying on the table that the architect became inspired to create one of the most famous places on the planet.  The work needed to be done to bring this into physical form and the idea came from the formlessness thoughts that were inspired by the creative joy of an orange. 

This is how creation happens.  This is how intuition drops in.  It begins from the formless, asks a question, and the higher vibration of creativity brings in a thought form or vision of a possibility.  This possibility needs the mind to create the scientific means for constructing on a physical plane.  But the origination of form comes from thought, which begins with nothing, which is consciousness.  When we are open and in an intuitive state, we simply allow the inspiration for the ideas to come through and thus they seemingly drop in as inspiration (in-spirit-ation).  This happens as we learn to get out of the way and begin to play.  As we joyfully embody awareness, we become one.  The experience speaks for itself.  Once it happens, you know, and the expectation and anticipation of it happening more and more elevates.  It first begins with self-awareness and allowing time every day to get closer to this place of nothingness where anything is possible.  As we empty ourselves of concrete beliefs and ideas of the way things should be, we become something greater than anything we could dream up with our own minds.   We all began as formlessness that is where we shall return.   

For the next chapter of your life, use the techniques provided the last 28 days to keep you in the flow of creative, inspired, and intuitive living.  Reuse the lessons and listen to them as many times as needed.  Invite groups to explore these ideas and find ways to include people on your path.  Wherever two or more have gathered miracles happen.  Consciousness happens, we enliven, and we wake up to an unrestricted way of living. 

When something is weighing you down remember the techniques and pull them out… laugh, listen, feel, and sense with every cell in your being nature.  Be. 

Allow yourself to continue to expand the knowing that the monster under the bed after all these years was just a matrix of illusions trapping you in fear.  Allow yourself to sense and embody the stillness within you in every moment.  Allow yourself to intuit that you are always connected and that the formless is the beginning of creation. Allow yourself to notice when to shift gears in your life and trust your instinct.  Allow yourself to lead, guide and direct from that higher consciousness that is tuned in and tapped into the triad of knowing and being that comes from mind, body, and spirit consciousness.  Allow yourself the time to continue growing and expanding in all the many dozens of ways we listed out in all these lessons.  Allow yourself to just pick a random lesson and use it every day.  Allow yourself the comfort of knowing that we are not the victims of our past and the present moment is what connects us to all possibility.  Allow yourself to pass on your wisdom by simple connections and being present in every interaction and relationship.  How do we know we have mastered the Art of Conscious Intuitive Living?  When we are aware in every moment and lead our lives through this awareness ourselves.  Consciousness is happening and more and more beings are living up to their resourceful and soul purpose potential through the simpler acts of living and reconnecting to their authentic self.  Be your powerful self.

28 days of Conscious Intuitive Living is loaded with lessons and concepts that are geared towards one purpose…living a sacred life that is powerfully and authentically yours.  See life for the first time again.   See the miraculous happening all around and open to this new way of living that is meant to be yours always in all ways. 









Be the path. 

Today’s Mantra: 

I Am

I Am

I Am

*Are you interested in joining 28 Days of Conscious Intuitive Living?  Please send me an email with more questions and go to this link for more information.  We begin on February 1, 2021 (2.1.2021). 

Our New World is already here…

Our New World is already here…we only need to rise above what continues to happen out there to see it in here.
Dear Friends
The last several weeks have been very humbling.  I have been stopped many times to pause, reflect, breathe, and release.  It is very apparent that anything that is no longer going to work in the New World that is integrating into this world, must go. This is happening on a personal and global level. 

I mention this in this email because I want so much for all of you to step up and release everything that no longer is needed in the New World.  I am referring to anything that does not resonate on the vibration of love and gratitude.  This is a lot.  We must learn to let go of it all without any regrets.  If it does not resonate with love and gratitude, then allow it to go.  We can still have our goals, aspirations, and desires.  Instead, we are no longer struggling to achieve or feeling alone.  We are coming together as spiritually united beings of light collaborating and working for the good of every being on this Earth. 

This can be done individually and globally.  There are no hidden agendas and abundance is everywhere.  We must dispel all the myths, beginning with our own ideas.  What is happening out there is only a reflection as to what we are individually dealing with on our own home fronts.  So, if you are seeing deception, secrecy, frustration, anger, and fear… ask yourself, “How can I see this differently in a way that elevates and enhances all of life?  How can I contribute by the spirit of collaboration and collective access consciousness to help this situation?” 

This is coming up for me radically day in and day out.  I am asking, “What do you want me to see in this situation and how can this turn out better than I can ever imagine?”  So, I am establishing and working endlessly to develop classes and work to help to heighten awareness and bring Access Consciousness closer to our every day lives.  My door is always open and my services to heal and bring transformative shifts are here and present more than ever.  If you have not looked at what I am offering in a while, you may be interested in something recently. 

People are coming, needing to miraculously shift, and teaching how miracles are only a shift in consciousness is even easier with this New World.  Do not doubt yourself, you are more powerful than you have ever imagined… you only need the courage to go forth. 

Lately, there has been a lot of worry about sessions and doing them 1:1 in person or even doing group classes.  I will always offer both over zoom, as the energy has no limits.  I do encourage you to come in person though; people need people, and we are human BEINGS being together.  If you are worried about something happening, I ask you, what fear is driving you to question your innately amazing powers that reside within you and maybe that is the root issue that needs to be addressed.   Ask yourself, If I am made in the image and likeness of All that Is how can I be anything but love?  And if this is agreeable, then maybe the matrix of fear is what I need to look at and shift so that my miracles do show up. 

These are merely just questions to ponder.  And in times like this, we need each other in many ways.  So, lets come together in the spirit of unity and collaboration rise above the layer of fear that has been out there running lives for centuries and finally begin your miraculous life in love.  

I know this can be done.  It already is.  I will hold this for every individual who seeks this to be true. 

All love,

Here are classes coming up and more to come. 
Please share… I only do emails and website now… I am paused on social media.  So…spreading the word to others is greatly appreciated. 
Love.  Love. And more Love. 
PS… always check my website for new blogs and classes at www.INTUITLOVE.com  



REIKI II – Thursday & Friday Evening the 21st and 22nd of January

Tuning Forks and Toning with the Voice – Tuesday Evening the 26th of January
Healing Rays of Light – Friday January 29th and Saturday Morning January 30th
28 Days of Becoming Conscious & Intuitive Beings – Begins February 1st

The Out of Body Chakras & Auric Layers – Thursday Evenings February 11, 18, & 25th



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The Matrix

It happened…I got stuck in the MATRIX!  I know…crazy as it may seem… and then again… it felt so real.  I am talking about the MATRIX that exists across societal planes, ancestral realms, and lineages of the past.  This is a layer that is tuned into and turned on by drama, separation, and deceit.  It is an actual realm of existence that many of us have grown up in.  These days, it is even easier to slip inside of this realm with the accessibility of social media and our dependence on the internet for most of our needs.  There is so much mania going on out there and the more I try to understand what is ‘really’ going on (in this matrix) the more confusing this all becomes.  I have spent countless hours researching and attempting to find answers and the deeper I went looking for answers in this realm, the more I found that the rabbit hole never ends.  It was exhausting.  This…has been a marvelous reminder for me. 

As a teacher… AND a student… I lost my teaching this past week and stepped right into 3rd dimensional student.  I was so deep down the rabbit hole that I did not even realize I had slipped down so far.  Until… I visited a friend.  This friend helped me to see, instantaneously, what had happened by merely her being in her own truth.  She did not try to make me see nor did she try to correct my thinking.  She just listened and held presence while I explained my ‘story’.  She just witnessed my demise and responded with a simple, “It is going to be ok…it is going to be more than perfect…even if it doesn’t seem that way… it will… I know this… it is my truth… and I am holding this for you until you come back.”  And instantaneously, with her words… I began climbing back out (of the rabbit hole).  I didn’t look back down…and kept going forward.  Then I knew… why this had happened.  I was being shown…again… how easy it is to slip into the matrix of rabbit holes that never seem to go anywhere.  Weeks ago, I was shown the matrix and told that I will be going there again.  Never did I realize how easy it was to slip in without even knowing it.  They showed me this was going to happen… and I said ‘ok’… I didn’t know exactly why…and now I do. 

My new teachings that are coming at the end of January and February will encompass this very thing.  The Matrix we live in and how to raise ourselves above this lower vibrational realm.  We do this through self-awareness, enlightening our frequency range, and holding ourselves vibrationally high in love and gratitude.  Through self-awareness of our own energy layers, we can feel our connections.  Our Earth has the same energy make up of energy layers and a field of awareness that can either be elevated and enhanced or decreased and pressed down.  Our society, our families, our careers, our relationships, our health, and our spirit are all interrelated.  We must understand how we affect ourselves and then how we can elevate others through our own vibrational heights.   Globally we are all connected, and our union of Oneness is essential to the continued ascension of all.  So, once again… I was shown how slippery the slope can be and how far we can go down the hole before we realize what we are doing.  I had to experience this as a reminder for myself. 

When I was younger, raising Ethan, often brought me to this rabbit hole.  I was so embedded in proving society wrong and showing the world that Ethan could do anything that I slipped down the hole often with the belief that I had to fight for his rights.  Yet it was only through wisdom and the integration of the ‘all knowing’ that the peaceful power came.  Ethan often reminds me of the rabbit hole and how easy it is for me to slip down.  And the more that he fulfills his purpose to show this to me, the more I realize that the rabbit hole does not even need to exist. 

Once again, through present reminders and memories of past experiences I believe the work of the teachings that are coming today will help to keep us at this new level of vibratory awareness that is happening throughout the societal matrix.   There are no right answers for everyone and there are experiences we all must have, to come to our own heightened states of awareness.  I have searched hard for answers and believed fully in what other Masters have taught me… and the only understanding I have ever come away with is how important it is to remain centered in our own heart space of our own internal truth. 

No one knows as you do. No one cares like you do.  No one is as connected as you are.  No one else is you… therefore you are the only one… and you are what you have been waiting for.    We are a part of it all and therefore we are access consciousness.  So, as we ask the positive questions we are led to positive answers.  As we ask the negative questions, we are led to negative answers.  It is that simple.  We only need to focus our conscious intent from out ‘there’ to in ‘here’ and become the answer we have been waiting for.  Many ask how… this is simple… be your truth

Seek only to change you and then seek to be what you want reflected in every moment of your life.  As you experience injustice, be justice.  As you experience censorship, speak from your heart.  As you experience hatred, be love.  As you are stolen from, give more.  As you are pushed down, lay down and surrender.  No one can take from you that which you don’t have.  Be empty and everything is received.

No one can take my love, if this is all that I am.

No one can take my peace, if this is all that fills me.

No one can take my wisdom, if this is all I know.

No one can take my life, if I am eternal. 

Shift your thoughts and you shift the world. 

I hope that you will join me with the following courses meant to teach all of this and more.

Love, Jennifer


REIKI II – Thursday & Friday Evening the 21st and 22nd of January

Tuning Forks and Toning with the Voice – Tuesday Evening the 26th of January

Healing Rays of Light – Friday January 29th and Saturday Morning January 30th

28 Days of Becoming Conscious & Intuitive Beings – Begins February 1st

The Out of Body Chakras & Auric Layers – Thursday Evenings February 11, 18, & 25th

Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness – The New Age – Age of Enlightened Living
As we open to intuitive guidance it becomes incredibly important to allow ourselves to open to constant learning and constant change.  We are inundated with information daily that gives us advice on what we should and should not be doing.  From newspaper articles telling us the hardships of the world to news shows that inform us of how our world is falling apart.  It can be quite complicated to figure out what we are doing and how to make a positive impact in the world when so much seems to be unraveling in so many ways.  This is where learning and expansion can be invaluable to the intuitive.  If we remain where we are and think that we already know everything then we are doing ourselves a huge disfavor.  Learning is constant and expansion is necessary for the intuitive way.  We are forever shifting and remolding our responses and in so doing always tapping into higher states of awareness.  This connects us to our soul’s purpose and what we truly and heartfully desire. 
If we remain stagnant in our ways and do things because they have always been done, then we are much the same limiting ourselves.  We are as stagnant water in a pond that begins to collect algae attracting mosquitos and bugs.  What we genuinely want to occur in our lives is the ability to transfer our experiences into opportunities of development.  When we approach life from a form of question rather than a form of statement, we are allowing the opening of ourselves to the possibility of transformation.  Statements are limited in a perceived idea that we know something to be true…but truly the only truth is that nothing ever stays the same.  Questions raise awareness, they open us up to possibility, and they strengthen the habits of inspired thought to drop in.  Living life through inspired questioning or Access Consciousness helps us remain open and trusting the universe is working for us.  Question everything. 
As a child the world is one large question.  Children naturally inquire about the world and allow answers to bubble up from the knowing’s of the heart.  If they actively explore the world, they naturally develop intuition.  Their hearts grow and they are tuned into Access Consciousness.  Inspiration and the heart are inseparable.  They are unlimited.  The heart knows the truth and being inquisitive about life comes from inspired joy.  We marvel in the simple pleasures.  These are the child like ways of the heart that are coming back into our world. 
Imagine the possibility of opening to life in a way that creates inspiration, brings movement into a ceaseless world that is ever changing, and allows us to listen to what drops in and guides us to a new way of life that remains open to blessings of all kinds.  This type of deep knowing can be established through ritual.  Deep within everyone is a ritual of practice just waiting to be unleashed.  This ritual can be accessed through our ancestors, lineage, and a calling within the higher self.   Your ritual, however that may look, creates a foundation based in the endless possibilities which can only come through stability.   Ritual creates rooted earthly confidence in the self and allows for the openness of creativity and transformation to occur.  For example, if I classically have a ritual in my life that is planted with a beginning, middle, and ending to my day then I am creating a firm knowing that the answers will come as I accept that this is where I am, and this is what I want to happen. I am equally as open to adjustments knowing I cannot control how it happens and as I ask through my ritual, I know all is happening exactly as it is supposed to be.  In this new way of being, I am opening myself up to releasing old energy that doesn’t work anymore complimented by a desire to learn new ways that will help me transform and become my desired reality.  Does this make sense?  Does this spark your interest?  Does this inspire you to create?  Remember, questions ask of what is within us that we want to expand not to be molded into something that is already there but rather to become something completely different than we could ever imagine ourselves.  This is a delicate balance of ritual rooted in the confidence of our ancestors combined with the new age that is transforming and transcending all hardships of the past into an enlightened state of being incomprehensible to the human mind.  One of the ways to access the unlimited consciousness described here is through unlimited positive questioning. 
Michelangelo saw the statue in the marble and merely chiseled away the pieces until the vision came to life.  He allowed his hands to be guided to work with the marble in such a way that he intuited how to create masterpieces that were only limited by the imagination.  Michelangelo only needed a couple of tools and an open imagination to create a masterpiece.  He did not have a storefront that allowed him to be masterful.  It was simple genius and the basics that had life unfold before him in a way that allowed for simple perfection.  Intending and being grateful for ten things a day is a mere drop in the bucket as compared to what artists have done in the past.  Asking for ten things, making intentions for ten things, even if they are a crazy list of ten things opens us up for possibility and for the allowance of anything to come in that will help us on our way.  Resolving and releasing for things that come up and seeing beyond all perceived problems in life also sets us up for continued success.   Through allowing, we are continually painting our life, adjusting to possibilities, and trusting the process of development.  The opposite would be to tighten and control outcomes in an effort to oppose what is showing up because we are perceiving issues as problems that never seem to get solved leaving us feeling insecure, helpless, and hopeless in defeat.  There is more to our existence than merely thinking that ‘where there is a will there is a way’.  We can turn this around by sensing; ‘where there is a perceived block in life there is a solution just around the corner we only need to shift our perception to where the mountain that was there no longer exists.’  There is nothing out there controlling us and keeping us from achieving.  There is nothing that is too difficult to overcome, we only need to adjust our perception and open ourselves to allowing and feeling that which is uncomfortable.  In the uncomfortable IS what has been holding us back and it is only there so that we can begin to move through.  This is how energy is transformed and dispersed and this is how true miracles happen.  It is not in the avoidance it is in the being present, asking, sensing, and trusting that everything is taken care of instantaneously.  It is us who must allow ourselves to see beyond our limits.   
If I told you that you could take a magic pill and your life would change drastically in a way that would hold you responsible and accountable for every action or inaction that you did or did not take, would you take it?  If I told you that it doesn’t matter, and that our avoidance of our own issues is the reason why life doesn’t seem to be resolving, would that change your response?  So, what is it?  What is holding you back?  What is keeping you from stepping into inspired Access Consciousness?   
As we access the unresolved dirt within ourselves and we remain honest to our ‘blind’ spots we allow our Access Consciousness to inspire the questions from within which will inspire the answers we need. 
Access Consciousness asks us to allow these three questions to open up our lives:

1. What is right about this situation that I am not understanding at this time?
2. How can this turn out better than I can even imagine?
3. As things are always working out for me…allow me to see…what is possible? 

When we face this within, we face an especially important aspect of ourselves.  We are being honest and intending that we want clean and clear energy to flow through us and around us.  This is only the beginning of effortless flow.  With this work we will feel freer and more prepared for a light filled life to show up and will be glad it happened.  You will not regret the freedom that comes from allowing yourself to powerfully cleanse your world and bring back your authentic power uninfluenced by past desires and beliefs.
Become the truth you have been waiting for. Be Access Consciousness and fill your individual worlds with light so that we can collectively enlighten this world again.  It is time. 


Reiki II – Advanced Healing –  January 21 & 22  –  2 Evenings – Thursday & Friday 

Tuning Forks & Toning – Healing the Body through Sound – January 26th – 1 Evening course 

Healing Rays of Light Energy – How to Heal through Light  January 29th & January 30th – 1 evening and 1 morning course

Out of Body Chakras and Auric Layers – How to heal through energy centers & the human auric field – 3 Thursday Evenings in February 11th, 18th and 25th.    

The Power of the Heart Center

A much-needed heart centered break:
As the days become shorter and the sun folds into slumber earlier and earlier, I am finding that time in the darkness as an invaluable tool that has reflected back to me all the darkness within that is craving some heart centered nurturing.  Our darkness is necessary to know our light.  And the shift in time and in days to being shorter naturally steps into this.  It feels ‘just right’ to naturally allow ourselves to use one of the most masterful elements we have within ourselves to create a high vibratory field around us and through us by tuning into and tapping into our sensations through thoughts, sensations, and feelings.  Here is just a snippet of some techniques I use in many of my programs and sessions to help elevate and enhance our vibration.  It is a small portion of a program that I use in my workshops and classes.  Following this is a brief overview of what is coming in January. 
All Love

Week 2 Day 3
The Heart Center – As I am centered in the heart, I come from a place of power greater than anything encountered before.   
The heart is one of the most amazing powerhouses of our body.  The heart is the first to develop in a newborn and it is the last organ to cease functioning upon death.  Our heart vibrates so high and is so powerful that it can affect shifts on multidimensional levels.  Let’s attempt an experiment right now.  Are you ready?  Try this meditation…
Close your eyes.  Close your eyes and take a nice elongated deep breath in and out.  Slowly take several nice deep breaths.  Now, as you settle into yourself begin to think of a place and time that you remember that was one of the happiest moments in your life.  There you go…take some time to do this.  Don’t rush…it will come.  Think of all the things that happened that day that made it such a pleasant experience.  Think of what you were doing, who you were with, and what you were wearing.  Now bring in what you were thinking and what you were saying to yourself as all these happy events were happening around you.  Were you smelling anything, tasting anything, was it cool and breezy outside, was it warm and sunny or maybe it was cold and snowy.  Take nice deep breaths into all of this.  Remember all the sensations that were associated with this beautiful moment.  Now bring up all the feelings that you had that fit perfectly with this scenario.  Were you excited and happy, calm and peaceful, full of appreciation and gratitude, or all of these?  Good… now bring up another memory from your heart.  Add to this perfect memory another great memory.  Bring up all the visuals, feelings, sensations, and colors associated with these memories too.  Keep this going.  Bring up one wonderful memory after another.  Fill your field of energy with all this beauty and wonder.  Add one memory to the next memory and just keep going.  Build one on top of another.  Breathe it all into your field and remember everything that you love and cherish.  Feel the joy of all these moments as they keep building and becoming larger and larger and more expansive encompassing your entire field of energy.  Until there is no room for anything else except for all these wonderful moments.   Be sure you are allowing your eyes to remain closed and be sure that you are breathing into and sensing and truly connecting to each memory.  Stay here for as long as you like and merely sense and embrace all the wonderful feelings of all these wonderful events in your life. 
Now, take a moment to sense what you are feeling right now in this moment.  What are you feeling physically?  Are their butterflies in your stomach, heightened energy in your neck and shoulders, ringing in your ears, expansiveness in your head and forehead?  Are you able to feel any new sensations?  Remain here in this state and observe all the new sensations.  Take mental notes of these sensations and affirm that you are feeling expanded and aware.  The more time you allow yourself to acknowledge how you are feeling and sensing in this moment right now the more you will take these same sensations with you throughout your expanded day.  Take plenty of time to do this and remain here as long as possible.  Continue taking long inhales and exhales, several cleansing breaths, and remain in this heightened state of awareness.  Rest.  Be.  Allow.  There… good.  Now…in your own time…however long is good and right for you…begin to feel the seat beneath your bottom; the arm rests on your chair; and your back pressing against the cushion behind you.  Take a couple more slow and deeper breaths in and out.  When you are ready, slowly bring yourself back to your current reality by gently bringing your hands up to your eyes, covering them as you effortlessly open your eyes behind closed hands allowing some of the light of the room to come through your hands.  Adjust to this dim light and when the time is right for you lower your hands to your lap and allow the light of the room fully into your vision with your gaze to the floor.  Take a nice deep breath acknowledging your return and remain here until you feel that you can continue to bring this heightened state of awareness fully into your day. 
Next, take a moment to ask yourself how you feel?  What am I experiencing right now?  Do I feel open, expansive, and heightened in my awareness? Are my sensations heightened?  Am I keenly aware of sounds or does my vision seem more expansive in a way that colors are brighter and shapes are more defined?   Do I smell or even taste anything new and does my skin sense a breeze or a coolness around me that I had not sensed earlier?  Hopefully, through raising your vibration by tuning into the heart energy with these ‘heart full’ emotional visuals you will begin to understand the power that comes from the heart when we allow it to grow and expand in a way that brings joy and satisfaction to the moments of our lives. 
The important message of the heart is, it is never searching to gain riches, bear rewards, or be acknowledged for all the good deeds.  Instead, the heart is simply seeking to improve upon itself for the mere internal knowing that when we come from the heart in every aspect of our life, we are living a life rooted in honesty, thought-full-ness, compassion, and devotion.  Heart-full-ness is truly living in a way that is not seeking approval because we need approval.  We are living this way because we want to be the absolute best at what we are doing.  We are living passionate and compassionate lives from the heart center.  The heart will never be self-deserving.  Rather the heart wants to make a difference and seeks satisfaction purely from the doing of what it loves to do.  Merely doing a job right is far more superior to the heart than any recognition.   Each opportunity to repeat the process again unfolds into a greater expansive state of the heart.  This is the way of the heart and its truth is conscious intuitive living. 
The heart, as you have gathered, is a powerful energy center.  It is the pivot point of all the energy in our body.  It is the point that energy cycles around and always comes back to.  This was the very meaning of the ever-expansive Figure 8 meditation that we have experienced in previous weeks.  Every energy in our body that we are feeling or connected to…whether it is something troublesome or something joyful and fun is directly connected to the heart.   Everything revolves around this energy center.  The energy of the heart is where everything happens, and everything takes place.  The heart is the first organ to form and it is what gives us our energy and source of power throughout our day.  If we only had to tune into one energy source our entire day and one place for guidance it would be our heart.  It is the source of everything. 
We are all connected through the heart.  Everything is.  Relationships, career, finances, business partnerships, family, loved ones, and even those that we may call distant acquaintances.  We are all connected. 
Today’s Mantra:
I am centered within my heart, I am powerfully empowered. 
I am centered within my heart, I am powerfully empowered. 
I am centered within my heart, I am powerfully empowered. 
Classes Happening Now:

  • Pendulum Power is this week and next week (on-line spots are open & Link Here)
  • Sandwich Connection is happening now (group full)
  • Chakras & Archetypes & Intuition is happening now (group full)

Free Fridays are every Friday. Sign up to join a like hearted group healing every week through movement. Next week we are off because it is December 25th

January Begins a New Year and 4 New CLASSES!  (All Classes Links Are Provided)

  1. Advanced Healing Techniques with Reiki IIJanuary 22 & 23 (Link Here)
  2. Healing Rays of Light Energy – February 6th(Link Here)
  3. Healing with the Out of Body Chakras and the Auric Layers – January 21st, 28th, & February 4th (Link Here)
  4. Tuning Forks and Toning the Body though Voice – January 30th (Link Here)