“Don’t get me flowers for Mother’s Day…or I will be pissed.”

“Do me a favor…Don’t get me flowers under any circumstances or I will be pissed.”

I sent this text to my husband the other day.  I was referring to Mother’s Day.  The holiday that creeps around every year like the rest of them, you know…Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s day, etc.  This day has always been a sense of soreness for me.  Until I decided to stop hiding my feelings about what this day truly means, at least for me.  I have hid my feelings for a rather long time.  I mean, how could I not when we live in a society where we are taught to contain, hold back, shushed, and looked at as ‘bad’ if we are too loud, exuberant or colorful to say the least.  I have a neighbor, who’s son went to school dressed in the most amazing and beautiful colored costumes on all the fun holidays.  He was eccentric and encouraged to be so by his parents.  They wanted him to express himself and be free to be himself.  It was deemed as ‘cute’ when he was younger in elementary school.  But then when he moved onto middle school he began to be categorized and slandered for his harmless expression of himself.  It made me sick to think that as children bullied him for being himself the faculty supported this notion by telling the mom one day, “Well, if he is going to be ‘that way’ he as to be able to take the comments that other’s say to him.  I mean, he is different, and if he wants to be different, he must be able to ‘take’ the comments of other children.”  This was an administration member of the local middle school explaining this to the mom of the boy who had gone to school wildly dressed that day in celebration of yet another holiday and received slandering comments from the children.  The mom found out about this, and like many mothers, called the school to inform them of what had happened. 

Humph.  I think to myself.  “If he wants to be different, he must be able to ‘take’ the comments of other children.”  We actually believe this stuff!?  We actually still believe in our 2020 society that if we want to be different we have to be able to secretly ‘take’ the rolling eyes, the whispers of slander, and the note passing that goes on day to day in our schools today.  Bullying is no longer out right hitting and destroying your personal items.  No, it has become a secret society that hides out of their own fears and desperations and jealousies of wanting to be different but never being able to take the plunge out of fear of being caught or unaccepted by the rest of society.  We have accepted this as the new normal.  It’s heart breaking.  Some of you may shake your heads in denial that this is not what is still going on today.  But I encourage you to talk to your kids.  I mean, really talk to your kids. Spend time with them asking them deep questions.  Not the surface kinds that ask… “How was school today” when they walk in the door which offers virtually nothing but a ‘fine’ before they scatter off to their rooms.  No, find the time on a walk, while they sit on the couch, or that off beat time that isn’t plannable.  I encourage you to take the moments that present themselves to you in any varying ways and dig deep with questions such as, “Tell me about what it’s like to be at school during the day.”  “Tell me how it is when you want to talk to a friend or join in on a conversation, but it may feel awkward or uninviting.”  “What does it feel like to have to raise your hand in class or to be called on by the teacher unexpectedly.”  “Has that ever happened to you?  Has this happened to anyone else?  What was it like?” 

I encourage you to ask deep questions that encourage conversation about things that they know are happening but don’t know how to tell anyone.  Because I promise you that one of these questions will open the door to a knowing within them that wants to be expressed but they don’t know how to do that because most of us truly just don’t want to know anyway.  When we find out… I promise you will be surprised at what really goes on, still. 

So, I sent this text to my husband because I really did NOT want anything for Mother’s Day.  Not because I was boycotting the day all together but because I had, had enough of the celebratory ‘feel’ of a day that means nothing to me.  Now, I am sharing my perspective.  I am not trying to change the world here.  What I am doing is sharing what is true for me… 

I never understood Mother’s Day.  I never understood this whole idea of celebrating something that clearly many of us just don’t know how to do anyway.  When I became a mother, it was like a raw slap in the face where the burn and red-handed mark lasted for days, months, and years.  It was as if someone painted this glorious picture of what motherhood should be like…it was a glorious land that when you arrived you would never turn away from it again.  You would want to stay here forever amongst that lush green landscape, carnival colored flowers just bursting everywhere you looked, birds flying, and rainbow covered sky.  It was anticipated as the best event of your life besides for marriage.  We had parties and showers to celebrate the incoming child that was going to light up our life.  We received gift after gift into this new magical land that would help us manage our new bundle of joy as we learned and carefully took on our new responsibilities of bathing, feeding and loving this incredible gift from God.  Oh, what we do to paint a Never Never Land that we will never want to return from. 

Me, I wanted to return.  When I got to Never Land… I wanted to march right out of there and run the other way.  No!  This is not what I paid for….I want my ticket back!  It wasn’t because I didn’t love my child….I did…I actually never felt a love for someone like I felt when my children were born.  It was that no one told me the real hard true facts of motherhood.  No one sat me down and told me that it was going to be one of the hardest things you will ever do and there is no way to do it right.  If someone said,

“Jennifer I have a ticket to another land that is more beautiful and amazing than any place you have ever been before.  You will go there and discover parts of yourself that you never knew existed.  Parts of yourself that will bring you joy and elation and parts of you that will bring desperation and depression.  If someone had told me it’s a transformative land and one that you will never return from the same again.  This is a land where the journey never ends and will never take you to a perceived destination.  You will constantly be learning, constantly growing, and it will feel awful, most of the time because you will never think that you are doing it right. The journey will go on forever in this new land and the lessons will be hard mostly because growing requires a lot of energy.  The truest most wonderful thing about this land is that you will never be the same and you will always be expected to do things that are outside your comfort zone.  You will have to be something that you are not ready to become.” 

 I would ask them, “Why would I pay for that?” and walk away. 

Yep, that was me at the time I had kids.  I had no clue what motherhood really was.  Nothing out there showed me that.  I had a mom that bucked out and died of cancer when I was 16.  Not because she was a victim of a disease but because life was just too hard.  This mom thing was a false idea that had been planted into her at an early age as well.  She embarked on the same journey and failed miserably.  Because she did not have the skills to rise above all the complications in her life.   

And then I had a representation in society that painted a picture of motherhood that seemed like the destination that I wanted to have.  You know, the “Leave it to Beaver” mom with the perfectly curled short hair, white shiny pearls around her neck, the freshly pressed dress that was starch white, and pointed heeled shoes she wore all day long! Ouch! She made being a mom look so wonderful!  Always cheerful, always knowing, always monotone with worldly advice for her young ones.  She was taken care of by her husband who would go to work everyday and provide a stable environment of trust and acceptance for the entire family.  I actually thought that that was FAMILY!  That I wanted that!  I wanted to fit into a mold that was what society painted it be… a fantastical fantasy life that was so far from what is true and reverent to life that we have felt like that we can never be or live up to this standard because this standard is impossible!

Sadly, I had no idea.  No idea.  I grew up in a dauntingly chaotic household where the police coming to my house once a week to break up a raging fight by my mother and father and brother made just way too much noise for the neighbors.  Thankfully, their calls, and my dad being taken away by the police actually gave us peace week in and week out.  I remember trying to get our dog, Corky, to go out and distract them because I wanted them desperately to stop fighting.  I tried myself, but I was relentlessly pushed away and sent to my room with a single handed push like I was a pebble shot away by an index finger across the room while they continued their brawl. 

But, I wanted this… a normal family.  I had no idea what normal was. 

Fast forward many years later… I have three kids and an amazing husband who loves me.  Loves me so much that I can say to him… “Don’t get me flowers or I’ll be pissed.”  Why would I say such a thing?  Because I am tired of falling into the Mother’s Day trap.  Where kids and husbands feel pressured to do something nice for their mothers without for a second asking themselves why do they actually do this?  I’ll never forget my husband coming to me year after year telling me, “Mother’s Day is this weekend and if you are going to the store can you pick up some cards for my mom?”  Amazing that he would think of this on Wednesday and then we would have to Fed Ex Mother’s Day cards to his mom to get there by Saturday. Again. Year after year. Why?  Because if his mom did not receive something that showed that her boy cared she would be forever hurt and just hurt enough that his dad would call to tell him so.  Oh, the pressure.

The pressure to do something just because it was expected.  This to me just does not make any sense.  I loved the little hand made gifts that my children used to give me when they were in elementary school and the teacher would spend the time to help each child create something for mother’s day and the child would run home eager to just give mom their gift without the understanding they have to wait until Sunday.  I loved that!  No pressure and no expectation…they just wanted to celebrate mom no matter what day it was.  I did this too. 

As they got older, the pressure to perform remained the same but the intensity just unconsciously elevated itself because now they were expected to come up with something on their own.  Even if someone went our and hand picked a card for them so that they would have to write a note to mom or grandma without understanding why they were being forced to do this in the first place. 

I can imagine what may be going on in my kids minds today if they were to actually write what they really are thinking, “Thanks mom for birthing me.  Although you didn’t have to do it, you did it anyway.  Thanks for everything you do for me even though I can’t recall what that was… oh yay, driving me to practice and such.  Oh, and have a good day.”

 They’d ask themselves afterward… “Did I do that right?  Do I pass the test? Gosh, I hope what I wrote is ok.”

Yep…that’s it… they really don’t get it… and either do I. 

So I put a stop to it…for me anyway.  I have officially boycotted Mother’s Day.  Not because I am angry…ok well, maybe I am mildly annoyed with the whole thing. 

Like, the holiday was invented in the later 1850’s not because someone decided to invent a day to celebrate Mothers, not as a day to celebrate one’s own mother, but as days of service to help out other mothers who were less fortunate band together to help teach them hygiene practices to take care for their children and keep them from getting sick.  This was a ‘work day of days’ for mothers to help other mothers. A Mother’s Day Work Club, none the less. (TIME Mag. The Surprising Sad Origins of Mother’s Day, https://time.com/4771354/mothers-day-history-origins/ )

Or that the Mother’s Day theme of staying home with your children was really emphasized as a last stitched effort to push back on the 20th century Women’s movement that wanted to get out into the world to work and make a living. 

So, for me, Mother’s Day is a choice.  Do I really want to celebrate Mother’s Day?  No.  Because we already are who we are either by conscious or unconscious choices that we have made in our life.  Mother’s Day has become the largest grossing holiday next to Christmas.  Why?  An effort to sensationalize something that just isn’t true.  We are not meant to be the version of ourselves that is painted in all those commercials.  I won’t even get into the religious version of mother hood.  That just opens a whole other can of worms that can’t even be discussed in this short essay. (Oh! And I can hear the back lash now!)

I will say this… I do celebrate mothers who realize they have become the most truest and most deepest part of themselves not because of anything that they have seen or heard on tv, Instagram, or Facebook, BUT in spite of it.  

So on mother’s day…I have decided instead to remind my kids of this… to courageously be the most truest and deepest part of themselves as much as possible… and then maybe I will have consciously come upon the true meaning of being a mother. For Mother’s Day I instead wrote them this…

Dear Ethan, Aiden, and Nora,

You have heard me say that I don’t want cards, flowers, or gifts for Mother’s Day.  Actually, you heard me tell dad that I would be pissed if you or anyone else did this for me today.  You may be wondering, Why?  Well…I thought about it and decided I wanted you to know this…Mother’s Day is a celebration of women coming together to celebrate the enormous process of raising children.  Yes you.  I would never trade this choice in for anything else…although as you know I sure do act like I don’t want to be a mother at times.  I don’t want you to learn through an expectation that sets you up for buying me something or making me something on a day that we are supposed to celebrate just because everyone else is doing it.  You know our family is not typical which is what we need to celebrate and what we need to learn to do more of as much as possible.  I don’t ever want anything from the three of you.  Not because I am a martyr or a victim.  No.  Because I want you to know the truest part of being a mother.  It is not the gifts or the cards or the flowers.  It was a choice that I made a long time ago to be and do something that has brought me to a life with you today.  TOGETHER we have created something beautiful.  I did not do this alone. WE have created a family that I never had.  WE have created a place in my heart that grows enormously with each passing year and all the wins and losses that come out of it as WE work together to make something of this world that can be anything that WE want it to be. 

Which brings me to my next point…. I don’t want you to buy me or make anything for me because I already know that you appreciate me.  I know this because you get upset when I don’t do the normal things, like wake you up in the morning when I get too busy.  When I don’t have time to make dinner, you miss it.  When I don’t have time to do the laundry, you wonder where are my clean clothes?  You miss the normalcy that you were used to.  I see that.  I see how you value and appreciate through the losses you endure as we all shift and grow and create new states of normal within our family.  I will always be your mother but I never want you to ever think that you should be like me.  Not for a minute.  I want you to be anything but me.  In fact, I want to encourage you to do nothing like I did and marry no one like me if you even choose to get married.  I want you to do so many things in your life that if you take your whole life figuring our what you want to do when you grow up that I will know that I did my job to the truest that I could have ever done.  I want you to be thinking so outside the normal that you look at others and wonder why they do things the same way that they do all the time.  I want you to wonder about everything.  And above all else… be yourself.  I want you to be so outside of yourself that through you being the version of you that is so insanely different from me that you inspire me to be more of myself.  I want you to not follow the same path as everyone else… I want you to bulldoze your own path.  That takes effort, responsibility, and a desire to create an abnormal life.  I want you to know I love abnormal and god knows you know that I love it when we ask, “Why the Fuck do we always do this, this way?” and then we don’t.  Because we have figured out that its not the path we want to take.  I want you to never be like me or anyone else.  I want you to turn away form the normal that you see on Facebook, Instagram, snap chat and certainly at school.  And I want you to buck the norm.  I want you to investigate, inquire, retreat, and come out always pushing the normal box over.  I want you to be everything like you.  And then I want you to teach me to be more of myself by you doing what abnormal does.  Nothing like anyone else. 

I know this may seem puzzling right now.  And this may not make sense… but do me one favor… on mother’s day… lets make this a day that we begin to celebrate what it means to be so sure of yourself that you don’t need anyone to give you anything and you don’t need someone to do something nice for you that is expected.  Let this be a reminder that you are to do three things in life…

  1. Question everything
  2. Feel everything
  3. Follow nothing

*Question why you are doing what you are doing in every moment.  Always know what is true and right for you. 

*Feel what is happening in every moment.  Always know what is true and what is right for you.

*Resolve to follow nothing because you are always being what is true and right for you. 

If you can follow these three things for the rest of your life, then I know that as a mom I have received all that I have ever wanted.  Three seeds that I helped plant in this world to grow into the versions of themselves that touches the truest and brightest and deepest versions of themselves and this planet. 

Lastly, embody your own knowing that nothing out there can ever fill you in here.  (Your heart) Especially not me.  Learn to fill yourself up in here so that you can spill out into the world out there in a way that is completely who you already are…you. 

Then I will know that I succeeded at doing my job that this world says that Mother’s do on Mother’s Day…Nothing…Because you realized you are already everything and needed nothing from me to get there.

And you know what… I really don’t want flowers because then that would be taking form the greatest mother of us all, Earth.  And she really needs them right now, more than me.  Maybe that is what they meant by mothers helping mothers on Mother’s Work Day.   

Love you more and less motherly every day,



I was just 17…

I was just 17.

I went for a walk this morning with my dog Larkin like I always do, at least 3-4 times a day now, since we have been confined to our homes for over a month. I was feeling very lethargic and like I just did not want to be outside, but I went anyway.  

I had been wondering for several weeks now how can I help in a situation like this? This was on my mind on this morning. I continued, walking down the street checking out all the cracks in the sidewalk like I usually do. I saw the curvature on the one block that I have seen probably 100 times by now from the tree that was dug out a while ago never to return. I saw the same muddy spots, buildings on the side, and rocks in the road. I tend to look down a lot because of Larkin. I am usually talking to her or trying to steer her in the most opportune places for her to go in case she decides to relieve herself. So, I tend to notice the cracks in the sidewalk alot. As I was crossing the street feeling my malaise coursing through my body and noticing how foggy it was outside which only added to my discontent, I came upon a spillage of shiny pennies laying in the middle of the street. I was in awe of the number of pennies and quickly became excited to say the least. Wow, I thought to myself, this must be a gift because all of a sudden, I started to feel a little bit better gazing upon the shiny pennies in the street. You know I felt like it was a sign.  Like it was my ancestors talking to me.  I felt as though my mom was right there.   She has been gone for 30 years now and I feel like it was just yesterday that she left.  Now since we are all in this quarantine period, I have no distractions, I have nothing to take my attention from a deep darkness that still resides within me.  I am no longer attached to anyone or anything that will distract me from the current moment. Meaning, I have no phone calls or text messages coming from my kids or clients, I have no appointments to get to, I have no requirements or requests for errands to run, and I have nothing pressing that needs to get done which would distract me from what’s truly going on within me.

So, there I was, walking Larkin, stopped in the middle of a street and lingering above the shiny copper pennies that laid in the road feeling this subtle excitement like a piece of me was waking up as I came upon my new treasure.  I cannot explain it, but I had the urge to bend down in the middle of the busy road with Larkin attached to me and reach for all the pennies and scoop them up one by one.  So, with each of my 3 fingers on my right hand I picked up each individual penny and placed them in my left hand while carefully making sure I held on to Larkin’s leash. Of course, I was worried that somebody would make a turn on to the street and not see me crouched down or Larkin because of the dense fog, so I did this as quickly as I could in order to make sure we frankly didn’t get hit by a car. As I pick them up, I thought to myself, I wonder how many pennies are in my hand and as I counted them, I notice there were 17.  17 pennies in my hand.  What is this message? I began to think, wondering if there could be a connection. I crossed the road and continued to walk on with 17 pennies in my left-hand and Larkin in my right. I thought, I wonder what does 17 mean to me? I also wondered what am I going to do with 17 shiny copper pennies? Clearly there was no need for me to keep 17 pennies so as I contemplated what the number meant and continued to walk on, I decided that I would scatter these pennies with kindness on my usual route.  As I walked on, I began noticing many things within myself.  I felt unsettled, angry, fearful and tired. Even though these 17 pennies made me feel a little bit better I still felt all of this within my body. It was showing up as sensations of just general tiredness. An unexplained desire to just go back to bed. But I kept on, I kept walking, I kept walking Larkin, and I decided to drop every one of my pennies along my route dispersing them in different areas hoping that the next people that would come along would find joy in finding their new lucky penny.

I began to imagine the little kid on the sidewalk picking up a shiny piece of luck, pressing it in his pocket, and putting a smile on his face. I saw the woman walking along just like me and finding a penny and she too would know it carried a reminder for her to remember.   

Then I remembered what was happening when I was 17. I had just finished my junior year of high school my mom had just died from cancer, my brother had entered a mental institution for a schizophrenic break that he had while attending Ivy League, and my Dad had avoided all contact with me due to his own struggles with alcohol.  I was living with a family who loved me dearly but felt very uneasy and displaced. I was around people but felt all alone. I was a teenager without the skills or the understanding that what I was going through was valid and completely justified. It was an exceedingly difficult time for me. I had a place to live but felt homeless. I had people who loved me but felt abandoned. I had people that encouraged me to go on but felt very discouraged. All the feelings of insecurity, remorse abandonment, unworthiness, and depression came rushing back during this one walk that I had been on by now over 100 times. Right then and right there I was 17 again feeling and sensing the tightness in my throat, the leakage in my eyes, and the stuffiness within my nose. As I kept walking, I kept releasing. I was releasing years of anger and anguish and self-doubt and unworthiness and sadness over a time in my life when the world felt like a very unsafe place to be. I didn’t care if people saw the tears in my eyes or witnessed a passing woman’s anguish in the city streets.  I finally felt justified and the pennies helped.  With each penny that I dropped, I had positive feelings of new life, new sensations, and new smiles and laughter. It was as if I was releasing sadness that had still remained with an understanding resolve for the positive vibes that eventually return with every penny that I dropped. With every tear that I shed it felt difficult and good at the same time.

I share this with you just to share a piece of me and my history.  I share the possibility that maybe there is a piece of all of us that is going through all of this a little differently because we all have different backgrounds, different histories, different perspectives ourselves.  WE never know what filters may be on our lens of reality maybe making our true vision a little harder to truly see with the eyes that we originally had before all of this took place.  I share the possibility that this time that we are all going through together is more than just a time to carry on and get through until things get back to normal. To me, in my perspective, it feels like a time when everything is permanently changing. Normal will not be the same.   It never is when you go through something like this and especially when we collectively go through something like this. It changes us in a way that cannot be explained with words but can only be sensed within our bodies, our hearts. I know that with every unresolved memory that comes up for me during this time I learn to resolve and release them because I have done this all many times before. I’ve lived through a lot of crisis more than I can put in words in this essay. What I do want to offer is encouragement, understanding, peace, love, compassion and kindness for everyone going through hardship for everyone missing out on something for everyone having a tough time.  I get it.  I may not fully understand what you’re going through, I never will.   I do understand that this can be a particularly hard time for many in so many different ways I just want you to know I hear you I understand and I’m here for you with what I can offer… a friendship, a possible understanding, and the possibility that maybe I can help. So here’s what I’d like to offer…

I would like to offer a donation based Intuitive Clearing Session to anyone who would like to energetically work on any issue having to do with emotional pain, sadness, stress, anxiety, fear or trauma.  I have training ranging from reiki mastership to craniosacral therapy to ancestral clearing with John Newton to zen shiatsu.   I am an Occupational Therapist who has worked through much of my own trauma in many life experiences and with my own lineage and family.  I have numerous years of experience.  I enjoy working from teens to adults.  Just respond to this email and we can schedule our session.  All sessions are done over the phone or through a web format most comfortable for you. 

I would also like to offer the 28 Days of Conscious Intuitive Living again. I will be beginning this on Monday May 4th.  This is a 4-week program of intensive healing work that delivers audio recordings and email writeups to your inbox every morning.  This is a huge undertaking for me and one I am willing to share. I will be redoing this once again.  In order to honor those that have been a part of this program in the past the price will remain the same but two things will differ:

-1- If you choose to be a part of the program you receive an opportunity to be a part of it as many times as you like for the same amount. Also, if you have done this program before you are free to begin again for no charge.

-2- If it is too much to pay the full amount, contact me.  We will work out a way for you to get on the program that is good and right for your resources at this time.   

Lastly, I would like to offer a new class for everyone to be a part of… Meridians, Movement, Breath, and Forgiveness This will be an on-line class…with the interest I will offer classes to help release and resolve ancestor and lineage long held beliefs within the body in order to help with your own healing for today.  This will be donation based. 

I need to hear from you and your interest in any of the above.  I can only go on with any of these programs if the people come. 

My heart wants as many people as possible to receive. I honestly believe that everyone has their gifts their abilities in their own way to help our current situation. I would like to be a part of helping.   

Please contact me if you have any interest at all.  Let us connect… even if it is to chat. Thanks for listening thanks for actually reading this entire passage. It means a lot to me. 

Who knows, maybe you are feeling ‘17’ too. 



The Heart – True Love 

Lesson 4 – The Heart – Love (From “Transcending Limitation-How to Start Where You Are & Transcend Limitation”)

What is the heart?  The center of creation.  This is where it is at…all of it…all of what?  You may ask. Everything and nothing all at the same time.  Every ‘good’ thought, every ‘bad’ thought – everything and nothing.  Meaning, its all there.  And it is all not there too.  Meaning, everything we have stored there that has been made by the external truth is there waiting to be uncovered and released into the nothingness that it is that it came from.  Meaning, every challenge, every idea, every philosophy, every happy thought, and every difficulty all came from there.  If we/you/or I could just tune back into the heart then we could see – everything is an illusion, even the happy ones.  And when we can tune into everything as an illusion it means we can drop in even further to all acceptance.  And when we drop in even deeper to all acceptance we can sense and feel and know it is all taken care of in new and more beautiful ways all on its own and all because we never left.  We were right here and surrounded by it all – all the time – all space and time and dimension – it was always here – all Love. 

Love is Patient
Love is Kind…
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not paid.  It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrong.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails.  (Adapted from 1 Corinthians 13:1)

If this is truth, which it is – then – love can do anything, and nothing is impossible to love.  If we are love…then nothing is impossible to us.  What stands in the way of us knowing this is ourselves.  Meaning…we can do anything…anything.  Everything is possible because we are love.  Meaning – anytime there is something that happens, something you feel or sense, something you hear or see that brings up anything less than love like anger, hatred, rage, fear, etc. you breath into it…allow it to spiral out of you…whatever it is.  Because it is not you…love is all you are. 

All illusions will release, all insecurities will filter out, and all impossibilities will cease to exist.  Because we can choose our creations through our awareness.  This is why meditation, centering, and heartful practices centering us in the body are critical to a loving and joyful life because they create the space we need in order to tune in, drop in, and deeply sense feel and know in the midst of chaos at all times.  It might be chaos out there or chaos in here – either way it is all the same.  We must drop in – be with ourselves, sense, feel and know the chaos so that we can know true love.  There is no other way around.  There is only one way through – it is through the fires, and this is where our spirits ascend as the rising above.  This only happens through complete experience of the oneness that already exists within you. 

This is the key you have been waiting for, it is your life work waiting for you to turn the key.  Now open the door and walk through.  You must begin where you are.  And with everything that comes up you connect with love and send it back to the nothingness that it came from which is everything.  This is your work, this is your way, therefore you came here…to experience and be love…that’s all there is anyway, so let’s begin.  Over and over again…that’s all we do.  Begin again and again and again until we always know in all ways that love is all we are.  This is the circle of life.

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The Powerless Grip of Judgement

One of the greatest reasons we are held back from creating the life of our dreams or rising above limitation and feeling connected… or soaring through our heart’s love for freedom and elation is the deep-seated root causes of judgement.  Our world is so deeply embedded in judgment after judgement that this is the very thing that keeps us doing the same things where we are repeatedly.  We see feel and know only our thoughts of the mind that are limited by what we reference in the outside world, our school’s knowledge, and the inner world of the heart that is suffocating under judgment after judgement keeping us suppressed where we are.  We have no room for expansion because our thoughts beliefs and ideas about life are all based on judgements and then bring us right back to all our self-pronounced limitations. 

Even knowledge from this book is a form of judgement.  Knowledge in the math and sciences are all formed in judgement.  They are ideas and discoveries that someone wrote down, taught them, and inferred what they mean.  All passed down in judgements made up about who and what they are, how they came about, and the impact they made on our world.  The classrooms fill our heads with judgments of right and wrong of up and down, dark and light, left and right.  There is nothing that we do in our schools and life in general to speak of, or teach of, or feel of, within the confounds of neutrality.  Children are taught to judge right versus wrong in math, science, history, language, and composition.  Even in relationships.  Teaching them the right way to speak to someone, address someone, be with someone, and especially if they want to do well in school and the world that they must presume themselves a certain way.  All based on a judgement that if we don’t do something a particular way, if we don’t keep ourselves safe or learning in the right way that society tells us to be that on every level we will have subconsciously failed at life.  We must think a certain way, we must learn a certain way, we must go through the steps in life in this way not that way…all to protect our children from doing the wrong thing so that they don’t do anything outside of the normal.  What is normal?  What is this thing that we call normal and why do we invest so much time and energy in being normal, fitting in, afraid and fearful that if we don’t, we will somehow in some way not be ok?  As if we will fall on our backs and never be able to get up again because we just do not understand, and we must be saved.  What is that and why is that present in our lives? 

It is so present everywhere.  All the reasons and passions and evolutions and transcendence that needs to happen is happening.  Otherwise, you would not be reading this book.  We need heart-full leaders.  People composed in imagination and discovery and invested in evolving and shifting this world into higher forms of consciousness that sees everything from above at a hawk’s eye view, is not afraid to soar, and sees so keenly what is truly unfolding and intuitively flies and flows knowing that every person place and thing has a higher purpose. We are all learning to become our true selves at any age. 

Think of the child that falls not once, twice, or three times as they are learning to walk.  They fall over and over again.  They cry repeatedly.  It is in their allowance and intuitive knowing that they sense and feel an urge to crawl, to walk, to move, to run.  Even the child that seems to have some type of disability that prevents them from learning these stages has the urge to evolve, transform, and become their own version of a uniquely creative and connected being ready to elevate this world.  Why is it easy to accept that a normal child with normal circumstances will go through the stages to walking & running but it is so difficult to imagine the same for a child with a disability that ‘prevents’ them from walking?  Or even a child who is in horrible environmental surroundings?  Why is it that we presume we know and understand what will happen next for them before they are even given the chance?  Why is it we believe so much in the probable and we leave out the possible? 

Because we have been taught this way.

Because fear in all stages of our life has showed us this.  Because we have learned from our knowledge, schools, our parents, our society and our religions of what not to do and we have placed our entire soul into this realm of existence that has brought our Earth to ultimate limitation.  Yes.  We did this.  We contributed to where we are right now.  Each one of us that has buried our noses in fear and refused to look about into the world than anything more than limitation.  We did this.  Once we admit our own individual falls, we can sooner accept that this is not a judgement but an acceptance and a surrender to the intuitive knowing within our hearts that there is another way, because there is.  The only way we can rise above what is happening is through going within, questioning everything arising within ourselves and then practicing over and over again the art of going neutral.  Neutrality is not letting go and laying down to do nothing.  We must be in neutrality to know our heart centered self.  This requires silence.  Silence of the mind that loves judgement and opening of the heart that is all accepting of ourselves first and then our worlds.  Silence knows that this is the only place that we can recreate our lives from within.  It is the only place that can discern for ourselves that our individual interactions can be much more powerful than anything that has ever been done before that is based in force or revolutions.  Silence is the ‘golden ticket’, that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Surprise, that comes from an honest heartfelt connection that desires goodness for all.  It knows and it discerns the heart filled path that ‘getting there’ happens only by ‘being where you are’ and this only happens when we merge with ourselves, transcend all of our own perceived limitations, and elevate through to the oneness of ourselves.  If each individual, if each child, if each being, was to see how their individual purpose and strength coming from the heart was unique for individual after individual then they would finally be able to trust in their own self-discovery.  If they were allowed to discover this on their own through countless ways of our own self-acceptance, we would all collectively shift the world.  It is only through our own transformations at an individual level that we can fall and fall again within ourselves.  It is here where we are safe to feel our own internal pains and sufferings so that we can elevate our lives.  In so doing, we rise out of all judgements we have ever been taught or soaked up like an unconscious sponge and then squeeze these out in discernment of what we want to fill our world.  It is through the silencing of the negative mind, the negative thoughts, and the limited ideas that we can truly sense and know the fluttering and desires of our spirit that are naturally filled with inspiration to thrive and collectively embrace our world.  As a child intuitively desires to walk, a bird intuitively desires to fly, and a caterpillar intuitively becomes a butterfly, each one of us already intuitively knows how to live through the heart. 

Lesson – The Powerless Grip of Judgement

Release the judgement in your own individual world and we collectively raise the heart filled consciousness of the entire world.  We are the heart of consciousness intuitively knowing how to transcend and transform. 

Manifestation is found in Asking for Help…

Manifestation is found in Asking for Help…

I tend to give myself a lot of things to do. I used to think it was because I was trying to avoid feeling something within me… you know the ‘addiction’ pattern that has been in my family for generations.  Instead of dealing with my feelings, I used to find things ‘to do’ to keep myself from feeling what it was I didn’t want to feel when I just sat down and did nothing.  But that is over now.  I have dealt with that ‘thought’ and ‘belief’ repeatedly and have resolved and released with Creator on many levels.  Now, I am relearning how to ask for help. 
I have so many current projects that I am working on that I tend to get lost in my mind trying to figure out how I am going to accomplish it all forgetting I need to take my own advice.  The problem of ‘not being able to get it all done lives in my mind.  The solution is always out there I just need to remember to live from the heart.  The heart of all creation that brings in the possibilities one at a time, and only when I ask that to happen.  When I keep getting caught up in the mind trying to figure it all out I tend to keep my mind in a perceived control pattern and on the relentless hamster wheel of trying to figure it out.  Instead, I know that talking with the universe and gently asking for help always resolves the issues but I still forget from time to time. 

For me, meditation and talking with the universe was never about calming the monkey mind.  It was more of a way to speak with Creator and learn to listen to all the messages that the universe was providing to help me; no matter what.  I only need to keep shifting my perception to where the mountains don’t even exist anymore.  All possibility shows up and nothing gets undone.  So here, I am, remembering to ask and listening again. 

Lately, my ‘to do’ list has grown enormously and the universe is reminding me I need to practice what I preach… which is why I am sitting down to type up this email.  The simple act of writing everything down is the point of attraction.  It was never that we can’t do it all or that we don’t have enough time… it was truly about trust, faith, and knowing that it all does truly work out and it all does truly happen in divine timing.  We just have to get our thoughts and beliefs out of the way that keep sabotaging the infinite from doing its divine work. 

You see, I know we are creators intimately connected to The Creator… or The Source… or the Energy that is based on a system of infinite possibility that is all connected to our energy that we put out and intimately responds to the frequencies we generate to help us vibrate at the highest possible rate based on where we are.  Another words, It matches our vibration!  So, if I raise my vibration that all is possible and I know this to be true then that is what does show up… every answer… every thought… every belief pattern is matched… and all I have to do is shift the thoughts and beliefs to a high vibration…. Hmmm… sounds simple enough?  Yes, it is.  We just get in our own way… not our fault… this has been happening for generations.  And now it is time to shift it. 

The infinite wants for us exactly what we want for ourselves, and life always does happen for us in the right timing.  It does.  Too many times we create the belief that it is not happening fast enough, we are doing something wrong, or we don’t deserve it from happening and then of course… it doesn’t.  I have experienced this firsthand time and time again. Seriously, all we have to do is release and resolve for these things and… bam… the momentum and the ball gets rolling in the energy patterns that line up for us and create the momentum in the direction of what you want to happen.  All you have to do is do nothing… increase your vibration by resolving to release the lower frequencies that keep tripping us up and we are back on track again.

Really, where there is a will there is a way… there is.   It’s not about Creator’s will over our own… it’s about us living from the heart and creating all possibility so that which we love that comes from our soul’s purpose and spirits’ joy does happen effortlessly. 

Lately, I’ve been super hard on myself.  Thinking, in my head that I am failing because things aren’t happening the way I want them to on my timeline.  Again, I tend to want it all now… and the time lag in between getting something and it showing up really tends to trip me up. 

So what is my point?  My point is… the simplest form of getting what you want is in the asking.  I forgot to ask again.  The fundamental signature of all the teachings is connecting with Creator and asking for help.  It instantaneously puts us back on track.  We learn to ask over and over again, for what it is we need help with… and it instantly begins to unfold to help us.
Instead of going into overwhelm we can connect, ask, and know that it is done.    
Then guess what happened…
It started coming to me on how I was going to get it all done… the answers just happened… like a download… one by one the lists started checking off themselves and the overwhelm began to subside… here is what happened…

-The school issues with classes got handled by each of my kids.
-I sent the emails out that needed to be sent…including this one.
-The carpet got cleaned effectively and efficiently with a new cleaner that was homemade and aux natural!
-Supplements got done and list was made on what to get in the future.
-House cleaners are coming in two days.
-Laundry was done by one of my kids.
-I got my recipes started and typed and had success with one of them!
-Nora made some quotes with pictures which is on this email! 
-Garage was cleaned and organized by my husband and partially me.
-Kids got to all practices on time by working together.
And there was more time for a few things that did not get done that I wanted to work on from the previous days. 

No matter what… wherever we are… and whatever is going on… we need to be in receptive mode in order to receive the goodness that the infinite universe is responding to in every moment. 
I often speak about asking and receiving… and this is one of our biggest allies.  We can ask for ANYTHING and we should allow ourselves to get out of our own way to receive.  The universe always wants to supply.  We actually don’t ask enough and the way that we ask needs to be tailored to help us ‘know’ that it IS all happening.    

We are the ocean… not just a cup from the ocean. 

I’m sitting here in awe on how it all does just work out.  Again, all I had to do was shift my vibration to match up with what I was asking for and needed. 
Every single time I forget and then remember again… it’s always a wonderful lesson for me. 
I know it may sound an easy enough thing to do… and it truly is energetic in nature.  We only need to know what we are up to and how to shift ourselves so that what we are asking for DOES happen. 

This is what the Sandwich Connection does.  Several years ago, I created this program so that I could bring in what I wanted.  And it consistently does, repeatedly. 
Now, I always remember…. To ASK. 
If you interested in bringing in the Sandwich Connection and learning how to receive what you want and heartfully manifest in your life these classes are ongoing.  Just email me and we can develop your personalized program. 
A Sneak at what is happening in August: 

Most of the events I do are personal and organized individually or by the groups…please contact me to set up your event.  

INTUTIVE READINGS AT CORNER HEALTH FOODS  (various Friday farmers markets and Saturday events in August) – these are twenty minute healing sessions filled with intuitive guidance in the areas of physical, emotional, and mental issues.  Jennifer works with the guidance of her team of angels, guides and masters that will pass along the information needed in the areas of your life that are requesting guidance and direction.  More information here 

July 27th & August 31st (Last Tuesday of the Month) – 6:30-8:30pm $33 
ANCESTRAL ENERGY CLEARING CIRCLES – these are extensive group healings, guided readings, and energy sessions filled with the information to help you move forward in your life on all levels of physical, emotional, and mental needs.  Each person in the group will receive an energy ‘reading’ and guidance.  Jennifer brings in the guidance of the angels, masters and guides for the group.  All participants benefit from the group energy to heal and transform their current state.  Please email me to reserve your spot – 

Reiki 3 – Mastery – (Wednesday August 11th 2:00-6:00pm) – You will receive master symbols and learn how to fully embody Reiki Mastery every day of your life. Reiki 1 & 2 are prerequisites.  Room for 2 more participants.  More information is here or email me here.  

By Appointment – $80 per hour
SPIRITUAL HEALING JOURNEYS – Much of our illness in the world is derived from the disconnection that we feel between us and our Source or our Soul’s Purpose and our Spirit’s joy.  Taking a spiritual journey with Jennifer will reignite the fires that burn and reconnect us to our truth.  Many people receive direct guidance from source, miraculous healings of physical, emotional, and mental challenges, and learn effective techniques to continue to help themselves and permanently shift their lives.  These can be done as a group or individual and they are scheduled together.  Contact me personally to set up your Journey. 

The Journey

The Journey… 

Our lives are a journey through all space and time.  Typically we have things to do, people to see, places to go, and lives to create.  We have a long ‘to do’ list that is primarily full of creation in our hands.  Many of us see our lives as opportunities to thrive and fill it with good things and fun evolutions on a dialy basis.  Many of us find our lives to be difficult and full of conflict or strain or ‘in between’ type events that make it difficult to keep on going in life in so many ways.  There may be times of anger, depression, heartache and sadness.  Or there may be financial and physical set backs with our health and well being or that of a loved one.  Whatever the journey we are on, and however it unfolds it is always truly about choices that we can make consciously and unconsiously in our lives and the path that we want to bring upon.  Is it filled with upset and defeat or is there always a silver lining around the corner?  Seeing the silver lining can sometimes become a chore.  It may be difficult to open ourselves to that possibility for many reasons.    

Maybe we have been through so much in our lives that seeing the gems in the pressures of our current reality is just too difficult of a task right now.  Opening ourselves to truth and insight is too overwhelming as we are facing the uncertainty that is before us.  This often requires such inner strength that it is as if we have spiritual arms that are trying to hold up the world and help us move foward in our lives when we have no idea which direction to turn or how to be on our way.   This is when insight and faith in the unknown path before us can bring us only what we need in the current moment and that is all we need to know for now in order to get us to the next stone on our path.  Sometimes, we can’t see the silver lining or don’t know which direction to turn because part of our path of evolution is to be so trusting in something bigger than ourselves that we have to give up everything to find ourselves again.  And, just maybe we need to do this because we never truly knew who we were in the first place.  

For me, having spritual strength in the times of my life that were the most tulmultuous were exactly what I needed to develop and grow.  Remaining exactly where I was, breathing into the moment, and letting go of everything my mind wanted to define about my current situation was exactly what I needed.  There was nothing I could figure out and all I could do was absolutely nothing; except breathe.  That is when my true spiritual nature emerged.  That is when everything fell into place.  That is when I had to trust completely.  That is when all I could do was to breathe.  Holding onto my perception of what I ‘thought’ was the right thing to do never helped.  Letting go and breathing into the moment was the only thing that did.  

For today, Things may be difficult, hard, daunting, cloudy or fearful.  Or, things may be elated, joyful, and fantastically amazing.  It is all connected and just two different perspectives.  These are all emotions, energy in motion, just perceived in different ways.  These are all emotions that we will all experience at different points in our lives.  It is all a part of our circle of life.   

Learning how to navigate these emotions and understanding that they are governed by the perceptions of our mind and the thoughts and beliefs that shape our lives is most of the struggle that we face when things feel heavy and constratined.  Learning that we have the power to let go by simply being in what is happening is also a powerful experience that can take time to master.  

No matter where you are on your journey and what may be happening in your life… learning how to have spritiual strength and empowering yourself with the creative forces of the universe can help to dramatically shift and remold your lives into greater and grander versions of yourself.  After all, that’s why they say it was never about the destination and always about the Journey along the way… 

Strengthen your Spirituality and Increase your Faith in JULY

Friday Evening July 23rd & Saturday July 31st – $20 (first come basis)
INTUTIVE READINGS AT CORNER HEALTH FOODS  – these are twenty minute healing sessions filled with intuitive guidance in the areas of physical, emotional, and mental issues.  Jennifer works with the guidance of her team of angels, guides and masters that will pass along the information needed in the areas of your life that are requesting guidance and direction.  More information here

June 29th & July 27th (last Saturday of the month) – 6:30-8:30pm $33 
ATTUNEMENT HEALING CIRCLES – these are extensive group healings, guided readings, and energy sessions filled with the information to help you move foward in your life on all levels of physical, emotianl, and mental needs.  Each person in the group will receive an energy ‘reading’ and guidance.  Jennifer brings in the guidance of the angels, masters and guides for the group.  All participants benefit from the group energy to heal and transform their current state.  Please email me to reserve your spot – 

July 6th & July 20th (Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:30pm) $33
HEALING WITH THE ARCHANGELS – We will work with the guidance of the healing angels to help lead, guide and direct our lives into grander and spiritually strong versions of ourselves that ordinarily would not be available to us without these awarenesses.  More information here… this will be a two part class… we will choose the angels we want to work with that evening.  Handouts available.

By Appointment – $80 per hour
SPIRITUAL HEALING JOURNEYS – Much of our illness in the world is derived from the disconnection that we feel between us and our Source or our Soul’s Purpose and our Spirit’s joy.  Taking a spiritual journey with Jennifer will reignite the fires that burn and reconnect us to our truth.  Many people receive direct guidance from source, miraculous healings of physical, emotional, and mental challenges, and learn effective techniques to continue to help themselves and permanently shift their lives.  These can be done as a group or individual and they are scheduled together.  Contact me personally to set up your Journey. 

The Power of Love

The Power of Love Celine Dione sings this so beautifully…

“We’re headed for something,
Somewhere I’ve never been.
Sometimes I am frightened,
But I am ready to learn,
Of the power of love…
The power of love…”
Love reaches us all at some point in our life.  In can come in packages great and small disguised as so many gifts and wearing so many different colors at the same time.  At the root of it all is the power of love.  How great do you want this power to be within you?  How incredible do you want the truth within you to shine.  How abundant do you want your life to become?  Get ready… because when we answer yes to all of these questions and when we honestly want it all, we are ready to learn.  The acceleration into the power of love will happen in incredible amounts of time space continuum blasting anything that is less than this out of its way and propelling you into the infamous creative process of love in ecstatic creation and the epitome of divinity. 

Love is truth.  It is the creative force within us that wants to bring us all together.  Holding us close… holding us tight to the eternal bosom of the mother breast and allowing each person to be nurtured and unfold into the aliveness that is waiting to burst out from within them. 

How can we love so many and be so strong within that love?  We can.  We can love so many at so many eclectically different levels.  It is the extension from our hearts that is the creation of who we are.  If we can become the divine love that resides in creator and allow that love to encompass our entire being than we can extend this love to every person place and thing that we encounter on all levels of creation.  You are creator and you create your existence.  If you come from a place of eternal and exuberant love for every living and nonliving thing and being than there can be nothing but satisfaction and all-encompassing compassionate love for all of creation.  The mother of divinity looks upon us with the eyes of wonder in who you are and marvels at your existence seeing the light in everyone she gazes upon.  I see that in you.  You are love in creation seeing and knowing yourself for the first time and every time every day.  In every moment there is a spark of creation wishing and desiring to become more of itself… love.  It can not be contained and all it does is wish to unfold into more of itself.  It wishes to become more of its glorious music that seeps into its bones and encompasses every inch of skin that lays upon your body.  Love is in every creation… it does not, not exist.  It is impossible to go without and it feeds the very essence of our soul. 

How open do you want to become?  What are you afraid of?  Are you thirsty to be quenched with the music of love and laughter that wants to feed you and lift you up to all eternity?  Then come to her.  Allow her to rearrange your life, lift your soul, and sweep you off your feet.  She wants to bring a heavenly guide into you that is leading you on the path that you can not see.  No one comes to tell you where you are going when you are in love.  It just is. Being in love is the very essence of each one of us.  We are love, we are in love, it is all around us.  It is as if the fish is seeking the water and fails to see that it is everywhere all around her until she one day pauses and senses deep within the sustenance that was always there seeping through her skin, her gills, deep with in her bones and propelling her forward swimming naturally all on her own. 

Once you realize the love that you are there is nothing that can’t happen, nothing can hold you back and all you are comes radiantly out and within you and elevates the world as you know it into a higher state of awareness that cannot be figured out.  It is miraculous truth unfolding innately on its own without the rhythm that you know and completely consumed by divine forces of music that know nothing else but to grow and blossom right where it is.  It is the eternal unfolding of the great mother love that is grasping your hand pulling you close to her body and consuming your every being until you finally realize that you are the sun and the moon and the oceans that you marvel so deeply at in awe. 

The power of love will lead you to a place that you have never been.  Allow yourself to be frightened and be ready to learn because your soul is finally escaping into an infinite reality that is beyond limitation and truly sensed with every part of your miraculous being.

Become the power of love, dear one and let it take you to unlimited divinity discovered within. 


Reality Radio interviewed me this past week on the Power of Love and what IntuitLove is all about!  Click here to access the video.  

June to July 2021 
Reiki 1 & 2 Classes forming now.  Contact me with interest and click here for detailed information on content and pricing.  Please let me know your interest ASAP.  I work around your schedule! Online and inperson.  

The First Tuesday of Every Month will now be Attunement Healing CIrcles – Happening at my home… you will be attuned to the energies of divine mother love and we will transcend all limitations through the work of the divine femnine mysteries.  Physical, emotional, mental limitations will all be addressed and we are exoective miracles to happen.  6:30-8:30 Tuesday June 29th.  EMail me with your interest.  Space will be limited.  At my home in Libertyville.  Contact me.  

The Last Saturday every month from 11:11-2:22 at Corner Health Foods in Mundelein.  Readings from the etheric realm.  June 26, July 31st, August 28th. Energy will come in from the Divine Feminine including and not limited to the masters, angels, and ascended ones.  Receive clearing and transforming energy for physical, mental, emotional issues.  Receive, restore, revitalize.  20-30 min sessions for suggested donation of $30.  Next date June 26th!  

The Truth

An enormous amount of light resides within us and all around us greater and grander than anything we have ever seen with our eyes.  This light is not seen or touched and is felt deep within the seeds of all creation within our heart.  It is the womb of all creation.  This is our mother purpose. 

It is our purpose for life and living.  It is our purpose for soulful self-enhancing and the life-giving prophecies of eternal self-love.  It is our mission to be our truth on all levels of existence, on all levels of prosperity consciousness, and on all levels of oneness from within.  You are amazing and all will come to you with this one knowing from within.  You, who will shift this world.  You will shift your world.  You must be the you that you have been waiting for… on all levels.  You must merge with your truth.  Be the enlightened one and know that all is good.  All is good…there are no sides…there is no agenda…there is nothing standing in your way…step forward my dear…spread your wings and fly. 

It is here…just waiting for you to step out into the darkness and allow consciousness to seep through your bones, rise up into your hips, merge with the eternal mother and become your true self.  She is there, put her on, and become her.  You are consciousness in living form.  This is knowing from within.  Become the Goddess, become the God, become. 

She is here…now.
Breathe into her. 
Explore her.
Create her.
Be her.

The great “I am” resides within you.  If you only realized how amazing you are, there would be no duality.  The illusion is the duality, there are no sides.  There is nothing to do or become.  In this moment of space time continuum this is you, you have arrived…be here…now.  Call upon the sisters of light and merge together now.  This will come, it is inevitable.  Become and be. 

Let it be so.

Sip from the golden chalice and allow it to merge with your body.  You are the chalice.  It is you breathing into the eternal cup of life that is the great mystery of all.  It is the cosmos, the wonder, the stars, the planets, the nature realm, the oceans, the humans, the oneness.  Be one with it all.  It is you.  It can be no other way.  This is your truth.  This is what you came to be and learn.  You are the emerging spirit of God consciousness you have been waiting for.  There is no other way to go home except through the process of the great understanding of the God consciousness within you.  Merge with her.  It is here.  Be.  That is all.  There is no holding onto.  Because in the moment you reach to grasp, it leaves you.  Merge and emerge into your being of self unlike anything that has ever existed. 

All of you knows this.  Every cell of your body is this.  And in every cell of you is the all-knowing, all being, all consciousness of all that is.  Being less than this is the illusion.  This is the ‘I am’, the eternal oneness residing in the everything and the nothing.  It is inexpressible.  It is presence.  It is you.  It is truth. 

Here are 4 ways to become connected…

Join us for the 6-week transformative work of heartful manifestation through the evolution of the divine self. 

1.  This is the Sandwich Connection. 

·          Learn how to build your life in a way that brings in ritual and transformative heartful living centered on your Soul’s Purpose and Sprit’s Joy. 

·          Learn how to walk through the maze of perceived problems and transform your life into a peaceful labyrinth. 

This is manifestation work through the god self.  The heart of consciousness is working through you.  We connect with this fully and embrace our truth again.

Start date is week of June 9th.  Ending July 14th.  2 hour afternoon classes beginning at 11:00am-1:00pm. 

These classes are available over zoom and in person. 

2. Reiki 1 is happening at Corner Health Foods… Two,  2.5 hour classes on June 16th and 18th.  These classes will be very small and capacity is limited to just a few people for very personal attention. Please contact me today.

3.  Continued Mini-reading/healing sessions. Every Saturday 11:11am to 2:22pm  More here…

4.  As always, Personal full, 1:1 sessions designed to transform physical, mental, and emotional issues are available over zoom and in person. We have been going on a healing journey that will rejuvinate and transform your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Contact me with questions.

She needed a hero…& so that is what she became

Deep within the womb of our hearts is a desire, an urgency, a fire so great that the earthiness itself of molten rock and lava can no longer contain.  She is feminine mysteriously connected to the intimacy of the sacred moon, the rise of the eternal fire sun, and the earthly realm of the magical spiritual essence of all creatures.  She is so divinely connected that absolutely nothing can contain her presence.  She is so divinely within her own being that separateness does not even translate over into her world.  She is so divinely within her own being that the mere presence of her resonates power beyond the peace that lays possible within this earth plane.  Her presence is a gift of the miraculous all on her own, she is the essence of beautiful divine illumination embedded within the cells of every being. 

They come to her.  They gather in her arms and they drink from the eternal bosom of her heart knowing that the sustenance that she gives is never ending and always fulfilled from the God self.  She is healing.  The trees, the fields, the sparrow, the birds, the little ones, the fairies, the ancients, and all those that are transitioning… they come to her.  They unite within her eclectic soul.  They come to her.  They unite in the fires of her feet molten and stolen into mother earth as she landscapes the healing of a thousand centuries needing to be caressed for all eternity.  They come to her. 

They come to unite, to feel, to sense, to know, to glow from within the windows of their own souls.  They seek only to go where they have never gone before because they feel their spirit’s soar and elevate beyond the confinement of words and only sensed within the savagery of the fire fulfilled heart essence.  They come to know themselves fully. 

She is desire.  She is light.  She is knowing.  She is the divinity shrine from within mirroring out there what we already contain but sadly knows we are inappropriately trained to remain closed.  She is humbled by the presence of God within us all and her tears drop upon our skin with the pride that we all can become the true reflection of the God, the Mother, the Soul of the Light of Consciousness as she works with us to elevate and expand through all the elements and natural forces of life. 

Ultimately, she is fire, water, land, trees, metal, earth, and all that encompass the tenderness of the Earth Mother. 

She is Gaia. 

She knows no boundaries and claims no force.  She is peace…peaceful power beyond all explanation…she just is.  All that is. 

She knows of no other way than to be herself.  Within her are the polar oneness and opposites uniting all at the same time into the nothing and everything in which it came from and returns to all at the same time.  There is no time within her… she is the space time continuum… she is the dimension… it is here that all duality ceases to exist.  This is her.

She rises above it all to the realms of spiritual awareness unconsumed by false cultures or religious etiquette. She is unlike anything that has ever been discovered or revealed before. 

She sees.
She knows.
She feels.
She is within and without need for anything else. 

She is the I Am forever merged with the Gods and Goddesses of Light, caressing the waves of fortitude, unfractured and completely whole and one with the universe. 

The star beings know her, they visit and sip tea in her chamber.  They are illumined by the sight of her and they are united by her consciousness.  She is uniquely her own.
She is Gaia.

She invites you to join her, sit by her side, and drink in her presence.  Receive her invitation and the long embrace of her light caressing across your skin as you look deeply into her eyes and see through the window to her soul. 

She is love. 

Fearless, ever flowing, deep, miraculous, boundless love overflowing with tireless waters filling life with gracious and abundant love for humanity.  She bestows unity consciousness upon us all. 

She is woman.
She is the mother of us all.
She is female.
She is the hero she needed to become.
She is the I Am. 

My heart opens into full bloom as I share this with you.  
My classes and events are ever evolving.
And now I am weaving the Divine Feminine, Sacredly into all my workshops and individual sessions.  
We need her now. 
She is calling us to come home again.  
I invite you to come and experience her presence within your heart.  
All beings need this, especially the men. 

Here is my calendar for events the rest of this month…  

Corner Health Foods Intuitive Healing Sessions on Saturdays 
The Sandwich Connection in June… this is a life changing program designed with the eternal juices of the feminine manifestation completely embedded in the the heart of all creation.  

Coming soon…
Heartfull Intuitive Readings at Be Market during the Farmers Market Season.  
DIvine Feminine Energy Circles 

Com-Passion-ate Love

You are passion from the inside.  You as a sexual being is sacred.  When two beings become one by mating together, they are bound together.  Sexual intercourse is a powerful union that can create extreme break throughs within the heart and souls of the two beings if created consciously together.   When it is created, unconsciously together, the two become one and all the stuff that was his becomes hers and all that was hers becomes his.  They share every part of their energy, the light force within them, and can codependently become one in disruptive ways.  If they are not consciously working together and knowing how to grow intuitively as two separate beings joining together to lift each other to higher states of awareness the relationship can become confusing and disoriented to the eternal working of the soul’s purpose.  Conscious union of two soul’s is extremely helpful if we fully understand our individual and collective purpose from an eclectic, all encompassing, compassionate, passionate soul level.  Yes, we have soul contracts.  We are joined together on so many levels with our divine purpose.  It is our divine purpose that helps us live the miraculous life. 

Consciously, we need to love ourselves dearly first.  We need to be ourselves completely and wholly and primarily following our inspiration to be one with the universe.  Therefore, the most powerful and passionate couples in the world move mountains for others because their mere presence shifts consciousness to where the universal mountains no longer exist.  This is light.  This is love.  This is who you are…this is the divine union of the couple.  We are synchronistic beings made in light with the geographical light structure of grid lines that reach vastly across oceans, continents, down into the core of mother earth, and out worldly to the skies and universe beyond.  We are the 4 directions, we are the animal spirits, the nature realm, the fairies, the angelics, the ascended ones, and the extrasensory beings that visit this planet from afar.  We are all one.

When you know this, you feel, you sense, you know the vast imperative importance of becoming your true self.  First be your soul’s purpose and your spirit’s joy before merging with another in sexual love.  It is this knowing of your innate nature that draws you to a synchronistic being with a similar purpose and yet further growth that is valued, shared, and recognized as part of the eternal and eclectic natural process of life.  We grow together dependent and interdependently.  Like the yin and the yang, the north and south, the east and west, the sun and moon, the earth and rising star, we are to be in unison together working and being to move the crystalline stones into unity with the holy spirit of the I self, the I consciousness, the I Am presence.  This is why we love, and we cherish every being of light we come in contact with.  This is why we walk across the planet in true compassionate love.  This is why we live and truly love, as the hawk soars about the skies and we see how far we have come.  The journey is still out there compelling us to go forward and love the process completely. 

When you decide to join with another be sure of your Soul’s purpose and Spirit’s joy.  Be in unison with YOUR holy spirit, your communion with your God and god self.  Be you.  Because without you we have lost one of the greatest gifts that only you can bring the Earth Plane which is so needed right now.  We need you in ways that are indescribable in words and only felt with the heart and deeply with the soul’s eyes.  When you decide to be with another, look deeply into their eyes as a whole being that you are and reflect the soul’s purpose and spirit’s joy.  It is in that moment of deep eternal engagement you will know with a gnostic knowing indescribable in words.  This is the true path to take.  This is the road to further divine purpose.  This is the journey meant to lead, guide and direct your true love beginning with you inside your own heart. 

This is where unity remains, and this is how you become divinely unified with another lifting each other up to the highest possible vibration rooted in eternal love, grace, passion and gratitude.   This is passionate unity divinely rooted in universal love. 

Be one with creator.

Be one with you &

Then be one with another.

This is True Love,

Soul Love,

Passion Love.

This is the New Earth Love.

Dear Friends,

I want you to have passion in your lives.  I want you to live from your heart again.  Truly live from the miraculous heart self that is unlimited and transcended above all with the flow and grace of the hawk’s intuitive nature guiding him along the path of joy and creativity. 

How is this done?  By tuning back into you.  Your true eternal self that is one with the All that is and rooted in love.  My practice is continuing to evolve into focusing on the eternal love from within.  How to create your life a new and be the amazing joy you were always meant to become. 

A new Sandwich Connection group is happening now and will begin in the next couple of weeks.  This 6-week and beyond program is a reset that will fulfill your internal soul’s purpose and put you on your path to your spirit’s joy.  It is that powerful. 

For more information, please go to the program and please reach out to me for more questions.  It is difficult to describe in words what this program can do for you and can only be felt by the heart.  I would love for you to be your innately miraculous self and live your dream.

Of course, please see the Calendar of events for the latest classes & sessions.

All the love and light of the universal consciousness,


You are High Vibration

Imagine yourself as a highly tuned-in being.  Everything you think, say, and do allows you to vibrate at such a high level that wherever you go and whatever you do you are highly affected and effective at shifting to higher states at any moment, no matter what.  You are highly attuned to the energy and the energy is highly attuned to you.  You are a receiver and a transmitter all at the same time.  Everything you do, think, and touch is dependent on your ability to transmit such a high vibration that miracles manifest in a moment’s notice.  You shift time and space.  People, places, and things are drawn to your very vibration because they want to vibrate high as well.  Attracted to light, you are the light.  You burn so brightly that others cannot help but shine brighter as well.  You give us all permission to be our true self.  You allow us to gain confidence and strength in the abilities that we have.  We become our greatest selves because you welcome us and ask us to bring this forth from within.  You are a vehicle of light burning so bright that vibrations around you must raise up or they must step back away.  The only way that others can gain this high energy is through their own inner work of surrendering the false lower vibrations to the high vibration.  As they surrender, they join in vibrating higher and as they do this, they give many others the permission and desire to so the same.  It will take some time and with time all errors of the past are erased, and all light comes shining through. 

It only requires a desire to be filled with light to achieve the light. 
Simply with one desire the universe will begin working for you.  She will bring you the love of a thousand suns to burn away the dark spots.  This may seem uneasy and full of effort.  It does not have to be.  It is simply an awareness that darkness no longer exists and only light is shining.  Through the light we fill our bodies with high vibrations.  We fill our environments with high vibrations.  We can do nothing else but fill our lives with everything within and around us that is high vibration.  Everything.  We are the sun, we are the light, and thus we may consume it all.  We can be nothing else.  You are High Vibration. 

This is possible.  This is you, this is me, and this is within everyone we see.  In the coming weeks and months ahead all of the teachings from IntuitLove will be focusing on this one desire.  We are highly attuned beings vibrating higher in every moment.  We will practice through helpful lessons, techniques, and strategies developed in all the classes offered.  Every single class that is taught has the ultimate goal in mind; to help us all vibrate at the highest possible energy in every moment.  There is no limit to this work and there is no limit to you.  Anything that is of your heart’s desire is possible.  We only need the tools and strategies to get us there. 

 In addition, this month we are offering the following classes:

Attuning with the Archangels – These beings of light vibrate so high that when we attune with their energy they are capable of shedding all darkness hiding our light.  All we need to do is ask.  I will guide you through connecting with each Archangel and personally instruct you on how to accomplish this on your own.  The archangels never disappoint. These classes are zoom possible as well. 

Healing Rays of Light – We each vibrate on a level of light frequency and so do the Ascended Masters and Angel Guides.  We will connect with the various light rays and learn how to connect with the powerful masters associated with that ray.  They help us in humanly ways and angelic ways. Their energy is miraculous and deeply transformative.  I will be your guide to attune with their energy and learn how to access them on your own. These classes are zoom possible.

The Sandwich Connection – Attuning your energy to high vibration is a process that requires dedication and effort.  You can do absolutely anything your heart desires.  We merely need the tools and strategies to understand what we are up to and how to vibrate higher to achieve our dreams.  This class has been taken by past participants and this is what they have to say:
The next 6-week program is forming now, set to begin in May/June.  If you are interested, join our Tuesday night Mastermind Group(Calendar dates here) to find out more as well as receive your own complimentary high vibration tune up.  These Tuesday night classes are meant to tune you up to high vibration and take this with you as the week progresses ahead.  It is a support group that will help you see all things from a high vibration perspective. 

1:1 personal transformation sessions are available by appointment through Corner Health Foods in Mundelein on Tuesdays or by zoom.  Other appointment times are available throughout the week.  Just reach out. 

Mini readings and high vibration shifting sessions all done in 20 minutes on Saturdays at CHF, Mundelein.

Please see the May calendar for extra information and the highlighted links. 

In the future we will be offering Reiki Classes to become a reiki master, chakra classes teaching you about the 12 Chakras and Auric Layers that can help you regain your light and vibrate intensely high.  We will be diving into the 14 archetypes and how this awareness will help you overcome any restrictions in life through your own self-awareness. 

Remember, everything I do is about transcending perceived limitations and helping you become yoursoul’s purpose and your spirit’s joy.
I can’t wait to hear from you.  My door is open and welcoming you into this amazing space of high vibration and love.  Please join me. 

All the love that you can possibly have,
All the joy that you can possibly imagine.
Jennifer Lauren